Monday, October 24, 2005

To Conquer Hatred ...

One time, Mysa Nal stood quietly on the remains of The Sorcerers' World and wondered, When does it end? When will there be peace?

The voice spoke to Mysa,
"Maybe never, Mysa. Maybe Love can never conquer Hatred. The struggle between the two may be integral to what we are. But there are small victories. The conquering of our own hatreds. The discovery that our means are superior ... at least for us. And in this existence, perhaps these are the only victories to be had."

Suffice to say, I can relate to Mysa and the voice itself. The readers, whether if they hate or love me with a passion, has to understand and respect my privacy. I do not mind if you hate me so much just because I sicced or trashed your arguments at times, but for people to talk about what I do in life is absolutely laughable and downright ridiculous.

What kind of job do I have? None of your business. What kind of living arrangements do I have? None of your business. What kind of food I ate last night? None of your fucking business!

It is not the first time I heard that some people were relieved or jumped with joy that I did not show up at certain events, but my question begs the same: Why do you fucking care? I personally do not care if someone I knew got ran over by a 18-wheeler truck -- I mean, if one told me about that, my first reaction would be without an emotion: "Oh."


Because I do not give a shit about it at all!

Yes, I write entries for this blog -- that makes me what? A blogger. Just like the reporters doing their job for The Washington Post or New York Post. I write about things in life, politics, entertainment, sports and sometimes, sex conquests. Yes, I write things that may touch some people's nerves. To some, it may be perceived as despicable. To some, it may be perceived as an act of courage. Either way, I cannot satisfy all sides. The newspapers and televisions tends to do that. Thanks to the Internet, the blog was a brand-new medium for common people like me to have a place in the world to share their thoughts outside of corporations' controls. To me, that is remarkable medium that anyone else can use to share their thoughts, feelings and messages!

From day one, I never talked about my employment, my salary, what kind of friends I have, living arrangements, the guy(s) that I (was/am/will) date(ing) or even my eating habits on my blog because these things are personal and it belonged to no one but me. To snoop in what I do in life is an invasion of privacy. But I expect that to happen occasionally in Deaf Community -- when they loved or resented someone, they snooped as much as can be just to divulge their pleasures. I do not ask you about your salary, your employment, your living arrangements, your pathetic boyfriend(s) or even your eating habits -- who do you care about mine? Why do you even care that I exist in the first place if you cannot stand me?

That is something I do not understand people, especially many Deaf idiots -- they lacked the means to understand the differences and respect the fact that I am a blogger and I am entitled to have a portion of my life to be private. If they cannot handle the fact that I hit the issues head-on on my blogsite, get the fuck off from my blog already!

When I pointed out the flaws in people's lives, it is normal for them to be defensive about it. I am not perfect, either. But when you fucked it up, don't blame it on me -- just admit that I was right.

Which is why some of you hated me with a passion. Because I tend to be correct in many forms whether if you like it or not. Which brings me back to the original statement on the top -- maybe that is why love will never conquer hatred.

Of course, at some point in my life, I had to step back and figure out who is friend or not. And yes, I am aware that some "so-called friends" are done for. I'm sad that it has to be that way. Invasion of privacy is never good way to be friends with.

Think about it, dear. Of course, I am indignant on this subject because it is ridiculous.


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