Thursday, October 13, 2005

10.13.05 Tidbits

Ballroom?! A friend gave me the link to Gallaudet Homecoming Weekend. I checked it out. Then I glanced at the word that made me cringe the most: Ballroom.

According to, a ballroom is:
n. A large room for dancing
I repeatedly told many people that it is a fucking room! It is a fucking room! The proper word is Ball!!
n. A formal gathering for social dancing.
So if you want to call this event, it is supposed to be Xotic Ball, not Xotic Ballroom! Get this right just for once! Argh!! This is the word that demonized me for years at Gallaudet. And today, they're still calling it Ballroom?!

Did You See Kung Fu Hustle? I cried so hard. That movie is so hilarious. The snappy words and body language on each other throughout the film were so funny that I could not stop howl with heavy fits of laughters. It was entertaining to watch the Landlady doing these acts and yet, still maintained that damned cigarette in her mouth! It was crazy film.

What made me feel good about the movie is that during the film, there was a deaf female character that showed up in the film and was ganged up by not-so-nice hearing boys -- unfortunately for us, the Chinese referred her as "mute" -- which the hearing boy tried to rescue but was beaten and urinated by these boys. The Deaf female immediately liked this guy -- the beaten boy fled the scene afterwards. Years later, she found him. It was so cool to see a hero going out with a deaf woman.

UP next is ... "A Lot Like Love" performed by Ashton Kutcher and none other than my dear friend, Tyrone Giordano!

I Must Talk About Sex, Right? Reports are streaming out of Minneapolis that the professional football players up to 25 players engaged in a raucous party that involved masturbation, oral sex et al -- the party was supposed to last 3 hours but it was cut short when the crew members freaked out when the party became out of control -- now, people are not asking why but they wanted to know who's who attended the party ... !

UPenn Athlete Dead: Today, Kyle Ambrogi, U of Penn football player, committed suicide after a long period of depression. It was said that many knew that he had the problems with depression. Well, I suspected it has something to do with ...

Well, I was in a chat room filled with men. I saw one screenname that says: UPenn Closeted Athlete ISO Friends -- I'll see if it is still there. If not, it has to be Kyle.

Is this common? Unfortunately, yes.


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