Saturday, October 08, 2005

Interlude Along With Tidbits

Last night, Mundey hosted a nice Halloween party. I had a good time. One thing that made me wince is that a certain fellow that I never liked was there. I was being cordial and all that, but he remained defiant. I told him to tell his sister that I said congratulations for her promotion as the Acting Principal at MSSD. He chortled something to an effect to acknowledge that he still regarded me as his enemy.

Whatever he wants to make himself feel better -- someone needs to prescribe him stronger doses of Ritalin.

Too bad, PJ left earlier and he won something from the raffle contest. But he has to be present in order to pick up. If PJ was there, he would be the only white person to pick up something from more than 15 prizes. Yes, nearly all of them were won by Latinos or African Americans! I blew about $10 on it and won nothing! :-(

And the bizarre part about the last prize, the DVD player, Kevin had an idea -- to dwindle down to 3 lucky tickets. Then someone has to pick two out of 3. Then in the last round, if someone pulled this particular ticket of two, that particular ticket is not the winner but the loser!

So you can see the sudden confusion when Jorge found his name to be the one that pulled out first -- he cheered while everyone said, "NO NO YOU LOST!"

Suffice to say, Jorge was pretty down on this afterwards.

Food? Lots of food were provided -- I had a good time partyin' with new faces and old faces.

Oh, yeah, Chris Cowden was there as usual. I mean, let's face this -- if Kevin Mundey dies, Chris Cowden will find a way to accomodate him somewhere in the afterlife, really. Of course, I'm joking but people knew that if Kevin is there, Chris has to be there. Case closed.

For two days in a row, the area has been drenched with the Remnants of Tammy. It is nice climate to mellow and catch up on lots of things around the apartment.

And yeah, the computer is back to normal. I managed to correct everything -- yes, I can access gmail or even porn websites. Whew. In fact, I called the Hewlett&Packard to talk about the computer issues via the videophone relay service -- guess who popped up as my VP interpreter? Chris Owens of Glimpse! At first, I recognized him and he grinned and after taking care of the issues, I get to chat with him about Beth. Nothing serious. But Chris is looking good -- too bad, on my end, I was not in mood to look "nice" for the VP, though. But it was good to see your face, Chris!

Few tidbits to check out:
GW Bush Is Demented: It was reported that several leaders from the Middle East said that GW Bush personally told them that God told him to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. Blah, blah. Sounds like a classic delusional Xian, is it? Since I'm on this subject, read this article by Bill Gallagher. It is interesting stuff. Hell, I'll throw in some more as well.

Wake Up, Xian Freaks! Know what annoys me the most? Xians tried to use the current events to argue that the EndTimes are coming. Actually, it is absurd. Earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes are very normal. These happened all over the place but for thousands of years, we do not know about 'em because we lacked the means to communicate. Today, we can report of a murder in Perth, Australia just like that. So this planet is not dead. It is very active. It has been moving its tectonic plate all over the world. Sometimes it is that strong, sometimes it is not that strong.

So when Pakistan got a 7.6 richter scale jolt today that resulted in thousands of deaths, don't be surprised to hear from Xians who will say, "See? It is very soon. Something will happen."

How do I respond to these ignorants? Of course, I smile and left them alone to their own imaginations. Better that way, I guess.

I'm out.



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