Monday, October 31, 2005

A Message From ... Dr. Jane K. Fernandes

From: Provost Jane Fernandes
To: Student Body
Subject: Recent Campus Incidents
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 20:10:37 -0500

Dear Campus Community,

I am writing to inform you about two recent, very serious incidents involving our students. The incidents are related, and I believe they are warnings of deeper issues on campus that we must deal with directly and immediately.


Following the Homecoming Ball on Saturday, October 22 at the Hyatt Hotel, a number of students returned to the rooms they had rented in the hotel that night, and became loud and boisterous. When asked by hotel management on behalf of guests staying in rooms near the students’ rooms to be quieter, the students rudely refused and instead, made more noise and became more obnoxious. They ran up and down the hallways of the hotel banging on doors at random and shouting obscenities. Hotel guests also had to endure several fire alarms during the night which our students set off.

President Jordan and I have received numerous letters, emails, and calls of complaint from Hyatt officials and guests. One man told of how the constant noise and foul language scared his two daughters to such a degree that they couldn’t sleep for days. The hotel, which had to refund thousands of dollars to the guests whose evening was disrupted, has asked the Student Body Government to reimburse this cost. Needless to say, Hyatt officials and guests do not and will not hold Gallaudet University and its students in high regard for a long time.

An investigation to identify the students who pulled the fire alarms is underway. In addition, the University will not support students’ contracting with any hotel for next year’s Homecoming or any other event. Further, serious consideration is being given to revision of policies which would significantly impact the future of off-campus events.

Goalpost Incident

The most recent incident occurred early this morning when a large group of students tore down both goalposts on the football field. Fortunately, none of the students was injured, though the possibility of someone getting hurt, even killed, was very real. You may know that just two weeks ago a 20 year-old student at the University of Minnesota-Morris died in a similar goalpost incident.

I realize that some consider taking down goalposts a harmless prank or a way to celebrate the success of one’s football team. In actuality, such behavior results in destruction of university property—vandalism—and is potentially very dangerous, which is why no college or university sanctions such an activity. At other universities, football players typically condemn the tearing down of goalposts. However, Gallaudet football players and other students gathered early this morning refused to acknowledge the risk involved when it was explained to them by CREs and DPS and MPD officers on the scene. Instead, a mob mentality took over as a few crowd leaders urged everyone to resist instructions to disperse back to their dormitories. Fire alarms were pulled in all the dormitories forcing students outside where they joined the crowd. Such behavior is not only offensive; it is completely out of order.

University officials are aggressively investigating this incident to determine the students responsible for organizing and encouraging the crowd to ignore campus authorities and destroy campus property. Those found guilty will be penalized, and could be suspended or expelled.

These incidents signal to me a significant lack of respect for other people and their property, complete disregard for public safety, and an astonishing absence of common sense and good judgment. We as a community cannot condone this behavior.

The University’s strategic plan includes a goal which says that Gallaudet promotes an environment where everyone is included, valued, and respected. In order to achieve this goal, we must first be aware of what our students are doing and respond with decisive action. We must set clear expectations that reflect this goal—through our words and our actions and reinforce them at every opportunity.


Jane K. Fernandes

Sunday, October 30, 2005

True Biz!

Since Gallaudet football team did the improbable run to cap the undefeated season, the surprise and shock rolled throughout the Gallaudet community as well as many Deaf communities across the nation -- that the team did it all. Coach Ed Hottle did it in his first year as Head Coach. How many coaches gets to do the undefeated season in the first year of coaching? And Coach Ed Hottle did it.

And the information from Gallaudet has reached me that the students numbered between 80 to 120 has flocked to Hotchkiss Field and pulled down the goal post, perhaps to celebrate the fact that the team went 8-0.

It was mentioned that some students jumped on Department of Public Safety's cars (DPS) as well.

Remember the football team is not in NCAA Division III, but it is making plans to return to Division III by 2007. Next year, I was told that they plan to schedule 5 Division III schools. Either way, Gallaudet went 8-0 this year, that is what it counts the most. Coach Ed Hottle obviously set the tone for the program on the right track. Perhaps, the next challenge for Coach Ed Hottle is to keep the players stay on the team for four years, not two or one.

I'm relieved that nobody at Gallaudet gets whacked down by the goal post like it did in Minnesota. I guess by Monday morning, the faculty would shake their heads, "See? Freshmen lack the civility once again."

What a life. C'est la vie!

Congratulations, Coach Ed Hottle and Gallaudet Gridders.

UPDATE: It was reported that about 350 students participated in taking down not one but two goal posts. It was said that the University is exploring to take action on several students -- they also triggered the fire alarms in all dorms. It brought the DC Police and SWAT team into the university -- several students were arrested.



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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Kaybee In STUMPS

If you are in New York or will be in New York, I'd love for one of you to check this out and write a report on this -- be sure to email me at -- if the Fates smiled upon me, I might check this out in early November. Either way, my dear, good, nutty, smart and talented friend, Kate Breen is going to be part of off-broadway play called STUMPS. It is being directed/written by Mark Medoff, the author/creator of Children of a Lesser God.

Please be aware of this -- Kate Breen has her own blogsite called "Urban versus Rural" and Darren Frazier is a great person whom I finally got to know not a long time ago in New York. I knew him for years at Gallaudet but did not bother to befriend him at all. But last spring, I finally bumped into him and he was nice fellow.

Break legs, Darren and Kaybee!



* * *


It is about 2 Vietnam Veterans who want to make a high-class movie with explicit sex--to go a step beyond THE LAST TANGO. They elicit the interest of the young porn star FAWN SIERRA who arrives to Austin, TX for a creative reading with her manager CALVIN RHODES, a "gentleman" who may be an ordinary minister or an evil incarnate.

This will be a "shadowed" show (every night) where each of the five actors are paired with both hearing and Deaf actors/interpreters: (Deaf) DARREN FRAZIER, KATE BREEN...(hearing) PAMELA MITCHELL, PAUL the roles.

No one under 16 years of age w/o guardian - there are sexual and violent moments in the play.

Tickets: Opening night, October 26th - $25.00
October 27th to November 13th - $15.00

Tickets on sale now at, or call 212 868 4444 or can contact Pamela Mitchell at to make reservations.

Dates: October 26 through November 13, 2005, Wednesdays through Sunday nights at 8:00 pm sharp.

The Pelican Studio Theater
750 8th Avenue, Suite 601
(Bet 46th and 47th street)

Subway: Any train to 42nd Street Times Square

Gallaudet 51, UNCG 0

You got it right. Gallaudet crushed UNCG 51-0 to nab its first undefeated season in school history. I guess, it is up for another round in Division III next year!

Congratulations, Coach Ed Hottle and Gridders to make history. 8-0 in his first season as Galladuet Head Coach. Amazing feat.


10.29.05 Tidbits

I'm So Pregnant! Know what annoys me the most? Folks that reacted when someone said she is pregnant. Their "Ahh, aww, ahh" reactions made me cringe or shiver. Pregnancy is part of life. Just like being in love. It is not that special. It takes two to tango, really. But observing at how heterosexuals run their lives, many wanted to get married just because the society dictated them to do. I remembered meeting one female who told me that she must get pregnant soon because she is supposed to. I asked her if that is what she wanted. She did not respond. She just said, "I have to because everyone expected me to do that."

What the fuck?

But there are some sane folks who got pregnant, they do not drum it up. They did it because they were in love, or wanted it out of their own desire. Not because they feel they have to. Sometimes the accidents do happen, they make the best out of it. But I'm appalled that there are women out there who said, "I have to get pregnant because my Mom wanted me to. Because my Church said it is good thing to do. Because everyone has it!"

These things made me roll my eyes once more.

Gotta Love Steel Magnolias' Ouiser: A character named Ouiser Boudreaux performed by Shirley MacLaine once uttered, "I'm not crazy, I've just been in a very bad mood for 40 years!" -- I can relate to that. Maybe I am in a very bad mood for the last 15 years.

