Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Sheryl Swoopes!

Sheryl Swoopes, who once led Texas Tech Red Raiders to the National Championship in '93 with heavy-duty points. She scored inside, outside ... you could sense that she totally made her players disappear as she averaged 35 points per game en route to the title, including her 47-point in the finals which still held the record in the NCAA Tournament. From there, her career soared off.

She has four WNBA Championship rings and three Olympic Gold Medals.

And she has a son and was married. Divorced.

And she just came out of the closet ... as Lesbian. Why? Because she is tired of hiding who she is. She wants to be honest with herself and everyone else.

I saw a picture somewhere that a lesbian has a funny poster that reads:


You know, this is the same woman that signed with Texas Longhorns and played for a year before she transferred to Texas Tech. Someone asked her why she transferred to Texas Tech, her response was: "Jody Conradt's [Texas Longhorns' Head Coach] teams has many Lesbians. I was not comfortable with it." I am paraphrasing the comment because I do remember HER making that many years ago.

It turns out the same thing -- self-loathing homosexual to start with. Just like many ones I knew in college -- remember David Eberwein? He ridiculed and bashed the gay organization and gay students at Gallaudet. Then he came out of the closet. I'm like, "What the fuck?"

But is it new? Nope. Nothing new with that. We have many figures in the history of mankind that does this acts: Roy Cohn, Ed Koch, Daniel Gurley, Ken Mehlman, David Dreier, Ed Schrock, Jay Banning, Jeff Gannon (James Guckert), Rock Hudson ... and many more. But this time, gays are vocal. They will not take shit from anyone any longer. Thanks to Larry Kramer, many of us are vocal than ever.

Sherly Swoopes, I knew you were lesbian from day one. When you were pregnant and married, I was confused. But glad that it is cleared up, just like David Eberwein a long time ago. Be honest with who you are, come out. It is okay to suck cock or to lick cunt, really. After all, I knew to receive blowjobs are great, to give blowjobs are fun. In this situation, it is win-win situation!

Besides, I'm still waiting for Troy Aikman and Steve Young to come out of the closet. C'mon guys, be a man and come out!

UPDATE: Our favorite Xian nut, Fred Phelps is going to protest at Texas Tech just because Sheryl Swoopes came out of the closet! What a fabulous plan! Not.



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