Wednesday, October 19, 2005

More Stuff To Talk and Ponder

DeafSinglesConnection: Discrimination? My roommate was surfing this website, Deaf Singles Connection a while ago. He grinned and said, "Did you know that this particular website discriminated against gays and bisexuals?"

I shrugged because I did not care about that, though. He said, "They limited only to heterosexuals." I was surprised and surfed a little on it. It is apparent true. It is not gay-friendly.

Umm. I stumbled upon some profiles which indicated that they are hearing ones looking only for Deaf persons. Interesting ...

Gallaudet Football: I learned that a certain well-known TV sports cable company is currently doing a documentary on Gallaudet football team this week. Apparently, Gallaudet has caught this particular company's attention after rolling to a 6-0 start. As soon as I get the information whether if they will be on tube, I will let y'all know. I'm confident that Coach Ed Hottle will keep the players' ego in check with two games to go.

Rene Portland Has To Go! Last week, I mentioned about Rene Portland, the Women's Basketball Coach at Penn State which drove many players who are Lesbians or perceived to be Lesbians off her teams. Rene has refuted the comments and denied that she discriminated. She claimed that Jennifer Harris was lazy and detrimental to the team -- never mind the fact that Jennifer Harris was the starter for Penn State 22 games out of 30 and was the 3rd leading scorer on the team.

It is nothing new with Rene Portland -- when she gets cornered by an accusation related to homophobia, she went on to attack one's integrity. That is what she has been doing for the last 25 years at Penn State. The culture of homophobia at Penn State has to stop. There was a rally organized by the students at Penn State who called Rene to resign. I agreed with the students. It seemed to me that if Rene said something about African-American or Jewish, she'd be immediately fired on the spot. But with gays, no problem, you can stall and dance around it.

You Think Cochlear Implant Is Cool?: Philip forwarded the message to me with a link to this picture. Gruesome. I have no desire to hear a sound, nor put things in my head. If you wanted to be borg-ized, it is your right to do so. I believe it was Christian who told me that he reads an article from Georgetown University which mentioned that if all Deaf people gets the implants, they are not qualified to be protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act ... eventually, that is! I cannot find the article but it was said that if we have implants, we cannot demand the use of interpreters et al. I guess that is what they wanted all along.

Hat tip to Philip.

Regarding Bitch Session: This Friday, October 21st, is the deadline. Let's be hilarious instead of malicious. It is disheartening to post such unflattering but yet so angry comments towards certain few. If you have a beef on someone else, be creative with words.

Vienna for New Years Eve?! Thanks to Rico, a dear friend of mine from The Netherlands for the link. In Vienna, Austria, the organizers will host the New Year's Eve Bash. From what I understand, it is the largest of its kind in Europe. Hundreds of Deaf youths will flock to Vienna for three-day filled with parties on December 29 - January 1. After seeing the premise where the Bash will take place, I am determined to find a way to go to Vienna!

In order for you to view the advertisement, press gebardevideo and wait for it to load in order to watch two cute guys talking in their own language about the bash. Rico, if I'm in Vienna for these parties, will you be so kind enough to be the gracious host with me?



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