Monday, February 02, 2004

Jake Temby has been dead for a year. Time really flew, does it?

Last weekend gave me the time to reflect and think about Jake's death and his ramifications. You know, since his death, I despised Lance Armstrong because he survived Testicular Cancer. He kept on saying that he was "lucky" to survive the ordeal and is a living testament to millions. Fuck him. He had the money to do what is needed to beat the cancer. Jake was simply a college student who owed a lot of money to certain people. He never had a shot, really.


Of course, I have to add something about that $1.99 slut, the infamous "Lair" Bitch -- Brooke Budzinski. She was the one who really messed everything up. That $1.99 slut was the one who get her clitoris massaged by Jake. she went as far as to prevent me from attending my good friend's funeral and memorial service. That was despicable. To top it all, she took his ashes and dumped it in a polluted and overused continent and came back home then in less than a month, she found a brand-new boyfriend. But again, the Euro devalued the US dollar, so she is not $1.99 slut. She is now $1.29 slut. Soon, it's much cheaper to use her than to buy a McDonalds' Hamburger.

Before you ask me about "Lair" -- to make it short, I was approached by an asian male in a gay bar who asked me about Brett, that $1.29 slut's brother. He told me that he loves Brett and misses him and wants me to pass a message to him. I told him that I never see Brett but I always see his sister. Mark, my friend, snickered.

The next day at lunch in cafeteria, I told her in front of everyone else about it. She stood up and said, "NO, MY BROTHER IS NOT FAG! MY BROTHER IS NOT FAG, YOU LAIR LAIR LAIR!"

i said, "Whoa, take it easy .. I'm not saying that your brother is gay, I'm just telling you to tell him that an Asian guy came to me at a gay bar asking me about him and wants to get in touch with him and that he misses him very much." It was such a melodramatic. That $1.29 slut was so dramatic that she kept on saying, "LAIR LAIR LAIR!"

I said, "Look, if you must call me something, call me a liar, not lair. Lair means a place to stay. Liar means a person who lies." So the legend was born. She is now known as the "Lair Bitch", and the newest one, "$1.29 slut."

You know, Jake once told me that he loves her boobs and that he knew she is dumb as a doorknob. Of course, her brain is slushy in her boobs.


My cheers to Jake, I hope Rico did not cum or piss on his ashes somewhere in Europe.


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