Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Origins of Mordru

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWhen I was 8, Amethyst was "officially" killed by DC Comics because she was too "much" for them to handle -- after all, she is powerful than Superman or Green Lantern and she is only female! That does not sit well with the majority of readers who are ... male.

But the storyline was not done. So Keith Giffen, thank God that he has the sense of finalizing things on his end, tied her with a comic book series called Legion of Super-Heroes to ensure that Amethyst will never be forgotten. How? In LSH series, there are many planets that became the charter members of United Planets, among them are The Sorcerers' World. Keith went on to explain that 1,000 years in the past, The Sorcerers' World was ... Gemworld.

However, Mordru was a thorn on LSH's list for years but he never managed to cross into the current era to wreck the universe as destined. Until Keith did the trick -- he introduced the origins of Mordru in ... Gemworld. How?

Amethyst's ex flame, Lord Topax had a son named Prince Wrynn. That boy wanted to taste the brunt of darkling powers. The omnipotent beings known as the Lords of Chaos granted his wish -- by doing that, Prince Wrynn's soul was destroyed in the process. The new entity replaced the body -- who else? Mordru!

By tying Mordru with Gemworld, Amethyst's existence will not be forgotten -- or my tattoo, at least!

Mordru failed to conquer Amethyst. By failing to do so, Amethyst savagely punished him by burying him alive for a thousand years. Mordru is an omnipotent being, he does not like to be restrained ... in fact, being restrained to a body is pretty much tasteless for him. In other words, he is claustrophobic -- the only way to stop him is to bury him alive, that would shut his mind down immediately.

He prefers to conquer everything and to remake it in his image. Let's face this -- Mordru is not even a human -- he was never born therefore he will never die. He is not a human at all. He is pure chronal energy infused with magic.

I like Mordru because he is pretty arrogant, funny, hilarious and tough guy to deal with. One guy complained, "Do you love to hear yourself talk that much, Mordru?"

Image hosted by Photobucket.comMordru shot back, "But talk is merely the bedfellow of my actions!" Then he blasted the complainant down just like that. That is my style. Just like me.

As an avid fan of comic books, I was bit annoyed that the Joker, Lex Luthor and few others that does not possess any powers beyond their intelligence and yet, they got more attention from the mainstream press ... Mordru's status was nonexistant. Honest to God, if Mordru faced Joker, he'd wipe him off the map before anyone could even blink an eye!

Thanks to a certain writer who loved Amethyst, he brought Mordru into the current storyline by infusing him into a comic book called JSA, ever since, he is doing great!

My dear friend confirmed that he bought JSA #78 and will deliver it to me by tomorrow when I meet him at a certain coffeehouse in Philadelphia, you don't know how excited I am to see Mordru to emerge from the fucking prison called the Rock of Eternity!

Mordru fucking rules!

Oh, yeah, Stephen Sadowski drew Mordru very well. I should find him and buy him a dinner or two in New York sooner or later!



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