Tuesday, October 11, 2005

10.12.05 Tidbits

JetBlue & AirTran Are Cool: These companies are making it easy on our budget to fly around. I can just pay $59 to fly to Richmond from New York via JetBlue. I can just pay another $49 from Philadelphia to Richmond via AirTran. Maybe Chinatown Bus Services will be no more for me. Hell, they said that it'll cost $25 from New York to Boston! Not bad.

DeafAmerica! Do your part! This is extremely cool. Hat tip to McFly!

Rene Portland Is Homophobe: 15 years ago in March, 1990. Unranked James Madison Dukes came to State College to play No. 1 Penn State Lions in front of sold-out crowd. Penn State opened with a 24-9 lead, but the Dukes kept on hanging around 'til the half, 41-29. Then in the second half, the Dukes roared to the greatest upset in history of the NCAA Tournament, knocked No. 1 Penn State 73-71 out of the NCAA Tournament in the first round.

Meanwhile, there was a small protest outside of Penn State's gymnasium against whom? Rene Portland. Because she made a comment to the local newspaper that she does not permit Lesbians to remain on her team. Shortly, Rene recanted and apologized. But the game overshadowed the protest 15 years ago. I always suspected that Rene is homophobic, even as of now. I knew of a PSU fan who claimed that Rene changed.

Last season, after Penn State lost to Liberty in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, she dismissed Jennifer Harris from the team. Jennifer Harris transferred to James Madison and has to sit out for a year in order to play on another team as per by the NCAA rules. Why was she dismissed from the team? Because Jennifer is Lesbian. Now the National Center for Lesbian Rights is doing something about it.

Shame on Rene.


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