Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Barnes & Noble Booksellers Cannot Afford ... ?

10 months ago, I found out that there would be an appearance by Billy Bean to promote his book about his experiences as a professional baseball player and later, came out of the closet after his retirement. As a gay guy who enjoys sports tremendously -- really, I do! Honest! Ask anyone else who knew me!

However, I called Barnes & Noble Booksellers in downtown DC in the same building where Kevin and Larry worked, in order to request about having an interpreter so I can enjoy the reading and lecture by Billy. When I went to the Barnes & Noble Booksellers on that particular day, there was no interpreter. I was offended. I looked around for Billy Bean. I couldn't recognize him. I asked someone else where he is -- he pointed at him. My eyes nearly popped out -- he's shorty and ... EFFEMINATE! It is as if when he finally came out of the closet, he was able to overcompensate for what he missed during his baseball times.

Either way, I decided not to buy his book and solicit his signature because it would defeat the purpose of teaching him and the store a lesson or two about their discrimination. I made it clear by writing an email to Billy Bean via its official website and trashed him on that subject ... ok, I'll get back to this but now I gotta jump off the subject and talk about something else.

Someone asked me about "The Fuck on Chlms' B'day" -- one gal wanted to know who's who. I care about him. He's genuine, smart and sincere. I'll not use his name since he has a boyfriend who permitted me banging his ass when I feel like hooking up with him. Ah, I think I should make a note that ... he is kinda neighbor, about few blocks down the street. Which is convenient, though.

I want to take a vacation to Bora Bora with a guy I love. But I feel it will not happen, for some reasons. Bora Bora is one of these luxury hotels somewhere in the South Pacific. Why them? You have to check it out somewhere on the Internet.

I wrote an erotic story for the first time and submitted to a website. It got published and featured on a certain website. I already got 16 emails telling me that it was hot and they jerked off to it. I'm flattered, dude. And that story is based on a true story. :-)

Few days ago, Mikey and I chatted at Urge in East Village and one so-so guy came to us and said "ILY" in ASL, he interrupted our conversation. And pegged us with most overused sign in the world. I suddenly stood up and tapped on his shoulder while he stared at me as I flipped him my gorgeous middle finger. He was speechless and confused -- but laughed then asked me why? I told him that I did it for shock value to see his reaction. He was pretty cool with it -- even bought us a round of drinks. Gotta love these men in East Village!!

You know, what scared me the most is our liberal use of words to imitate the ASL signs, like "dodo" -- when we say "What you dodo tonight?", it means "What are you going to do tonight?", right? But if you say "what you dodo tonight?" to a hearing guy? The hearing guy would say, "Why did you ask me about shit?"

Now, back to the original subject about Billy Bean, he wrote me an email yesterday. I was surprised to get his email and when I read it, I was not satisfied with his comments. Here is what he wrote:

Date: 2/24/2004 2:05:06 PM Eastern Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Hello Ricky,
Please understand that I made an appearance in 21 cities on that tour. I had no idea the bookstore did not hire a person to sign for you or others. Most bookstores don't have the budget to provide that service. I certainly am considerate of all potential readers with or without disabilities.
I am sorry you had a bad experience.
I wish you well, and hope you will give the book a chance someday....
billy bean

Billy Bean, are you that stupid? Barnes & Noble Booksellers made a lot of profits in selling merchandises, contract with Starbucks and setting up more and more stores around the country, plus its are gaining grounds against -- you think they do not have the money to get an interpreter?

Kiss my ass, Billy. It took you 10 months to think of a small sentence and yet, hoped that I'll give your book a chance? To coin a phrase from Mark's famous words: SYL to your book and SKSK to your face.


Saturday, February 21, 2004

Shock Value

That words, Shock Value, define who I am. That is who I am.

Last Thursday night at The Hole, I am not sure if Web and Little Joe saw but Cyn saw it and she shrieked when I did something drastic. Someone threw a lime into the air and it landed in my cup filled with my favorite drink, Cape Cod. I was offended but certainly not upset. I lost the appetite to drink that cup so I tossed the whole cup in the air and let it land on someone else. Not my problem. Cyn was stunned and said, "YOU DID IT! MY GOD! YOU DID IT!!"

