Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Outfest, Airline, Mundey and Marthinussen ...

What Is OutFest? OutFest, according to the limited information, is the festival in Philadelphia that celebrated the National Coming Out Day which occurs on October 11th. But the OutFest will happen on October 9th from 12 PM to 7 PM in Center City. It is the same place where Michael Marcavage of Repent America comes to protest every year with a passion.

But there is a problem. A friend of mine told me that Gallaudet football team, which is 4-0, is slated to play at Wesley College in Dover, Delaware on ... Sunday the 9th at 1 PM! Dilemma ... ? I choose OutFest because I probably will find a way to see Gallaudet football team play on October 22nd in D.C.

Airline Reality Show: Once in a while, I get to watch the reruns of AIRLINE on A&E Channel. I noticed the pattern -- the customers truly hated, bashed and attacked Southwest Airlines incessantly. When it comes to other airlines, people whined and criticized them at times. But when it comes to Southwest Airlines, they truly whined with a passion. And Southwest Airlines is still operating? Go figure.

Mundey's Halloween Party: Yeah, I got an invitation to that boy's Halloween Party this coming Friday. It should be interesting. I'll meet PJ and follow them to a town called Fishtown. It should be an interesting evening for me.

Berna & Her Dad! 5 years ago, Berna told me that her mother is the kind of person that would look down at people who are overweight. She warned me that her mother would give me the looks. When her mother got in town and I get to hang out with her for few days. She turned to Berna and said she loved my company and all that. Berna was flabbergasted and I glanced at her to make her feel flustered. That was 5 years ago or so.

Next weekend on October 14 - 16, Berna will drag her father from Bergen, Norway to DC, then to Philadelphia and New York. Berna mentioned that her father is a huge fan of ... that damned movie, ROCKY -- the same film that Roy Weintraub clamored for. I will take Berna and her father to the Art Museum in Downtown and take a stroll up the long steps and raised our fists into the chilly weather. Then we probably will hit 9th Street for some famous Cheesesteaks in South Philly.

Let's see if I managed to impress the descendants of barbaric Vikings one way or other. Either way, Berna has been always an entertaining factor in my college days. In fact, her father is the last member of her Marthinussen clan that I hadn't met -- I met her mother and her sister. If you thought Berna was very dramatic, you hadn't met her sister ... !

Ahh, it is nearly 4 AM -- tomorrow is a big day for me, time for me to hit the sack.



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