I'm Bit Jittery As Of Now: It is 1:05 PM as of now. Which means that the Gallaudet Gridders are currently playing its final game of the season. I will find out in few hours whether if they completed its first undefeated season in its history or not. Under normal circumstances, I would not care much about the team -- I mean, the team has bee a joke for many years. But when Gallaudet hired Ed Hottle, my eyebrows raised a notch mainly because he's charming fellow -- we rely on our body language to read their reactions. . You can see the enthusiasm and infectious winning attitude in this guy. That makes him hot and irresistible in my book. Then thanks to a certain friend of mine, Christian Burke, he told me a lot of interesting things that happened on the field that he rarely saw in the past. He mentioned that for the first time in a long time, there is no cronyism among the group.

You see, Christian and I used to work with each other at Gallaudet in a computer lab -- we supervised the lab for some years, so we have this mutual respect for each other. I love him, he's great guy. When he compliments someone else, he meant well. He joked a little about my infatuation with Ed. Who is not?

But in a general outlook on the first season that Ed Hottle did -- I'm totally impressed with everything he did for the team and for Gallaudet. And I really wanted Ed Hottle to pick up the win today. Oh, yeah, Christian is one of Ed's Assistant Coaches.

Ahh, since I was jittery and could not know the final result, I was cruising each player's pictures -- David Morgan is perhaps the best looking guy on the team but there is no way in Heaven or Hell that I'll chat with him. Too much of an intimidating factor, I think.

Memo to Libby: Good riddance. Up next is Karl Rove.

First ExxonMobil Makes Profits: And now they gave the fake flu shots to its own employees. Another example of greed. Only in Texas!

Confidential to A Stupid Hearie: Your legs belongs on my shoulders, remember that.



Friday, October 28, 2005

10.28.05 Tidbits

Two Gallaudet Students Reportedly Injured: A source said that Nate Elliott and Pat Conway walked down the 8th Street NE and was ambushed by four thugs who went on to beat Pat and Nate down on that street between Florida Avenue and L Street NE. It was said that Nate got shot in his leg but is fine. The thugs robbed them of wallets and pagers as well. I find this very odd because they said that these four thugs jumped out of their truck to rob them. In my ten years in the area, I never heard of an instance like this before. I walked around the neighborhood by myself and I never had someone go after me out of their cars -- unless they were provoked upon.

More Details Out of Gallaudet HC Ball: More details are coming out of Washington about the incidents surrounding the SBG Administration handling of HC Ball at Hyatt Regency Washington Hotel. It was said that someone peed in the vending machine. Now, I would like to SEE THAT! It was said that 13 customers left the hotel after Gallaudet students pulled the fire alarms three times in the middle of night. Needless to say, the SBG was billed as much as $8,000 for the damages at the hotel. But it should assure us of something else -- the tradition of Homecoming Ball turning into uncivilizied behaviour is still on after many years, though.

Gallaudet Football Aims for Undefeated Season: Coach Ed Hottle and his Gallaudet Gridders received the attention from The Washington Post about their 7-0 record. And tomorrow, they will play the final game of the season in Greensboro. If the team wins, this particular team will be the first in Gallaudet history to undergo an undefeated season.

Need More Proof That Gallaudetians Can Be So Dumb? According to, there is a webring that attempted to harness the fellows who attended Gallaudet. It reads: "Gallaudetians, Live and Propser!" According to the topic of this webring: For those who "sign" the buff 'n' blue so produly! As well know the secrets of the Tunnel, Tower Clock, and hoarding the alcohol in their dorms without gettin busted! And we have students who cannot spell prosper and proudly the right way. Pitiful.

Rosa Parks Deserved This Honor: About time that the Congress agreed on one thing, to have Rosa Parks lay in state at the United States Capitol Rotunda for two days, making her the first woman in American history to do so. And only the second black American to lay in state at the Rotunda. With her silence and defiance, Rosa Parks changed the course of Civil Rights Movement in this country. Like it or not, her impact goes beyond the colors, it also sent a huge impact on Deaf Community as well. We would not have the Deaf President at Gallaudet University if not for Rosa Parks.

New Orleans Fired 45 Cops: Good for them!

Shame on Iran: The emotional flares in the Middle East needed to be solved. The Iranian President reserved the right to share his opinions but to say that Israel needs to be wipe off the map is inappropriate thing to say. I cannot blame Iranians for hating the Americans -- we supported the corrupted Shah of Iran who repressed the mass for years before they revolted against the government and adopted the Islamic State. If the United States has not supported the Shah, the outcome would be different today. But that was not to be. Never mind the fact that the United States punished Iranians for having its revolution by imposing the embargo on the nation and inserted Saddam Hussein to do the deeds.

The Americans are proud of our American Revolution, but we cannot approve of others having that opportunity? Does that smells hypocrisy to you? Of course it is.



Thursday, October 27, 2005

I Love Dan Dickau's Hairdo

I Wanna Be Dan Dickau: The first time I laid my eyes upon Dan Dickau, I immediately liked his hairdo. When he ran down the court, his hair is so thick that you thought he was a mop-head or something. When he jumped in the mid-air, his hair did all the attention.

And that was many years ago when I first saw Dan Dickau. And now I'm trying to sport one like him as of now. It's thick -- I probably will need to cut a little on the sides, but on a general look, I want it to be cool and moppy like Dan Dickau. Any suggestion?

Heard About $8,000 Bill: A grapevine alerted me that Hyatt Regency Washington Hotel billed the Student Body Government at Gallaudet up to $8,000 for damages to the hotel where Gallaudet students mingled and wrecked. Look at the bright side, nothing is new, though.

Remember Sulu of Star Trek? Sulu, the famous character of Star Trek films and television series, was portrayed by George Takei. Anyway, George Takei came out of the closet. He's a queer and has a partner of 18 years. That is longer than Britney Spears did, though.

Why Capitalism Sucks? Look at ExxonMobil's Third Quarterly Report -- they said that they earned 75% increase in profit. And it indicated what? Greed. When people attacked ExxonMobil, they attempted to deflect the issues by saying that all oil companies are doing the "same thing".

Todd Bertuzzi Should Be In Prison: Vancouver Canucks' Todd skated and stalked after Colorado Avalanches' Steve Moore two years ago and ambushed Steve from behind. The result is that Todd broke Steve Moore's neck. Then NHL suspended him for only 13 games before the NHL season was cancelled. IN other words, Todd was virtually never punished harshly for the sins he commited in its name. Todd was let go with a "probation" in cheap-assed British Columbia. Todd sobbed on the national television after a heavy uproar about his actions. Todd brought his wife and said that he was "not that bad person. It just happened."

He sobbed because he was sorry more about himself, than about what happened to Steve Moore. But that does not matter as of now because he is free to play whatever he wanted to do.

What the fuck? It was a premediated assault -- the sport, hockey, glorified fights. Now, Todd continues to skate away with millions of dollars and will play for Canada in Winter Olympics. How disgrace is that? What about Steve Moore? He is in rehabilitation, his chances to play in the NHL is unlikely.

It is my hope that Steve Moore will sue Todd Bertruzzi in the court in order to wipe out his finances. Thanks to Todd's brutality, Steve will never have an opportunity to be Wayne Gretzky or Eric Lindros. How nice is that? That fucker deserved to be in the prison.

And the Avalanches fans seemed to agree when the Canucks came to play them last night. The Avs ran off with 6-2 win but each time Bertruzzi touched, people booed and cursed him to no end. There was a woman who wore the Bertruzzi jersey at the game, someone dumped beer on her head. Good riddance. That bitch knew better than to wear that jersey in Denver!

Creative Advertisement: PJ sent me an email with a link to this advertisement. I thought it was cool. Something different.

Off to bed, hon.



Is David Eberwein A Positive Role Model?

Let's pedal back to Fall, 1991. I was a freshman at Gallaudet. During the typical fire alarm prank at Cogswell Hall, now Ballard Hall North, students mingled right outside of the building. It ws 3 AM or so. Some were sleeping, some were drunk, some were playing around. Typical atmosphere for a college dormitory, really.

There was an odd girl named Elizabeth whose dressed very conservative, even in pajamas. She was from a conservative family in South Carolina. Her sign language skills were shitty, to say the least. Elizabeth can sign very well only in Signed Exact English. Unfortunately, she became the target of a certain group -- David Eberwein and his cronies.

Initially, I expected things to happen like that in college, or even in high schools. But David was trying to be a leader of some sorts at his school and at Gallaudet, where does he apply his courtesy to? Only for his friends and the peers that bowed before him. Elizabeth happened to be the one of few persons who resisted David's antics.

