Saturday, October 01, 2005

Bitch Session XII

Disclaimer: The comments were written by many readers . I simply copied and pasted the comments on the entry. You may defend your turf by firing back. As always, names and email addresses will be removed. Only comments will be posted. Enjoy! You can compliment or offend anything or anyone else.


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I interpreted at RAD Conference and the RAD Committee said they'll pay me back. But where is the money? They delayed, lied, extended and now said that they don't have money! This led me to the only conclusion -- that RT was right all along, that RAD is playing with people's lives when they wanted to. Pay up what you owed, Barbara and Bob! As an interpreter, I see people bickering about you, Bill Terrell, behind your back. But RT was direct with you -- he was honest and you attacked him. Now you're losing the War. RT is winning the War based on honesty and accountability. Pay up, damn you! It is my money!

AJ Tellander, Jr.! We get know who you are more and more everyday, we realized how ugly you are. GROW UP, Quit point at "every person" you've met! Trying turn your own finger toward your own face! You are only person to blame for things that cause your own life fucked up.

Michael Demmons of GayOrbit is bitter queen -- and he was recently dumped by his boyfriend. What does that says about him?

DefBef - why do you have an issue with someone *hearting* Jenny few times when someone's been *hearting* Ridor during nearly each bitch session? Maybe you're envious? So, I'm gonna say I *heart* you too! Feel better?

Maddox u fuckin nutcase, go back to your ward!

Richard Baker, you're simply a buffoon. Be sure to come by and say HI to me when your brain is all fried from popping X all the time.

Memo to Johnny Antal and that no good skank of his, Ewa. It's absolutely pathetic that you'd wear your KG jersey only on "Mondays" to PSD as a cheap Mexican labor to show a very thin shred of masculinity that you so surprisingly possess (FYI, he's working as a one on one with a student as an aide, following turning down a job offer as a teacher at the same school. Lazy.).

Because of your inability to bring home the fat bacon to support your lady and the baby, the one which you conceived together while she's still married to a fine, honorable, hard-working man. Your lady has the gall to sue his husband for alimony AND his house for you and your baby. Ewa, sign the doggone divorce papers, and you stand no chance of winning in the court. Be glad that your soon to be ex-husband made you a US citizen. Citizenship of this great country is something you should cherish very much--so more than money can buy or a property that can make you happy. Johnny, be "Cowboy the f*** up" by putting that blue and gold jersey aside, and get yourself a REAL job to be able to support your new family financially on your own.

Congratulations, Travis, with your promotion!

The NAD Gala, a bunch of older folks and very few younger members. Why is it that so many deaf organizations fail to reach out to the younger folks? It's not the 'what does it benefit me' attitude that is the problem, the problem is the refusal to share leadership and the willingness to share the spotlight. Too many older Deaf folks are too hungry to hang on to their positions of power. And why is NAD so god-damned lily white!?!?!? Diversity my ass! *scoffing*

Moving totally sucks!

Josh is an expert liar and hundred-faced bastardly scumbag.

By the time this bitch session is posted, the humidity better be out of NYC and the Indian Summer is over with.

Joshua and Rob of Limerick (PA) -- you both are idiots! Rob, you claimed that you can mark younger boys if you want to -- one word that can describe you is: Shallow. Joshua, talking too much does not mean that you're smarter than the rest. In fact, it indicated that you're loose cannon for others to pick up and kick around. Each time I see you and Rob talking, I cringe. Rob thinks he can sign very well. He cannot sign worth a shit. And Joshua marched around to indicate that he has a hearing boyfriend who can sign -- actually, honey, you make me laugh all the way to the cesspool!

Optonline has weird horoscope readings.

Webb is cool.

For those of you who are looking for new jobs, I hope that you all get new jobs before Christmas.

Myra Yanke is the Acting Principal at MSSD -- she did not surprise me at all. You go, girl!

Gally discriminates against students who are parents, because children or even more, babies, are not allowed in the computer labs with their parents--not even if the parents need to do some extra studying, research comfortably online, or print out their homework. Where's the RESPECT for the hard-working parents who make sacrifices to return to school and earn higher degrees and become productive members of society???

Happy Birthday, Darlene Ewan!

Welcome to NYC, Beth!

Get this, RT said he does NOT represent any Deaf people but himself only. So be it!

Katie - *still toilet flushing* *toilet's running*

I still like JP as a great person, and I DON'T want to lick her cunt. Thank you very much. Can't we all love JP for who she is without x-rated stuff entering our minds?

Congratulations on your graduation, Kim & Pam!

Elvis - you're such an adorable puppy!

Maleni is beautiful.

I *heart* Beth Szymanski!

I *heart* Sweetie!

I *heart* Ridor!

I still *heart* Ryan Commersioniaczi

Bush had a tan from his vacation while addressing the nation about the hurricane disaster. Talk about a good vacation for an incompetent president.

Jade's 40th party rocked! Check out her pics: and adore the beauties!

Joshua is evil and angry multi-faced boy.

Sweetie, you know who you are! I love you!

Boris is betrayer and like to stir up trouble tornados. Someday, category 5 tornado will come to you and you get taste of your medicine in your face!

Admit it, Ridor. You like dogs.

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