Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Interlude 3

The digging continues as he beat and crawled throughout the tunnel, heading upwards -- his anger building up -- soon to be free, to exact the vengeance ...

Interlude 3 ends

Yesterday, after work, I walked through the Tompkins Square Park -- I was in daze and something strucked me. I looked around the park -- I realized that I was in the center of the park -- as trillions of snowflakes falling around us. I tossed my bag down on snow-covered ground. I reached out to the sky with open hands. I felt like a god who did this magnificent work.

Was that great?

About snow, I already endured several snowstorms when I am in NYC -- one thing I hated about NYC related to the snow is its slush right AFTER the snowstorms. At the corner of every street, you have to be careful, wary and cautious! What the ground looks like wet, but it is probably 3 inches deep of dirty watery slush where you can plunge your whole shoe down completely. Absolutely AWFUL feeling. Happened to me ONCE but not again.

One thing I disliked the most about East Village is ... lots of yellow spots and frozen turds on the snow. by sidewalk. Such a hideous greeting, really. Want me to send the frozen turds to Beth? Or better yet, Chlms?


Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Interlude 2
Bondage. He lies on the ground, his teeth grinding loudly. He breathed with labor. Obviously in pains. You could see the chains dislodging out of the wall, finally laid on the ground. The naked man with brown hair, with angry and burning eyes moving slowly -- he pushed himself to stand a little. He then labored to free himself of the chains that were on his wrists for some millenia. When he did, he slowly turned to look at the soft brown dirt on the wall, he then digged the dirt out, fighting his way out of his bondage.

End Interlude 2

Guess what? Last Saturday night, I was at Excelsior Bar. I was tired, bored and in daze for some reasons. These bitter cold in New York does that to me at times. Then one Korean American who was sitting directly from me and he stared at me. Then he walked over to my counter. He wrote a note:

You are a Sage. A wise man with an ancient mind. That or the Prophet.

I snickered and said, "More likely the Pariah," -- I went on to explain that each time I visited a city, someone famous dropped dead. Princess Diana, John Denver, John F. Kennedy Jr and Gianni Versace comes to my mind. He shook his head and said, "No, not the Pariah. The Sage. A person who knows too much." I nodded and said, "Sometimes I hate to be right because it often comes out that I'm right." He nodded. He told me that he is an author.

He wrote a book called "Edinburgh", his name is Alexander Chee>. Check it out. I thought it was very interesting experience for me to meet a stranger like that.

Only in New York, my dear, only in NEW YORK!!!


Thursday, January 15, 2004

Interlude Part 1

Somewhere far beneath inside the Mother Earth lies a naked body ... a male body, that is. His eye are closed, obviously out of pain, trying to block the pain that is inflicting upon his mind, body and soul. Ahh. His arms were chained against the wall. His arms were handcuffed so tight that he can feel the pain -- so painful that he has to block his thoughts out to lesser the pains. One can see that he has a nice body and face, despite his pains. But one also can see that he is not a young adult.

For the first time in some million years, his chains were loosened a little. Thus the pains were reduced slowly. For the first time in some million years, he could think a little. He opened his eyes for the first time in ... who cares? But he is not happy, but he shall figure out a way to get out of his bondage.

Interlude Part 1 Ends

Happy New Years! My visit to The Hole for its Triple XXX event was magnificent! It is impossible to explain how things happened.

Suffice to say, I made out with an actor who appeared on CSI as a recurring role. LOL. I finally left the party at 10:30 AM in the morning! It was horrible -- I mean, the sun blaring on your face as if you were a vampire...

Some weird things do happen over the time ... such as a guy recently on E train, he woke up to see a steak knife in his chest. He survived. God -- can you imagine sleeping on the subway train and going home ... then you woke up to see a knife in your chest? That would suck big-time. But it made me chuckle.

Beth, Beth ... dont buy too many books. Or you, Rayni. Or you, Aaron! Know why? One guy in Harlem was buried alive by hiw own books for two days until someone rescued him. How? He had too many books stacked everywhere in his apartment and somehow, it collapsed and buried him alive. He's OK but he reportedly said that he'll sell some books from now on.

Few days ago, I slept with ... a semi-orthodox jewish guy from Jerusalem, Israel -- my another first. I must admit that the experience with him was pretty special. Even Mikey Murvin came in my room and is the VEE at me and this guy in bed together. I is the VEE at Mikey VEEing at us both! That guy has intense eyes with purified soul, God willing.

Among the last notes he left for me before he vanishes into the thin air: "I would suggest you not to wear boxerbriefs because it keeps your scrotum tight, it is extremely important to detach your balls few inches away from your body because your body heat can impair the production of your glorious sperm."

Oh, god. How sweet is he?

But now, I'd like to have a dinner with James this weekend. Speaking of dinner today, I gotta go to Panna Restaurant with Web to celebrate Sarah Pack's last day at her job...