Know what he did next? I remembered seeing David picking up the wet dirt right outside of the dormitory and threw it at Elizabeth's pajamas, just because he wanted her to react. When she was stunned and tried to move away from David, David used his foot to hold her pajamas on the floor while she struggled to pull away. David urged his cronies to throw her their barrage of insults and physical intimidation. And they did. They thought it was hilarious that a girl freaked out like that.

I was stunned by that episode. Later, it becomes a common thing at Gallaudet for 5 years -- if you dare to question or challenge David Eberwein, you should be expected to be physically intimidated, threatened and barrage of insults for many years.

I think it is safe to say that there are many victims out there that might agree with what I said today, but many of them will never admit on my blog because they feared his retribution.

With his immature approach of using body language to intimidate people who disagreed with him is not a role model that I'd want to epitomize. If you want to be the leader of some sorts, you have to apply what you learned and put it in use for the common goodwill of others -- not for your own benefits!

On another side, his antics never stopped when he graduated from college days. I heard the stories that he toned down a lot, but let's face the reality -- the trail that he left at Gallaudet is merely appalling. The destruction of ordinary people's lives and few organizations. Yes, he drove several students to withdraw the school.

Naturally, I was horrified that he became a teacher at some deaf school. Not only that, I was also appalled that he came out of the closet, just few weeks before he graduated from college. He came out after a great gal, Becky Luftig, whom David incessantly bashed her for years at Gallaudet, got killed in an automobile accident. Perhaps, his guilt made him clean up a little. Too little, too late, really.

I vividly remembered him coming to Pop Stop, now known as CyberCafe, on 17 Street and he asked me if I was glad that he came out of closet. I turned my head to someone else next to me and smirked, then turned back to David and said, "It is tragedy for us all." You could see him flinch a little. You know, he normally came to my dormitory bedroom to borrow the comic books. I did not hold it against him. Why should I? I like to think that I'm better than he is.

Knowing his antics, he will never work with groups for the best solution, he will do anything in his power to get what he wanted. How? To sic his friends and loyalists to go after others in order to exact his wishes.

These things happened for five years between '91 to '96. I believe Gallaudet was such a paradise to be when his legacy ended at Gallaudet after the departure of his rat-looking sister, Adele! You know, there are inside snide remark about David's looks -- many joked that his mouth is similar to a horse -- you need the bridle to control his mouth.

You know, I believe in second chances. I met a good friend of mine from Fort Lauderdale, Florida -- Erik told me that he met David and his boyfriend, Colin in Provincetown and that David has toned down a lot and that I should make an effort to be friends with him. Of course, I believe in second chances.

At Deaf Way II Conference three years ago in Washington, DC -- I was with Chlms and few friends at a bar where I saw Colin and David coming in. I did not hold any animosity towards David and Colin. Colin may be the dumbest person on the planet for being in love with such a classic prick but that is not my place to criticize him. But at a special event like Deaf Way II Conference, it is time to be cordial towards all. David was chatting with Chlms who is my, I repeat, my fag hag. I thought it was time to be polite and say hi out of courtesy. Know what happened next? David became belligerent and went on a barrage of insults toward me, much to my chagrin. Why? Just because I rejected his notions in the first place? Get a fucking life. Evidently, some old things do not change.

Today, David may be the President of some organization in California. He hasn't accepted his mistakes and apologized to different people that he harmed and destroyed during the course of his lifetime. Trust me, there are people who feared when someone spelled his name. For instance, someone once said, "DE is here!" You could see the fear in others' faces. They did not want to see him around.

What kind of role model is that? One reader called "Me" considered David Eberwein, "The amount of energy in David Eberwein's single fingernail, to lead the Deaf Community is greater than the amount of energy you've produced in your lifetime to work for the deaf community. He's a positive role model to the community. You, Ricky Taylor, are not."

I speak for myself, I care less if people wanted to emulate me. I used to be active in some organizations in high schools but after what I encountered in college days, I stopped doing that. Why? David has succeeded in doing one thing, making me lose an interest to do something productive for the community.

The most important thing in life, to me, is to acknowledge who you are, accept who you are and stand up for what you believe in. And yes, be nice towards all unless provoked upon. I already mentioned several times in the past that I do not want to be your role model. I do not want to be your best friend. I want to be me.

I cannot fathom the idea of looking up at a despicable figure like David Eberwein as a positive role model but if you wanted to do that, more power to you. But certainly not on my part.

I expect a flurry of hateful responses from certain few, and few comments that might agree with what I said.

I believe in second chances, but third chances? I'm not certain about that, though. Today, I do not have any animosity or hatred towards that particular douchebag -- why should I? All I feel for him is pity. But the door on my end is always open to dialogues, of course in a civilized manner. Something that he is not familiar with.



Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Penis, Vagina, Cock, Cunt ... Sex Is Everywhere!

Nobody Talked About His Royal Cock? In United Kingdom, the sargeant ordered Prince Harry to drop his trousers to show his royal rear whether if he has a tattoo of his girlfriend. When will anyone else mention about his royal cock?

What's Wrong With Promoting His Cock? In Wisconsin, this man was nabbed for trying to promote his penis.

This Reminded Me Of A Segment On MAX EXPOSURE: There was rollerskating hockey game that resulted in a brawl. There was a young man named Jon Hessel or something, he protested the brawl by stripping his shirt off and pushed his trousers down as well. Sure enough, the brawl itself turned into something festive where everyone whooped and hollered at this nude guy exposing himself to the public. Someone in the stadium did not appreciate and sicced the cops on him. The player was subsequently arrested for indecent exposure despite the fact that his bold actions helped to defuse the brawl that could result in injuries for many.

Now For This Sexual Predator: Mama, it was not the Catholic Priest, it was that girl across the street!

Now As For Non-Sex Tidbits: In Louisiana, people were startled to see the barber shop that still has "Whites Only". After reading the article, I cannot blame 72-years old Herb Ledger. The truth is that he does not know how to cut the African Americans' hair. It happened to me after taking a risk with African-American barber with my haircut that resulted in making me look like a Friar more than a Jarhead last March.

More Reason To Legalize Green! The research indicated that Marijuana's THC blocked Lung Cancer. I can feel the vibrations of many Deaf friends cheering at this one.

So Much for Sempfer Fi Shit: Our beloved soldiers getting arrested for this.

Sex Is Better Than Treason: Clinton was charged with perjury because he lied about a blowjob which has no adverse effect on the national security. Lewis Libby, Karl Rove and/or Dick Cheney revealed the identity of a CIA agent, putting him into the risk -- charge? Treason, of course. Tom DeLay admitted this. AS you can see, both parties engaged in wrongdoings all the time, but who whined so hard when Clinton chose not to admit about the blowjob in the Oval Office? You can list many reasons to justify that the "Liberals" and "Democrats" were responsible for this, that and there. But the truth remains the same: Conservatives did the same shit as well.

Patrick Guerriero Is An Idiot! I was reading an editorial by Patrick Guerriero, himself the President of Log Cabin Republicans -- a national gay Republicans organizaiton. He said, "They [gay conservatives who are in the closet] are the real heroes of today’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender movement and they need and deserve to be given a helping hand in the days ahead."

Patrick is one big idiot. They were not responsible for Stonewall Riots. Larry Kramer is no gay conservative! Gay conservatives are cowards who hide behind the prestige, greed and power. That is all. Look at Roy Cohn, Daniel Gurley, and Ken Mehlman to start with! Someone needs to whack Patrick down a notch or two. What a fucking idiot.

My Type In A Guy? This guy is so fucking hot. Throw hair on his chest, he is my God, for sure.

Now I'm done with this crap. Be sure to masturbate or fuck someone else next to you tonight, after all it is very healthy thing to do once in a while.



Terrence Stamp

Is Terrence Stamp great actor or what?

I did not connect this actor in several movies until I was munching crabcakes today at dinnertime. Then I just realized that the trannie in the movie called The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert is the same one that was featured as General Zod in Superman II.

I quickly checked the for his background. Sure enough, Terrence is everywhere, including the one in Star Wars Episode I: Phantom of the Menace.

One of my favorite line in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert occured when Miss Bernadette said to this nice fellow named Bob:
"And may I say it has been an honour to have met a gentleman. Believe me Bob, these days gentleman are an endangered species. Unlike bloody drag queens who just keep breeding like rabbits."

