Friday, October 14, 2005

DailyKos, Ed Hottle, Flick & New York

A certain bird told me to check which is one of the popular blogs in this world -- averaging more than 750,000 viewers per day. I averaged more than 300 per day. I learned that a certain friend of mine, Surdus also known as Joseph Rainmound gets his stuff printed on that website. It is titled This Democrat's Deaf.

It got printed this morning at 8:40 AM and already got 116 comments and counting. This is going to piss McWeenie and Whale Fatterson a lot. Good. Way to go, Little Joe! Congratulations!

And as I checked around, I was surprised to get a message from Gallaudet Football Head Coach, Ed Hottle. He has something nice to say to me about my blog regarding the football team.
Good morning,

I wanted to take a second and thank you for all of your support. I truly feel you are helping the team with the positive blogs and getting the word out that we are changing the football culture at Gallaudet. It is my wish, one which I am fully committed to, that we put Bison Football on the map nationally. We have been very fortunate and enjoyed some early success. We still have a long way to go and with the help of loyal supporters such as yourself we can make this change and sustain our success for many years to come. Its is my goal to build a program that alums can be proud of. The more the word gets out the easier it will be to recruit quality student athletes. Recruiting is gold in college football and your help is greatly appreciated. Also I think it important that folks know how big the Homecoming game is for our program. We are playing a Division 3 opponent and we will need all the crowd support we can muster up. Any assistance you can give in this area would be appreciated also. Thanks again and I am looking forward to meeting you.

Ed Hottle
Head Footbal Coach
Gallaudet University
Thanks, Ed Hottle! Good luck with the progress.

It is about time that Gallaudet has great good-looking coach in any sport, don'tcha? It is certainly nice surprise to get a response from him like that.

Another Flick: Saw Hide and Seek, it was okay. No big deal.

Yeah ... : For one day, I'll streak to New York with Berna, her father and her girlfriend on a sightseeing tour -- I'll be their tour guide in Manhattan on Saturday. Of course, I will pull them into East Village. It will be very short day for me. I doubt that I'll have the time to meet friends in New York on my own. But I know it will be good to be back in the city.



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