Friday, October 21, 2005

Alan Ritchson Is Da Bomb ... As Aquaman!

I'm not a fan of Smallville on WB-TV. Tom Welling's pretty looks made me roll my eyes. I like men who are tough, rough and hot. Throw some hair on their chest is a plus but not required.

Last night, I was flipping different channels and I stumbled upon an episode of Smallville where Clark Kent gets to meet ... Aquaman! I used to collect Aquaman when I was a kid. I like Aquaman and Aqualad (now Tempest) and its connections with the fabled, lost city, Atlantis was revealed in a series called The Atlantis Chronicles. Aquaman's distant relative is Kordax, he has blond hair, has fins and all that -- there was a legend amongst Atlantis on the ocean floor that ... if a person has blond hair, he has Kordax's Curse. Anyone who has blond hair is to be abandoned in the wilderness, but fortunately for Aquaman, he was rescued by a lighthouse keeper who raised him to be a decent man. Later, Aquaman learned that he is the Emperor of Atlantis. That's what happened in the comic book series, though.

But last night, I was startled to see someone whooshing by Clark Kent in Crater Lake -- suddenly, he stared at Clark Kent. I could not believe it. It was Aquaman, played by Alan Ritchson. The show poked fun at the references on the comics. For instance, Aquaman asked Clark if they should set up Junior Lifeguard Association (JLA) -- I grinned, it was indirect reference to the group called Justice League of America (JLA). Not only that, Lois Lane kept on saying about Aquaman, "There is something fishy about him." Now, that is a good punch line.

And there were some sexual overtones on this particular show. In fact, when Lois Lane was rescued by Aquaman, the camera slowly panned from his waist to his face -- what the fuck? They are trying to make me insane!

I was impressed with the introduction of Aquaman, portrayed by Alan Ritchson. Too bad, he showed up only once. But reports indicated that he'll be back sometimes in the future. And of course, Tom Welling, acting as Clark Kent, did not like it at all because it was stealing his female & gay fans as well.

Alan Ritchson, can I have you?



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