Anyone who could portray a character and in the process, convinced the audience to forget who the actors are, in my book, is genius.

Miss Bernadette Holding Some Turds from Abba Singers

Evidently, Terrence is an outstanding actor.



Sheryl Swoopes!

Sheryl Swoopes, who once led Texas Tech Red Raiders to the National Championship in '93 with heavy-duty points. She scored inside, outside ... you could sense that she totally made her players disappear as she averaged 35 points per game en route to the title, including her 47-point in the finals which still held the record in the NCAA Tournament. From there, her career soared off.

She has four WNBA Championship rings and three Olympic Gold Medals.

And she has a son and was married. Divorced.

And she just came out of the closet ... as Lesbian. Why? Because she is tired of hiding who she is. She wants to be honest with herself and everyone else.

I saw a picture somewhere that a lesbian has a funny poster that reads:


You know, this is the same woman that signed with Texas Longhorns and played for a year before she transferred to Texas Tech. Someone asked her why she transferred to Texas Tech, her response was: "Jody Conradt's [Texas Longhorns' Head Coach] teams has many Lesbians. I was not comfortable with it." I am paraphrasing the comment because I do remember HER making that many years ago.

It turns out the same thing -- self-loathing homosexual to start with. Just like many ones I knew in college -- remember David Eberwein? He ridiculed and bashed the gay organization and gay students at Gallaudet. Then he came out of the closet. I'm like, "What the fuck?"

But is it new? Nope. Nothing new with that. We have many figures in the history of mankind that does this acts: Roy Cohn, Ed Koch, Daniel Gurley, Ken Mehlman, David Dreier, Ed Schrock, Jay Banning, Jeff Gannon (James Guckert), Rock Hudson ... and many more. But this time, gays are vocal. They will not take shit from anyone any longer. Thanks to Larry Kramer, many of us are vocal than ever.

Sherly Swoopes, I knew you were lesbian from day one. When you were pregnant and married, I was confused. But glad that it is cleared up, just like David Eberwein a long time ago. Be honest with who you are, come out. It is okay to suck cock or to lick cunt, really. After all, I knew to receive blowjobs are great, to give blowjobs are fun. In this situation, it is win-win situation!

Besides, I'm still waiting for Troy Aikman and Steve Young to come out of the closet. C'mon guys, be a man and come out!

UPDATE: Our favorite Xian nut, Fred Phelps is going to protest at Texas Tech just because Sheryl Swoopes came out of the closet! What a fabulous plan! Not.



Tuesday, October 25, 2005

10.26.05 Tidbits

White House Crybabies: I cannot believe this at all. White House is using your money to sic the lawyers on a satirical paper, The Onion. C'mon, let's be serious, The Onion is free newspaper -- this is ridiculous.

MLB Stars Ain't The Only Ones: Great! Another reason not to trust the pigs. They might go haywire and hurt us in the process. And proud of themselves for doing this. Shameful.

Alec Baldwin Does Blog: Great article. Hat tip to Magatsu.

Ghosts Are Coming! And 7 kids are dead. Apparently, stampede does not apply only to adults at soccer games.

Payback Is Bitch: Dick Cheney, Lewis Libby or Karl Rove should be indicted for treason should they be responsible for disclosing the identity of CIA agent. AT least, getting a blowjob and lying about it is no big deal -- Ken Starr and his Republican supporters made a huge stink about it. Now the other side is doing the same thing. See? Payback is bitch.

Something Is Wrong With This Picture: IN Colorado Springs, where these nutty pro-Xian organizations are located at, the Air Force Academy managed to spring a new problem, I guess.

Remember Ursa of Superman II? Today, it rained all day long. Out of boredom, I got to watch Superman II on USA Channel. It is corny film but I always admired Ursa, one of three villains in the film. Ursa's tendencies are similar to what I do in life. Observe but do not interfere. But when the opportunity rises, she'll do something about it. For instance, in one of these scenes, she called Superman's attention as she walked around and used her leg to yank the manhole cover off the floor and used it as a frisbee to strike Superman. Just like that. That was one cool scene out of corny movie. Ahh, I just found out her real name is Sarah Douglas. One scene where she used the manhole cover as a frisbee is this.

That Is Me If ... : That is me if I wear these shoes ... Hat tip to Preston of WannaBeALeader's Blog



100,000th Hit

A year ago, I inserted the sitemeter out of curiosity after learning that more and more people were reading my blogsite. Today on October 25, 2005 at 2:45 PM, a pervert from Singapore used MSN's search engine to type "male teachers fuck young students" and somehow, my blog popped up on that list as well.

You can see here for that particular link. This particular pervert from Singapore only stayed for 1 second, perhaps to search for better websites to masturbate, I guess.

By entering my blogsite, he inadvertently ended up as the 100,000th person to visit the blogsite. Whoever you are, congratulations, pervert. Hope you enjoyed the visit, even for a second.

If I had added the sitemeter bit earlier, maybe the sitemeter would read 150K by now. But either way, it is quite an accomplishment.

Thanks for reading and making the blogsite No. 1 in DeafAmerica with more than 100,000 visits and 188,000 views. And yes, it has been growing steadily in the last 12 months.

At this point, I already wrote 1,368 entries so far. How's that, eh?



Monday, October 24, 2005

Dumb Caption of the Year

Just got home from a local gay bar and saw this caption on CBS-TV:

"Rosa Parks, one of the heroin civil rights movement of 1960s has died at 92 in Michigan."

Where is the Mastercard's Priceless moment when you need one?



Check the OUT Magazine's November 2005 Issue

Be sure to find the issue of November 2005's OUT magazine. You should be able to find an article about my good friend, Tyrone Giordano on page 28 and 30. I am delighted that there are two great pictures of Ty as well. Let's say ... any sane person will find him irresistible.

Little did I know that he's going to act as ... a gay man in The Family Stone in a interracial relationship with one hot African-American guy who graduated from Dartmouth College. An Ivy league school that impressed me when I visited last November with my hearing friends, Chris and Shane.

You rock, Ty! Ty did something that not even Marlee Matlin did -- act as a fag in any film. And guys and gals -- after reading the article, Ty is going to have the legions of gay men chasing after him. I may be as well as be his bouncer when we get together in New York gay bars!

I *kissfist* Ty. Two thumbs up for a great article on Tyrone.



Remember Luke Fuller?

My mother was a fan of DYNASTY, a nighttime soap opera series on ABC-TV in 1980s. Dynasty was one of fewest TV shows that has captions on it. It was big deal in the Deaf Community -- on every weekend at Richmond Club of the Deaf, there would be a group of females talking about Alexis, Krystle, Sammy Jo and yes, Steven and his boyfriend, Luke Fuller.

My mother despised Luke Fuller. She ranted on about how bad he is to change Steven from heterosexual to "fag".

And there was a cliffhanger on DYNASTY where the Carrington family went to some country named Moldovia for a wedding. Steven brought his boyfriend, Luke Fuller to the wedding. And at the wedding, some armed dissidents barged in with machine guns and started firing. For a whole summer, Mom and Joan would discuss about who would be killed and so on.

Mom kept on saying she hoped Luke gets killed because he deserved it. Sure enough, Luke Fuller was one of these victims in the process. I vividly remembered being startled by Mom when she got off from the couch, cheered and started to whoop her fists in the air when Luke died in Steven's arms. It was heart-wrenching moment. That was the moment I knew Mom will never understand nor accept who I am.

At that time, I was heartbroken for Luke Fuller. He was cute.

Then years later, my friend recommended me to check out the film called Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City on PBS-TV. It was one of the most controversial film ever on PBS-TV which pissed many right-wingers (Xian nuts and Conservative pricks) -- and I absolutely loved the brutal honesty of the film as it touched on many subjects that affected our lives. There was a character that I despised on that film named Dr. Jon Philip Fielding. This man has a wife and has everything else but also cheated on his wife by fucking men in gay bathhouses in San Francisco. He annoyed me to no end.

Little did I know that Dr. Jon Philip Fielding was portrayed by the same actor who acted as Luke Fuller in DYNASTY as well. His name is Billy Campbell. And it also amused me to know that he was born in Charlottesville, Virginia.

And yes, he's still hot.

