Monday, October 24, 2005

Remember Luke Fuller?

My mother was a fan of DYNASTY, a nighttime soap opera series on ABC-TV in 1980s. Dynasty was one of fewest TV shows that has captions on it. It was big deal in the Deaf Community -- on every weekend at Richmond Club of the Deaf, there would be a group of females talking about Alexis, Krystle, Sammy Jo and yes, Steven and his boyfriend, Luke Fuller.

My mother despised Luke Fuller. She ranted on about how bad he is to change Steven from heterosexual to "fag".

And there was a cliffhanger on DYNASTY where the Carrington family went to some country named Moldovia for a wedding. Steven brought his boyfriend, Luke Fuller to the wedding. And at the wedding, some armed dissidents barged in with machine guns and started firing. For a whole summer, Mom and Joan would discuss about who would be killed and so on.

Mom kept on saying she hoped Luke gets killed because he deserved it. Sure enough, Luke Fuller was one of these victims in the process. I vividly remembered being startled by Mom when she got off from the couch, cheered and started to whoop her fists in the air when Luke died in Steven's arms. It was heart-wrenching moment. That was the moment I knew Mom will never understand nor accept who I am.

At that time, I was heartbroken for Luke Fuller. He was cute.

Then years later, my friend recommended me to check out the film called Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City on PBS-TV. It was one of the most controversial film ever on PBS-TV which pissed many right-wingers (Xian nuts and Conservative pricks) -- and I absolutely loved the brutal honesty of the film as it touched on many subjects that affected our lives. There was a character that I despised on that film named Dr. Jon Philip Fielding. This man has a wife and has everything else but also cheated on his wife by fucking men in gay bathhouses in San Francisco. He annoyed me to no end.

Little did I know that Dr. Jon Philip Fielding was portrayed by the same actor who acted as Luke Fuller in DYNASTY as well. His name is Billy Campbell. And it also amused me to know that he was born in Charlottesville, Virginia.

And yes, he's still hot.

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