My response was, "Me what?"



There Was That Old Lady ...

Few years ago at Gallaudet, I was watching a documentary on NBC's Dateline focusing on a woman who runs the Parliament in London. The attention on this woman was bit controversial back then because she instituted a new radical policy not to require the wigs to run the Parliament. Her response was, "I am a woman, must I wear this ridiculous white curly wigs that was passed for many generations?!"

She appeared to be in her 50s or 60s, not thin or fat, but just ordinary British mother. She also instituted a new rule to run the Parliament which both Houses of Commons and Lords approved overwhelmingly. Everyone can insult everyone as long as it is corny and funny. But not degrading. You can crack a joke but not to make fun of one's personality or character. The result is that the meetings at the Parliament becomes lively and emotional outbursts. This led to Tony Blair's domination in the Parliament, though. But I digress.

This lady has a way of using words that is snappy. At one point, she chortled few comments at one member of the Parliament, scolding him for his antics during the meeting then she stood up and said, "Now, the meeting is adjourned. Now go home and say something nice to your friends and family tonight!" The members stood and grinned.

That is what we needed in our judicial, legislative and executive branches. Be serious and at the same time, be human.

I try to do that with my job with my consumers. When my consumer complained to me that he will have a surgery because "they want to check my insides up." I smiled and said, "Yeah, they want to pull it out and keep it for themselves, you cool with it?" That consumer smiled hard and said, "NO NO NO NO! It is mine! It is mine!"

I grinned, "Why not?" He looked at me like I was crazy. Of course I am. Why do you think I work with them? Even live in this city?



Monday, February 16, 2004

I love New York. It is difficult to explain except that my sex life has rocketed. It is easy to ask anyone, "I'm horny, anyone willing to help me out?" You'd see no hands raising up in DC or VA. But in NYC, they maul you down if you need someone to get you off.

Last Saturday, let's say ... I got laid on 14th of February -- that is Chlms' birthday and that Valentine's Day thing. My first time to get laid on 14th. Awesome.

Oh, by the way, happy birthday, Chlms! You fakey ho in Arizona!

I went to Kate Breen's palace in West Side for the Goulash Event. Among the participants were: Sarah, Kate, Web, Lil Joe, CMK, K.R. and few others as well -- it was nice and cozy. Got a chance to watch Sex and the City and the Iron-Jawed Angels. Great film. Oh, yeah. Gotta tell you something -- I was amused that Kate and Sarah (who are the Hostesses of the Goulash event, they had to put the drinks, meats or anything that needs to be kept cold -- outside of their windows on the emergecy stairways because their fridge are broken -- suffice to say, we had to bring our sodas and beers back in because the weather (20f) was too cold and these drinks would explode. :-)

Oh, yeah. My roommate moved out! And she left an unused bottle of Nair. I always had been curious about it -- so I brought it to the Goulash Event and had Joe use Nair on my fucking back -- the upper part. And it fell out. Very nice and cool. I think I will use this product to swipe these pesky back hair off the map.

Oh, last Friday night, I went to The Puffin Room to watch Darrin, a guy whom I really liked very much but I dont think he liked me that much -- too bad, though -- he used to be hearing but somehow his hearing gradually declined so I'd classify him as Deaf, despite the fact that he can dance. yeah, he dances for a group at The Puffin Room. Cyn, Alberto and I snickered, snickered and snickered at the 2nd scene of 4 dances. I swear that these dancers from the second scene escaped from some hospital's mental ward.

Shortly, Darrin performed. I was enamored and fascinated with his passion. Then he shocked me -- know what he did? He sat on my laps when he took few minutes' break from the dancing ... I was in the audience, motherfucker. He sat on my lap -- I saw his left hand -- it was penned with some phone numbers -- obviously, some guys hitting on him earlier. I pointed at that. He slapped my hand lightly and said to watch the show. I grinned.

He was sweating, panting and smelt good. You know you read the books, if you smell a guy and liked it instanteously, you knew he is the one for you. Well, I thought he was the one but I'm tired of trying to doing something while he does not do a thing.