Thanks to Adrian: Want to test your brain? Check this.



10.24.05 Tidbits

Another Proof That Matt Drudge Is Gay: Matt denied that he's gay. But look at what he wrote:

D-oh! Self-explanatory!

Caleb Is His Name: Of course, I'm a fan of Desperate Housewives. I had been curious about the new neighbors who moved in the area, the African-American family that also had someone living in the basement. Last night, I was delighted to get few tidbits but not enough. Apparently, the person in the basement is none other than Caleb, a developmentally disabled boy who may have killed someone in Chicago and their family were holding him in the basement because the family knew that the courts would still execute him despite the fact that he is FOW. This is a good issue to explore because in this country, we still support the death penalty which executed thousands of people, many who are FOW to start with.

What is FOW? Low functional persons = FOW

Funny Ads: The commercial is amusing -- but the Major League Baseball officials are not amused. Whose fault is it? Of course, the MLB officials. They allowed their players to mess up the sport as whole. This subjected them to endure such ridicule from others, including "Got Milk?". I wish it was captioned.

FOX NEWS' Shepard Smith OUTed: I just became a fan of Kevin Naff. He absolutely nailed on this article he wrote and in the process, he OUTed Shepard Smith, the anchorman for "The Fox Report" and "Studio B with Shepard Smith". FOX NEWS is owned by Rupert Murdoch, a die-hard Republican conservative. FOX NEWS is pro-war, anti-gay, anti-liberal newsfeed machine. How can Shepard do this to his own peers is beyond me? Another self-loathing homo in the making. When Kevin Naff mentioned "New York City gay piano bar" -- I immediately thought of this bar. A good friend of mine is a bartender in the back few feet away from the piano. Kevin, I miss him. When I am back in the city, my first agenda is to see Kevin, of course. Either way, Shepard Smith, shame on you.

Mama, It Is Not My Fault!: GW Bush always exonerated himself. Did not surprise me at all, really.

Queen of Dracula Now Xian Nut: Anne Rice, the Queen of Dracula stories, is now born-again Xian. Now, this is the most scary thing out of this woman, figuratively and literally! For what is worth, Anne's son, Christopher, is gay. My bet is that Anne will attempt to correct Christopher's orientation as to test her personal beliefs. Obviously, Anne is feeling down about Katrina's destruction of New Orleans -- and Xians capitalized on that by insisting that God sent her the message. How desperate is it?



To Conquer Hatred ...

One time, Mysa Nal stood quietly on the remains of The Sorcerers' World and wondered, When does it end? When will there be peace?

The voice spoke to Mysa,
"Maybe never, Mysa. Maybe Love can never conquer Hatred. The struggle between the two may be integral to what we are. But there are small victories. The conquering of our own hatreds. The discovery that our means are superior ... at least for us. And in this existence, perhaps these are the only victories to be had."

Suffice to say, I can relate to Mysa and the voice itself. The readers, whether if they hate or love me with a passion, has to understand and respect my privacy. I do not mind if you hate me so much just because I sicced or trashed your arguments at times, but for people to talk about what I do in life is absolutely laughable and downright ridiculous.

What kind of job do I have? None of your business. What kind of living arrangements do I have? None of your business. What kind of food I ate last night? None of your fucking business!

It is not the first time I heard that some people were relieved or jumped with joy that I did not show up at certain events, but my question begs the same: Why do you fucking care? I personally do not care if someone I knew got ran over by a 18-wheeler truck -- I mean, if one told me about that, my first reaction would be without an emotion: "Oh."


Because I do not give a shit about it at all!

Yes, I write entries for this blog -- that makes me what? A blogger. Just like the reporters doing their job for The Washington Post or New York Post. I write about things in life, politics, entertainment, sports and sometimes, sex conquests. Yes, I write things that may touch some people's nerves. To some, it may be perceived as despicable. To some, it may be perceived as an act of courage. Either way, I cannot satisfy all sides. The newspapers and televisions tends to do that. Thanks to the Internet, the blog was a brand-new medium for common people like me to have a place in the world to share their thoughts outside of corporations' controls. To me, that is remarkable medium that anyone else can use to share their thoughts, feelings and messages!

From day one, I never talked about my employment, my salary, what kind of friends I have, living arrangements, the guy(s) that I (was/am/will) date(ing) or even my eating habits on my blog because these things are personal and it belonged to no one but me. To snoop in what I do in life is an invasion of privacy. But I expect that to happen occasionally in Deaf Community -- when they loved or resented someone, they snooped as much as can be just to divulge their pleasures. I do not ask you about your salary, your employment, your living arrangements, your pathetic boyfriend(s) or even your eating habits -- who do you care about mine? Why do you even care that I exist in the first place if you cannot stand me?

That is something I do not understand people, especially many Deaf idiots -- they lacked the means to understand the differences and respect the fact that I am a blogger and I am entitled to have a portion of my life to be private. If they cannot handle the fact that I hit the issues head-on on my blogsite, get the fuck off from my blog already!

When I pointed out the flaws in people's lives, it is normal for them to be defensive about it. I am not perfect, either. But when you fucked it up, don't blame it on me -- just admit that I was right.

Which is why some of you hated me with a passion. Because I tend to be correct in many forms whether if you like it or not. Which brings me back to the original statement on the top -- maybe that is why love will never conquer hatred.

Of course, at some point in my life, I had to step back and figure out who is friend or not. And yes, I am aware that some "so-called friends" are done for. I'm sad that it has to be that way. Invasion of privacy is never good way to be friends with.

Think about it, dear. Of course, I am indignant on this subject because it is ridiculous.


Sunday, October 23, 2005

Run, Lola, Run!

One of my favorite places to hang out in Washington, DC is none other than 17 Street High Heel Race, often taken on Tuesday a week before Halloween. This year, it is slated to happen on October 25, 2005 at 9 PM. For first-timers, take Metro to DuPont Circle and head eastward to 17 Street as early as 6 PM to seize good spot in observing the High Heel Race.

What is the High Heel Race? It is a hysterical, comical block party reserved for anyone who dressed up outrageously and race up the street with high heels from Church Street NW to R Street NW. It started in 1986 and has been running for 19 years in a row.

Click the image to see them up close if you dare!

I once volunteered at High Heel Race because I felt that it gave me the opportunity to watch up close and see how these men in drag runs -- not only that, I also get free shots prior and after the event as well! Men in drag were magnificent, I mean, they ran so fast that ... they amazed me. Some could not handle 3-inch heels and lost balance, flung themselves into the crowds or on other contestants. Of course, drama ensued as always. But what do the winner of High Heel Race gets in return for destroying their ankles? A bar tab at JR's Bar & Grill, that's it!

You get to be entertained by many creative people who dressed up from A to Z -- during my stay in the District, I attended 7 High Heels Races because I love to observe but do not interfere these creative people who took so much of their time (or none at all) to dress up something outrageous.

I wonder if a guy who imitated as Princess Di is still hanging out at 19th Annual 17 Street High Heel Race these days?

If you never had a chance to check it out, I highly recommend you to check this out on Tuesday the 25th. You'll enjoy it. Unless you're member of American Family Association and Concerned Women of America who considered it as a bad thing for their so-called "traditional beliefs" thing.



Megastorm ... or Fujiwhara?

Last night, Sarah mentioned about the possibility of Wilma merging with Alpha on Monday just off from the coast of Florida -- I find the idea to be intriguing and interesting. Historically, when two hurricanes/tropical storms are situated nearby to each other, they often drained each other out. But you never know how it goes with the weather.

According to the National Hurricane Center in Miami, I had been comparing two maps and I decided to pull it and put it together -- took me about 30 minutes to do that, not bad, eh?

AS you can see the map, both storms are going to meet or end up draining each other on Monday afternoon just off the coast of Florida. When two hurricane/tropical storm got closer to each other, they rarely merge. They often danced with each other, stalled each other from moving on its own. It is termed as Fujiwhara.

Either way, it is interesting subject, is it?



Saturday, October 22, 2005

Gallaudet Still Undefeated

Gallaudet Now 7-0! By the end of third quarter, the game was tied at 21 between Gallaudet and SUNY-Maritime during the rainy Homecoming Day at Gallaudet -- boom, Gallaudet went on to make two touchdowns to win the game, 35-21 in front of 2,000 fans as well as the ESPN crew from Bristol, Connecticut. It was said that Gallaudet football team will be profiled on ESPN sometimes in January, 2006. Gallaudet will play its last game of the season at UNC-Greensboro next week on Saturday.

