Tuesday, October 25, 2005

10.26.05 Tidbits

White House Crybabies: I cannot believe this at all. White House is using your money to sic the lawyers on a satirical paper, The Onion. C'mon, let's be serious, The Onion is free newspaper -- this is ridiculous.

MLB Stars Ain't The Only Ones: Great! Another reason not to trust the pigs. They might go haywire and hurt us in the process. And proud of themselves for doing this. Shameful.

Alec Baldwin Does Blog: Great article. Hat tip to Magatsu.

Ghosts Are Coming! And 7 kids are dead. Apparently, stampede does not apply only to adults at soccer games.

Payback Is Bitch: Dick Cheney, Lewis Libby or Karl Rove should be indicted for treason should they be responsible for disclosing the identity of CIA agent. AT least, getting a blowjob and lying about it is no big deal -- Ken Starr and his Republican supporters made a huge stink about it. Now the other side is doing the same thing. See? Payback is bitch.

Something Is Wrong With This Picture: IN Colorado Springs, where these nutty pro-Xian organizations are located at, the Air Force Academy managed to spring a new problem, I guess.

Remember Ursa of Superman II? Today, it rained all day long. Out of boredom, I got to watch Superman II on USA Channel. It is corny film but I always admired Ursa, one of three villains in the film. Ursa's tendencies are similar to what I do in life. Observe but do not interfere. But when the opportunity rises, she'll do something about it. For instance, in one of these scenes, she called Superman's attention as she walked around and used her leg to yank the manhole cover off the floor and used it as a frisbee to strike Superman. Just like that. That was one cool scene out of corny movie. Ahh, I just found out her real name is Sarah Douglas. One scene where she used the manhole cover as a frisbee is this.

That Is Me If ... : That is me if I wear these shoes ... Hat tip to Preston of WannaBeALeader's Blog



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