Saturday, October 29, 2005

10.29.05 Tidbits

I'm So Pregnant! Know what annoys me the most? Folks that reacted when someone said she is pregnant. Their "Ahh, aww, ahh" reactions made me cringe or shiver. Pregnancy is part of life. Just like being in love. It is not that special. It takes two to tango, really. But observing at how heterosexuals run their lives, many wanted to get married just because the society dictated them to do. I remembered meeting one female who told me that she must get pregnant soon because she is supposed to. I asked her if that is what she wanted. She did not respond. She just said, "I have to because everyone expected me to do that."

What the fuck?

But there are some sane folks who got pregnant, they do not drum it up. They did it because they were in love, or wanted it out of their own desire. Not because they feel they have to. Sometimes the accidents do happen, they make the best out of it. But I'm appalled that there are women out there who said, "I have to get pregnant because my Mom wanted me to. Because my Church said it is good thing to do. Because everyone has it!"

These things made me roll my eyes once more.

Gotta Love Steel Magnolias' Ouiser: A character named Ouiser Boudreaux performed by Shirley MacLaine once uttered, "I'm not crazy, I've just been in a very bad mood for 40 years!" -- I can relate to that. Maybe I am in a very bad mood for the last 15 years.

I'm Bit Jittery As Of Now: It is 1:05 PM as of now. Which means that the Gallaudet Gridders are currently playing its final game of the season. I will find out in few hours whether if they completed its first undefeated season in its history or not. Under normal circumstances, I would not care much about the team -- I mean, the team has bee a joke for many years. But when Gallaudet hired Ed Hottle, my eyebrows raised a notch mainly because he's charming fellow -- we rely on our body language to read their reactions. . You can see the enthusiasm and infectious winning attitude in this guy. That makes him hot and irresistible in my book. Then thanks to a certain friend of mine, Christian Burke, he told me a lot of interesting things that happened on the field that he rarely saw in the past. He mentioned that for the first time in a long time, there is no cronyism among the group.

You see, Christian and I used to work with each other at Gallaudet in a computer lab -- we supervised the lab for some years, so we have this mutual respect for each other. I love him, he's great guy. When he compliments someone else, he meant well. He joked a little about my infatuation with Ed. Who is not?

But in a general outlook on the first season that Ed Hottle did -- I'm totally impressed with everything he did for the team and for Gallaudet. And I really wanted Ed Hottle to pick up the win today. Oh, yeah, Christian is one of Ed's Assistant Coaches.

Ahh, since I was jittery and could not know the final result, I was cruising each player's pictures -- David Morgan is perhaps the best looking guy on the team but there is no way in Heaven or Hell that I'll chat with him. Too much of an intimidating factor, I think.

Memo to Libby: Good riddance. Up next is Karl Rove.

First ExxonMobil Makes Profits: And now they gave the fake flu shots to its own employees. Another example of greed. Only in Texas!

Confidential to A Stupid Hearie: Your legs belongs on my shoulders, remember that.



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