Meanwhile here is another picture of Coach Ed Hottle, the hottest man at Gallaudet. According to my memory, I left my 100-year Anniversary Gallaudet Football at my parents' place so I cannot verify at all, I believe that Gallaudet never had an undefeated season in more than 105 years. If they went 8-0 next week, Coach Ed Hottle did something that not even Dr. Frank Turk or Bob Westermann did, compiled an undefeated season in school's history. Great job, Gallaudet Gridders.

Move Over, Wilma! Hurricane Wilma is moving very slowly at 3 MPH, good enough to devastate the region. Tropical Storm Alpha has formed in the Carribean Sea just south of Dominican Republic.

If You're Bored ... It is healthy for you to do this. Thanks to Ramblings on the Matter

In Melbourne, Australia: This is amusing article. No pity for Parking Officer, though.

Cory Is Hot: I was bored and dying slowly in the midst of shitty rainy day, watched MTV's True Life: I'm on a diet. Normally, I do not go for men like Cory but something about him caught my eye. He's pretty cute for a wrestler.

Shame on GW Bush: What do you expect from this arrogant cowboy? This fucker knew that Los Angeles is the nation's busiest highway commute and he does not care if 100 kids missed their first-ever field trip to see The Wizard of Oz -- after all, they are not important. Appearing at the fundraising event is more important for GW Bush than anyone else, really. At least, more people disliked, hated and disregarded the man in White House.

D-oh! Part I: Last week, Virginia Cavaliers football team pulled its second upset of Top 5 team in 10 years by beating No. 4 Florida State 26-21, today they managed to find a way to lose to unranked North Carolina Tar Heels in Chapel Hill, 7-5.

D-oh! Part II: Of course, I am in melancholy mood. When I read this, I could not believe but come to think of this -- only 1,000 were on hand to pull the goal post, of course it is heavy! It whacked one person and ... yeah, killed him as well. Only in Minnesota, though. Sonny is going to kill me for sure.



Friday, October 21, 2005

Bitch Session XIII

Disclaimer: The comments were written by many readers . I simply copied and pasted the comments on the entry. You may defend your turf by firing back. As always, names and email addresses will be removed. Only comments will be posted. Enjoy! You can compliment or offend anything or anyone else.


Why do trannies and drag queens, if they feel and really want to be women, flaunt their breasts without respect and have no problem flinging out their nipples for the world to see? Real women don't do that unless they're paid to do so - legally or illegally... or in the name of love or lust.

I nominate McFly for the future first woman president of the United States.

Can a lesbian be fucked by a man out of curiousity and still be considered a lesbian when there are no feelings or interests involved?

Finally..... ROCKY franchise has come back to the movie theater on Thanksgiving 2006. And this time, its ROCKY VI. Perhaps, I should write a letter to company to get that movie captioned.

Berna is a cool lady.

I *heart* Jenny and everyone else! I also *heart* you, Beth. No worries. I'm not gonna lick your cunt either unless you stomp your foot and say you want to be licked. If you do, I'll find someone for you - male or female. Your choice. And, enjoy!

Welcome to NYC, Beth. We love having you here in the Big Apple.

Too bad you cannot cruise Ed Hottle on Homecoming Day!

Kate is going to be SO AMAZING in the show she is acting in!

Craigslist is a wonderful place to meet people, get/sell things, and more.

JJ you're just a plain old bitter person who needs to start having a more positive outlook on life! No wonder you're still single!

Does being a fat man or woman make one less sexy and have less flair, regardless of inner high sex drive and vibes? Does being thin really elevate one above others?

Rosey G. already told everybody that all of her three female exes, raped her right after they decided to break up with this pathetic cheap-assed bitch. It is just that Rosey needs attention because nobody wanted or cared about her after all. She loves to twist stories to make herself look innocent. Of course, she always found plenty of people out there that felt sorry for her antics. She needs to get some help from some psychiatric ward. What a poor little stupid Rosey!

hate the Factory Cafe which oppresses women.

Christine Santana you are a wretched face babboon!!

Men's brains are in their penises.

Expect Deaf senior citizens to be hospitalized of heat exhaustion at NAD Conference in Palm Springs, California. I mean, the average temperature in July is 108.4!! What a stupid move on NAD's part!

Women beware, David Simmons only sees you as a sex object to conquer.

If a female President ran this country, things would improve significantly.

Bill Terrell has officially resigned from his position as Chair of the RAD 2005 Conference. Good riddance! Now everyone knows the real side of him! Such a jerk and coward he is! Now CMRA has to clean up his shitty and shoddy work!

Why do gay men fall in love so quickly then break up so quickly with so much drama?

Move over, Hurricane Wilma. I'm waiting for you, Hurricane Alpha!

I love you, Svetlana!

Gallaudet already had many hearing Presidents, they already had a deaf president, it is time for Deaf with capital "D" President!

Dear Chris, I love you so much. I'm so lucky to have you in my life!

Will Bush go fishing again before or after Hurricane Wilma? Let's see how well-prepared FEMA is this time around if the hurricane hits US shore. I hope it doesn't hit our shores! We've had enough beating. If the Gods are mad, punish Bush, not us.

Lil Josh is growing up *squeezing cheeks*

Any single deaf lesbians out there in NYC? or elsewhere? Please raise your hand, leave your name and email addy here in the comments section. I'll get in touch with you. :-)

Bars and clubs are not places to pick up your future partners and bring home to meet your parents.

Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la!
Tis the season to be hilarious! fa la la la la!
Hope this session is more hilarious than ever before!
Fa la la la!

Jay Levine!! Do yourself a favor. Please stop prey on young girl and spread VD like bird flu. You actually cost one beautiful innocent girl her ovary. Just fuck whoever around your age and your size as well.

3 reasons I hate CIs, one, it makes them snobby and bitchy, two, makes them complain too much, and three, makes them feel superior to otherDeafies who don't have/believe in CIs. If the end of the world came and all the batteries died, then what? They're still Deaf!!!

Move over, David Letterman and Jay Leno! Make room for the one and only Ricky Taylor! Gotta love that smirk and these trademark signs/expressions of his.

Poor Michael Demmons, he hafta to block people that deflate his ego from time to time. Grow a spine.

Joe is a great baker!

Best regards to Lauren and Doug on their engagement. Congratulations!

Anne is cute! Is she available?

It's beautiful to see Melissa growing up and growing into her own skin.

Not only that he is hot, Darrin Wright is also sweet and thoughtful. Wish there are men like him out there.

Garrett B. & Jon D., you guys strip? You kidding me or what?

Pack, hang in there!

"Toto, I don't think we are in Kansas any longer!"

Folks, get with the program.

Many Conservatives argued that this was sign of activism. Actually, it is not. It is to correct what is wrong with the law. The law was merely unconstitutional. Conservatives will accuse the Liberals for doing the right thing in the first place.

In Kansas, if a 18 years old boy had a consensual sex with 14 years old girl, he'd be punished as much as 15 months in the jail. But in this situation, 18 years old boy performed a blowjob on 14 years old boy, he got 17 years for the blowjob! Let's be realistic about this -- is this fair for everyone else? Of course not.

That is why the Kansas Supreme Court finally said that it was unconstitutional to do that. But a gay man already served 5 years in the prison.

Let's sit back and watch how the Conservatives and Republicans will argue that this boy deserved 17 years instead of 15 months.


Alan Ritchson Is Da Bomb ... As Aquaman!

I'm not a fan of Smallville on WB-TV. Tom Welling's pretty looks made me roll my eyes. I like men who are tough, rough and hot. Throw some hair on their chest is a plus but not required.

Last night, I was flipping different channels and I stumbled upon an episode of Smallville where Clark Kent gets to meet ... Aquaman! I used to collect Aquaman when I was a kid. I like Aquaman and Aqualad (now Tempest) and its connections with the fabled, lost city, Atlantis was revealed in a series called The Atlantis Chronicles. Aquaman's distant relative is Kordax, he has blond hair, has fins and all that -- there was a legend amongst Atlantis on the ocean floor that ... if a person has blond hair, he has Kordax's Curse. Anyone who has blond hair is to be abandoned in the wilderness, but fortunately for Aquaman, he was rescued by a lighthouse keeper who raised him to be a decent man. Later, Aquaman learned that he is the Emperor of Atlantis. That's what happened in the comic book series, though.