Let me describe what Darrin looks like. He is 5'8 or so, brown hair, green eyes maybe, definitely a twink but has a hairy chest (a huge plus for me) and a mellow attitude -- a little of lazy bastard that you'd detect out of Terry, Beth's brother up in Michigan.

But at times, I'm tired of doing all the works. Why can't I be *chased*? It is OK that I ask for a fuck or two -- but it seems to me that finding a boyfriend permanent in a gay world is definitely hard thing to do.

ahh, life sucks but I move on.

Oh, yeah, Tabitha is returning to New York this weekend -- yay.


Sunday, February 08, 2004

I know this will shock a certain reader in Staunton, Virginia -- this particular blog is all about ... Kathy Hughes.

Who is she? Pull your rand atlas maps, please. Turn to a page that focuses on the state of Minnesota. Find Duluth? Go west from Duluth, look for Deer River. Ahem. that is the town where Kathy Hughes came from. She is Deaf woman from a large family. She went to Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf in Fairbault, Minnesota then went to Gallaudet. Then ended up working at my deaf school in Staunton, Virginia.

She was my houseparent for many, many years. The question is do I like her? Of course I do. She is an exceptional and bright woman. In fact, I knew lots of things in the Holy Bible because of her. She is strong Christian who occasionally lectured, discussed and talked with some residents about everything else from A to Z -- actually, not everything -- from A to W -- of course, sex is always out of this conversation -- you know how it is to deal with Christians. :-)

Anyway, she and I occasionally talked about the world, deaf issues, identity et al. And she is all for vegetables and fruits. She often talked about Robert Johnson's herbs and vegetables. In fact, I repeatedly heard the tales about the Johnsons before I ever met Robin, Shanada, Ronda and Shawn.

I love Kathy. She taught me a lot of things in life -- if you do not like what people do to you, you speak back, of course, with contents, not empty threats. Her way of ASL is what I often copied when it comes to snip-snip with words or quotes. I live in The South where the ASL pace is very slow, and it was always refreshing to see one who can sign in rapid manner. I can snicker and understand everything she says. Fun, fun, fun.

Anyway, just finished a book called "Winning Sounds Like This" by Wayne Coffey. Talked about Gallaudet women's basketball team. They made me remember the fiasco that made me snicker. When Catholic U posted a 65-63 upset over Gallaudet, the CUA girls celebrated wildly amongst each other. Ronda Johnson was peeved at their antics -- so she ran to join them and celebrating their win by jumping and clapping, mocking them. suffice to say, CUA girls stopped celebrating so fast that they stared at Ronda in bewilderment. I was stunned.

She probably learned it from Kathy who hangs out with Ronda Johnson's parents .... tad excessive. ;-)



Thursday, February 05, 2004

In keeping up with my vicious antics this week, here is the next victim:

Rick Majerus is the next dumbfuck victim. Rick, it is good that you are no longer coaching Utah. You fat bastard dumbfuck!!

Rick Majerus used to coach the University of Utah men's basketball team until last week, he resigned because of his "heart condition". He weighs at 370 lbs. That fat guy had the gall to make fun of his own player who is Deaf, ridiculed and humiliated in front of players and coaches.

Lance Allred filed a complaint with the U of Utah administration. They investigated and found no wrongdoings despite the fact that several players confirmed this. Majerus' former assistant coaches said they never heard Majerus saying things like that. Hello! They worked for Majerus. If they said it, they will be fired. How idiot is that for the administration to see the connection?

Anyway, the main reason for that fatso to resign is not because of Lance Allred, it is because he was hospitalized sometimes few weeks ago. Maybe the fiasco contributed to that hospitalization. He should drop dead by then, the world is better off without that fatso.

You can read the article here about Lance Allred.

On another note, see the picture of Lance Allred. I'd die to have his legs on my shoulders while I plow him home. And see him squirm as hell. Hell, I can dream, can I? He's such a hottie.


Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Subj: hey mike (xxxxx)
Date: 2/2/2004 9:09:42 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Ridor1973


I hope this email shall reach you with the knowledge that you are doing well in Lexington. Too bad, I have to do this because I'm tired of this cat-and-mouse games.

