Thursday, February 05, 2004

In keeping up with my vicious antics this week, here is the next victim:

Rick Majerus is the next dumbfuck victim. Rick, it is good that you are no longer coaching Utah. You fat bastard dumbfuck!!

Rick Majerus used to coach the University of Utah men's basketball team until last week, he resigned because of his "heart condition". He weighs at 370 lbs. That fat guy had the gall to make fun of his own player who is Deaf, ridiculed and humiliated in front of players and coaches.

Lance Allred filed a complaint with the U of Utah administration. They investigated and found no wrongdoings despite the fact that several players confirmed this. Majerus' former assistant coaches said they never heard Majerus saying things like that. Hello! They worked for Majerus. If they said it, they will be fired. How idiot is that for the administration to see the connection?

Anyway, the main reason for that fatso to resign is not because of Lance Allred, it is because he was hospitalized sometimes few weeks ago. Maybe the fiasco contributed to that hospitalization. He should drop dead by then, the world is better off without that fatso.

You can read the article here about Lance Allred.

On another note, see the picture of Lance Allred. I'd die to have his legs on my shoulders while I plow him home. And see him squirm as hell. Hell, I can dream, can I? He's such a hottie.


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