But last night, I was startled to see someone whooshing by Clark Kent in Crater Lake -- suddenly, he stared at Clark Kent. I could not believe it. It was Aquaman, played by Alan Ritchson. The show poked fun at the references on the comics. For instance, Aquaman asked Clark if they should set up Junior Lifeguard Association (JLA) -- I grinned, it was indirect reference to the group called Justice League of America (JLA). Not only that, Lois Lane kept on saying about Aquaman, "There is something fishy about him." Now, that is a good punch line.

And there were some sexual overtones on this particular show. In fact, when Lois Lane was rescued by Aquaman, the camera slowly panned from his waist to his face -- what the fuck? They are trying to make me insane!

I was impressed with the introduction of Aquaman, portrayed by Alan Ritchson. Too bad, he showed up only once. But reports indicated that he'll be back sometimes in the future. And of course, Tom Welling, acting as Clark Kent, did not like it at all because it was stealing his female & gay fans as well.

Alan Ritchson, can I have you?



Any Real Deaf Person To Represent Us?

On a general note, I received this from anonymous source. Nevertheless, this embarked upon an opportunity for me to ask something about Mike Higgins. Last summer, I observed him walking by with someone else. Someone told me that this guy is the SBG President. I flinched and said, "You kid me?"

My friend shook his head and smiled, "Goes on to tell you that much about the student body, is it?"

But again, I'm not at Gallaudet. I'm not part of student body any longer. But in the long run, I just hope that they will continue to choose a prominent Deaf person to run the University, not another puppet like Dr. Jordan!


Greetings fellow senators and alternate senators:

We have a situation where I need your undivided attention. Before I begin to explain the situation, you all need to know the background information of what happened. When Dr. Jordan resigned as President of Gallaudet, the Board of Trustees acted to form a presidential search committee. This committee will be composed of 17 people: 6 board members, 4 faculty members, 2 staff, 2 students, one representative from Clerc Center, and 2 alumni. To make things clear, board members means board of trustee members, faculty means teachers only, staff means employees who are not teachers, two students include one undergraduate and graduate student, Clerc center is an employee from either MSSD or Kendall, and an alumni is one who graduated from the University.

Now those who attended to the meeting on October 12, you might remember the words of Vice President Hogue. He told you that President Higgins will represent the student body on that committee. We didn't have a problem with it. As of today, October 19th, I was told that the Board of Trustees wants two candidates to be the undergraduate student representatives. From the two, they will pick one to be the representative. President Higgins picked himself for the first one. He also picked Vice President Hogue for the second nomination. We feel that there is a problem with this picture.

Why is there a problem? The President appointed himself and Vice President without the consent of the Student Congress. They also did not even made this kind of information public to make sure that the students are aware and have an equal chance to be one of the possible representatives. Some students came up to me and expressed their concern about the validity of the procedure. So I met with the President and Vice President. After a long discussion with them, they have compromised where the Vice President is willing to give up his nomination and nominate me or a person of the Student Congress' choice instead. President Higgins is going to keep his nomination because he argues that he is the elected voice of the students of Gallaudet University. That claim, we won't challenge due to the compromise that he gave the opportunity to choose the second seat.

Now as for my decision about the nomination, I want to go through the Student Congress as the elected officials of the organizations and classes of the student body. I decided to open nominations for this position to any student at Gallaudet University that meets the criteria listed below. It means that I want you to spread the word to the people who are interested in running for the seat in the University Presidential Search Committee. The interview will take probably 3 to 6 hours. And attendance to all meeting is mandatory. We will have unofficial meeting on Friday October 21 noon. The location will be announced later.

If you have any question relating to anything that is mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact me or see me tomorrow at SBG office from 3 to 5. I will be available after 12:30 pm. I will try to suit your needs and schedule. This matter is really important to the future of Gallaudet University. Please forward this E-Mail to your respective organizations and ask if they are interested. Thank you for reading. Don't forget to spread the word!

Noah Beckman
Speaker of the House

Thursday, October 20, 2005


SouthPark ROCKS! I nearly died of out-of-control laughters after watching the last two episodes of SouthPark! The first episode talked about Kenny being brain dead and his parents trying to keep him alive whereas in Heaven, Satan waged a battle against the Angels who lacked the leader ... in Kenny! It was poking fun at Terri Schiavo! Priceless! Then the second episode focuses on the Global Warming which someone released the Beaver's Dam and flooded SouthPark, just like Katrina did to New Orleans. The ultimate issue was not about what happened, but to assign the blame. They decided to blame many as can be. Priceless! If I could, I'd have one massive orgy with Trey Parker and Matt Stone! Their wits made them very sexy in my book.

For the first time in ages, I finally get to watch defBef's favorite film, Hedwig and The Angry Inch. In fact, I met the actor/writer/director, John Cameron Mitchell last April 24, 2005 for his birthday party. John Cameron Mitchell is incredibly nice person. I got to chat with him for few minutes. He's extremely cool person. However, I finally understood why defBef loved John and his film. It is an unique film.

When it mentioned about the Berlin Wall -- I immediately had a flashback to my childhood era. To the time when I was 6 or 7, I noticed that the news frequently talked about the Soviet Union, Reagan Administration, Israel, Lebanon's Civil War ... the Cold War. Remember the Berlin Wall? I distinctly remembered asking my maternal grandmother, Drandma, "What's going on with them?" I pointed at the current events that talked about the Berlin Wall, the Cold War, Reagan, Gorbachev and all that shit.


At that time, I felt bit reassured that should the Nuclear War occurs between the Soviet Union and the United States, the Deaf people would be spared by this, because we are not part of THEIR HEARING PROBLEMS! According to what my Drandma said, the logic dictated that only THEY will die, not me or my Deaf pals.

Well, I was only 6. So sue me.



Films, RAD and Chlms

Two Films: Saw two films, The Child I Never Was and Starsky & Hutch. Nothing much to report, really. Totally uninterested.

Remember CMRA/RAD Fiasco? Last May and June, I warned about RAD/CMRA's management with 2005 RAD Conference. The decisions that were made by the RAD Board and CMRA Committees about many things has virtually left the organization with no cash to pay for deaf/blind interpreters/SSPs amongst few other things. In fact, the RAD Board forced the CMRA to cover the hotel expenses, conference fees for them as well as some top-notch CMRA committees. The result is that the money ran out, considering the fact that Grand Hyatt Hotel is expensive to start with. The RAD Board and the RAD 2005 Committee conveniently exonerated themselves of the financial mismanagement and left the CMRA to absorb the debts and clean the mess in the process.

What did I say in the first place? I warned y'all. When it comes to the plans with conferences, I am familiar with it. I used to be the Chairperson of Jr. NAD Eastern Regional Conference and I steered throughout the storms and guess what? We still had thousands of dollars left. Not only that the conference ended up having the largest group of delegates in years in 1991. How? Creativity. This particular group of 2005 RAD Conference Committee lacked an iota of common sense. And now, the CMRA has to deal with the mess that Bill Terrell and Ricky Drake, along with Bob Donaldson and Barbara Hathaway, has left upon the CMRA.

I knew of several committee members who said that they will absolve their hands when the conference ended, because they do not care about the organization whether if they owed or not. "Not my problem, it's theirs!" One word: Childish. But it reflects what kind of persons they are. Yeah, that includes Larry Gray.

American Greed At Best: Jesus Fucking Christ.

On A Bright Note: Here is the picture of my fag hag and her family. Great pictures is it?

I am still finding it hard to believe that Eddie is with Stacey. I guess when I see them in person, I'll get used to the fact that they are together.

Anyway, I love this picture -- what Jon did was nuts. Jon is 6'6 tall and yet, he throws Zoe that far ... too freaky for me to handle.

You know, Matriarch Abrams is the mother anyone else would love to have. This woman moved the mountains and rivers to make sure that Chlms and Stacey gets what they needed in life. You know, Chlms once told me that her mother flinched when I verbally cussed at things in front of her. Chlms could not believe that I did in front of her. Well, Chlms is my fag hag, which means what? She is my confidante. I share pretty much everything to her, including my sexual conquests. So her mother was sitting on the dining table watching me giving Chlms the details of my sex life. At that time, I did not know her mother was actually watching what I was saying.