I have a question for you. How can you handle Rob? I tried my best to be a decent friend with him. He is arrogant, abrasive and condescending at times. He feels that his looks can get him anywhere else, even with old men like you and others. He once told me that he can cut me off and never heard from me if I offend him by telling you about who he is.

It is bizarre. He cheated on people and yet, people allowed him to get away with it. Yes, Mike, he cheated on you and you let him get away with it. How did I know? Because I was there.

One day, his world will crumble beneath him as his lies and arrogances became too much of a burden for anyone to deal with.

Suffice to say, Mike, I am tired of Rob's antics with me via emails. All I did was writing him an email with nice comments and ask him if I could chat with him online because I hadn't heard from him in a long time. He smacked me off by calling me a dramatic person that he did not need to have in his life. Drama? Excuse me, I recall him telling me that he is "seeking" a person who is not dramatic so that he can keep his activities low profile in order to keep the relationship with you and play with hundreds of men behind your back. How can a guy have dignity by doing this activity?

Well, in order to liberate myself from dealing with the mess, I decided that I dont want to keep these secrets with me any longer. I am glad that I moved to New York where I can learn how to be independent on my own and stand on my own feet. When Rob offended me, I smirked without feeling agitated or hurt. I am so over with him but I know you need to know the truth about who he is, behind your back.

I also rememberred Rob telling me that if I told you about this, he will cut me off so fast that my head shall spin. Well, if I live in Washington, I probably will feel hurt or whatever -- but not now, I am not interested in him. He is just a bastard who uses his looks to get what he wanted out of older men. To me, that is pitiful of a human being.

I hope you get to open your eyes and see who he is instead of denying things that were already committed right behind your back or eyes. The reason I am telling you because you were pretty nice and I feel that he was not being nice to anyone else including you, me or others -- he was using us to elevate himself. It has to stop one way or other. If I cannot, someone or something will. Right now, I'm finished with this and I am done with Rob -- suddenly, I already feel free!



Monday, February 02, 2004

Jake Temby has been dead for a year. Time really flew, does it?

Last weekend gave me the time to reflect and think about Jake's death and his ramifications. You know, since his death, I despised Lance Armstrong because he survived Testicular Cancer. He kept on saying that he was "lucky" to survive the ordeal and is a living testament to millions. Fuck him. He had the money to do what is needed to beat the cancer. Jake was simply a college student who owed a lot of money to certain people. He never had a shot, really.


Of course, I have to add something about that $1.99 slut, the infamous "Lair" Bitch -- Brooke Budzinski. She was the one who really messed everything up. That $1.99 slut was the one who get her clitoris massaged by Jake. she went as far as to prevent me from attending my good friend's funeral and memorial service. That was despicable. To top it all, she took his ashes and dumped it in a polluted and overused continent and came back home then in less than a month, she found a brand-new boyfriend. But again, the Euro devalued the US dollar, so she is not $1.99 slut. She is now $1.29 slut. Soon, it's much cheaper to use her than to buy a McDonalds' Hamburger.

Before you ask me about "Lair" -- to make it short, I was approached by an asian male in a gay bar who asked me about Brett, that $1.29 slut's brother. He told me that he loves Brett and misses him and wants me to pass a message to him. I told him that I never see Brett but I always see his sister. Mark, my friend, snickered.

The next day at lunch in cafeteria, I told her in front of everyone else about it. She stood up and said, "NO, MY BROTHER IS NOT FAG! MY BROTHER IS NOT FAG, YOU LAIR LAIR LAIR!"

i said, "Whoa, take it easy .. I'm not saying that your brother is gay, I'm just telling you to tell him that an Asian guy came to me at a gay bar asking me about him and wants to get in touch with him and that he misses him very much." It was such a melodramatic. That $1.29 slut was so dramatic that she kept on saying, "LAIR LAIR LAIR!"

I said, "Look, if you must call me something, call me a liar, not lair. Lair means a place to stay. Liar means a person who lies." So the legend was born. She is now known as the "Lair Bitch", and the newest one, "$1.29 slut."

You know, Jake once told me that he loves her boobs and that he knew she is dumb as a doorknob. Of course, her brain is slushy in her boobs.


My cheers to Jake, I hope Rico did not cum or piss on his ashes somewhere in Europe.