Thursday, October 20, 2005

Films, RAD and Chlms

Two Films: Saw two films, The Child I Never Was and Starsky & Hutch. Nothing much to report, really. Totally uninterested.

Remember CMRA/RAD Fiasco? Last May and June, I warned about RAD/CMRA's management with 2005 RAD Conference. The decisions that were made by the RAD Board and CMRA Committees about many things has virtually left the organization with no cash to pay for deaf/blind interpreters/SSPs amongst few other things. In fact, the RAD Board forced the CMRA to cover the hotel expenses, conference fees for them as well as some top-notch CMRA committees. The result is that the money ran out, considering the fact that Grand Hyatt Hotel is expensive to start with. The RAD Board and the RAD 2005 Committee conveniently exonerated themselves of the financial mismanagement and left the CMRA to absorb the debts and clean the mess in the process.

What did I say in the first place? I warned y'all. When it comes to the plans with conferences, I am familiar with it. I used to be the Chairperson of Jr. NAD Eastern Regional Conference and I steered throughout the storms and guess what? We still had thousands of dollars left. Not only that the conference ended up having the largest group of delegates in years in 1991. How? Creativity. This particular group of 2005 RAD Conference Committee lacked an iota of common sense. And now, the CMRA has to deal with the mess that Bill Terrell and Ricky Drake, along with Bob Donaldson and Barbara Hathaway, has left upon the CMRA.

I knew of several committee members who said that they will absolve their hands when the conference ended, because they do not care about the organization whether if they owed or not. "Not my problem, it's theirs!" One word: Childish. But it reflects what kind of persons they are. Yeah, that includes Larry Gray.

American Greed At Best: Jesus Fucking Christ.

On A Bright Note: Here is the picture of my fag hag and her family. Great pictures is it?

I am still finding it hard to believe that Eddie is with Stacey. I guess when I see them in person, I'll get used to the fact that they are together.

Anyway, I love this picture -- what Jon did was nuts. Jon is 6'6 tall and yet, he throws Zoe that far ... too freaky for me to handle.

You know, Matriarch Abrams is the mother anyone else would love to have. This woman moved the mountains and rivers to make sure that Chlms and Stacey gets what they needed in life. You know, Chlms once told me that her mother flinched when I verbally cussed at things in front of her. Chlms could not believe that I did in front of her. Well, Chlms is my fag hag, which means what? She is my confidante. I share pretty much everything to her, including my sexual conquests. So her mother was sitting on the dining table watching me giving Chlms the details of my sex life. At that time, I did not know her mother was actually watching what I was saying.

Later, Chlms told me that her mother could not believe that she "allowed" a guy like me to say in her house but that's OK, I'm cool in her book.

As for Patriarch Abrams, what do you expect from a country, rugged man from Arkansas? One time, he walked around me and poked me in my stomach. I winced and told him to stop. He muttered something I could not see nor heard. Matriarch Abrams could not believe what she heard and told Chlms and Stacey that he just muttered, "Pillsbury Boy".

He did it in very affectionate manner which means good thing, I guess.

When an opportunity arises, I'll head back to Arkansas just to aggravate the Abrams clan, just for heck of it.



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