Later, Chlms told me that her mother could not believe that she "allowed" a guy like me to say in her house but that's OK, I'm cool in her book.

As for Patriarch Abrams, what do you expect from a country, rugged man from Arkansas? One time, he walked around me and poked me in my stomach. I winced and told him to stop. He muttered something I could not see nor heard. Matriarch Abrams could not believe what she heard and told Chlms and Stacey that he just muttered, "Pillsbury Boy".

He did it in very affectionate manner which means good thing, I guess.

When an opportunity arises, I'll head back to Arkansas just to aggravate the Abrams clan, just for heck of it.



Wednesday, October 19, 2005

More Stuff To Talk and Ponder

DeafSinglesConnection: Discrimination? My roommate was surfing this website, Deaf Singles Connection a while ago. He grinned and said, "Did you know that this particular website discriminated against gays and bisexuals?"

I shrugged because I did not care about that, though. He said, "They limited only to heterosexuals." I was surprised and surfed a little on it. It is apparent true. It is not gay-friendly.

Umm. I stumbled upon some profiles which indicated that they are hearing ones looking only for Deaf persons. Interesting ...

Gallaudet Football: I learned that a certain well-known TV sports cable company is currently doing a documentary on Gallaudet football team this week. Apparently, Gallaudet has caught this particular company's attention after rolling to a 6-0 start. As soon as I get the information whether if they will be on tube, I will let y'all know. I'm confident that Coach Ed Hottle will keep the players' ego in check with two games to go.

Rene Portland Has To Go! Last week, I mentioned about Rene Portland, the Women's Basketball Coach at Penn State which drove many players who are Lesbians or perceived to be Lesbians off her teams. Rene has refuted the comments and denied that she discriminated. She claimed that Jennifer Harris was lazy and detrimental to the team -- never mind the fact that Jennifer Harris was the starter for Penn State 22 games out of 30 and was the 3rd leading scorer on the team.

It is nothing new with Rene Portland -- when she gets cornered by an accusation related to homophobia, she went on to attack one's integrity. That is what she has been doing for the last 25 years at Penn State. The culture of homophobia at Penn State has to stop. There was a rally organized by the students at Penn State who called Rene to resign. I agreed with the students. It seemed to me that if Rene said something about African-American or Jewish, she'd be immediately fired on the spot. But with gays, no problem, you can stall and dance around it.

You Think Cochlear Implant Is Cool?: Philip forwarded the message to me with a link to this picture. Gruesome. I have no desire to hear a sound, nor put things in my head. If you wanted to be borg-ized, it is your right to do so. I believe it was Christian who told me that he reads an article from Georgetown University which mentioned that if all Deaf people gets the implants, they are not qualified to be protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act ... eventually, that is! I cannot find the article but it was said that if we have implants, we cannot demand the use of interpreters et al. I guess that is what they wanted all along.

Hat tip to Philip.

Regarding Bitch Session: This Friday, October 21st, is the deadline. Let's be hilarious instead of malicious. It is disheartening to post such unflattering but yet so angry comments towards certain few. If you have a beef on someone else, be creative with words.

Vienna for New Years Eve?! Thanks to Rico, a dear friend of mine from The Netherlands for the link. In Vienna, Austria, the organizers will host the New Year's Eve Bash. From what I understand, it is the largest of its kind in Europe. Hundreds of Deaf youths will flock to Vienna for three-day filled with parties on December 29 - January 1. After seeing the premise where the Bash will take place, I am determined to find a way to go to Vienna!

In order for you to view the advertisement, press gebardevideo and wait for it to load in order to watch two cute guys talking in their own language about the bash. Rico, if I'm in Vienna for these parties, will you be so kind enough to be the gracious host with me?



10.19.05 Tidbits

New Orleans To Palm Springs! The NAD Board has decided to move the 48th Biennial National Conference from New Orleans to Palm Springs on June 29-July 3, 2006. Palm Springs is famous for its brutal hot weathers during the summertimes. It is also the vaction spot for rich, famous persons and gay men.

On another note, why move it to Palm Springs instead of staying in New Orleans to help out with its local economy? The reports said that the city will be back to normal in March. The Conference is to be held in June and July.

Try This! I'm curious to know where the readers of this blog are from. Feel free to add yourself on it -- be sure to press return after 6 or 7 words because the post itself will expand itself if you do not press return. Otherwise, have fun doing this for me.

Wilma Is Category 5: In less than 24 hours, Wilma has gone from 75 MPH to 175 MPH, making it the dangerous storm on the same level with Katrina. Let's see if it will hold itself as it rolls onto Florida. Stay tuned.

Amusing Message Board: A certain friend told me to check the message boards about Nigeria Scams Using IP Relay. Some are offensive. It makes you wonder about the ethics on Communication Assistants'(CAs) part. Know what? When Deaf people asserted their rights, hearing people often viewed it as a "chip on our shoulders". That is cheap observation. If you do not like the fact that we assert our rights, get the fuck out of my face. Not only that, it is scary to know that the CAs are talking amongst each other about our information.

I would highly suggest the readers not to use the ever again. Because they are talking and possibly using your sensitive information against you. For instance:
Seriously, some of you relay users don't even appreciate what you're given. And the ones of you who have been spoiled all their lives by people who took pity on you and did things for you just because you had "special needs" just sit there and whine and curse at us in your ASL gloss (which is actually sometimes pretty humorous) and complain when the fact is you're getting a free ride and need to be quiet.
Another example:
Seriously, how do you get the sheer guts to COMPLAIN about a service that is FREE??? For the price you pay for it, you're lucky if even HALF the words you type even make it to the person you are calling.

Some of the messages that were said on that board is very alarming, to say the least.


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Review of Audism Unveiled

Guestblogger: McFly

Today was Enrichment Day at Gallaudet. For those of you who are unaware, it's an annual program for students, faculty, teachers, and staff on important current academic affairs' topics. Gallaudet hosts Enrichment Day to enrich themselves and the students in the exchange of knowledge. Gallaudet showed the movie "Audism Unveiled”.
Let’s talk about sensitivity.
The original movie, called “What is Audism?” was better and it was powerful. It actually moved people to tears and validated many deaf people’s pain of living with audism. This movie was too strong for the Gallaudet Administrators. I wonder what Kweisi Mfume, a well known and respected civil rights leader, would say about this?
A few years ago, Dirksen Bauman had his undergraduate students make a movie about the term audism for a semester project. The students labored relentlessly over this movie, blood, sweat and tears. They put their hearts, souls and pain on the line to create this beautiful movie in order to convey an imperative message. The students did this to make a difference and to contribute towards the betterment of deaf people’s lives. The students were responsible for creating this entire movie, from research to interviews, from start to finish. The Gallaudet Administrators had “What is Audism?” watered down to today’s movie “Audism Unveiled”.

Today's showing of “Audism Unveiled” was not the entire work of the students. It was the work of censorship.
To add further injury to insult, they had a speech and language pathologist Jimmy Lee open the movie.  Poor Jimmy Lee, shaking like a leaf while trying to sign.  It was appalling to see a speech language pathologist open this movie of a sensitive and long overdue topic, no offense to Jimmy Lee. It's akin to having a white person open a discussion about black oppression and racism. It showed lack of common sense, which tells me whoever made the decision to have a speech language pathologist open this movie has her/his heads so far up Dowanda Creek- it’s past the point of no return.
Too gain even more injury to insult, some hearing people who came to watch the movie were verbally talking during the movie.  I asked a hearing friend what they were saying, my friend said they were discussing lunch plans. It was a long discussion of lunch plans. Holy mother of Paul!

Deaf people used to get beatings on the hands with rulers when caught signing. They participated in the behavior of audism during the movie.  I'd say we slap these rude and ignorant hearing people with rulers on their mouths.

It was hard for me to take the Gallaudet Administrators seriously today. In the movie, Dwight Benedict talked about the DPN movement, the trust being violated and the damage it caused. I think our trust in the current Gallaudet Administrators has been violated. A violation we will not forget. We will continue to work on eradicating audism so there will be no need to show movies like “Audism Unveiled” in order to convey a message of our pain.