Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire!

Once upon a time, I used to live in a house on K & 4 Streets NE. We had five roommates all over the place. It was huge and massive house to start with. One day, a roommate decided to bolt for Arizona and never returned. He left his bedframe, matress, television, plates, clothes, blankets, et al. He vanished and later, we got in touch with him, he said he does not want to retrieve it back any longer and that we can keep it if we want to.

Few months later, in Los Angeles, I was doing some internship over there and decided to attend to a coffeehouse frequented by Deaf patrons. One guy came to me and said, "I'm sorry to hear about your apartment back in DC," -- I was baffled. Turned out that this particular guy was told by my former roommate that the apartment went up in flames. And that we lost everything else. I smiled and said, "I still have his television and even better, his quilt."

Later, I approached the former roommate of mine and wondered why he said that, he firmly denied it and kept on laughing about it. My friend had a theory -- he was capitalizing on pity from others in order to get friends to purchase new things for him. Makes sense to me, though.

The former roommate of mine was none other than ... Kenton Twidt.

Let's push this by fast foward to today. Last night, I was reading the old issues of The Buff and Blue (affectionately known as the BnB) newsmagazine, a student-run publication at Gallaudet. The quality of journalistic standards in the BnB went downhill since the Golden Era of Terry Giansanti. I just completed reading the BnB No. 6, dated November 19, 2004, but not without a heavy glee.

Especially with the article, Check Your Checks: Student Kenton Twidt Takes You Through His Nightmare written by Alex Abenchuchan. You can see his picture and his comments at his Xanga. Yeah, he's cute. A standard boi by any means. Alex seems to fit in the classic type where a guy is pretty, he has to be dumb, gullible and naive. Apparently, in this case, it seemed to be like that. Oh, I should mention that Alex is the younger brother of that holier-than-thou but so silly Republican fella, Elisa Abenchuchan who clamored for liars like GW Bush. Go figure.

To write an article, it is important to hear both sides and do some research before making an article, that means what? I do not see any comments whether if Alex went to Metropolitan Police Department for further information of this bizarre case. Or even with the Bank of America since it concened the theft of nearly 1 million dollars. Not even with the Department of Public Safety to find out if it is true. None of this happened in the article. It is all about Kenton, his tribulations and his truth. I repeat, his own truth.

What happened in the article is that Kenton said his backpack which contained books, checkbooks, address book, disks were stolen. And in the process, he found out that someone cashed the checks in his name up to 800,000 dollars. And that the Police Department is "still" investigating the case since October 25.

This reeks of a typical lie on Kenton Twidt's part. You cannot cash the checks as much as 800K. The typical standards of any bank would suspect if someone cashed too many checks and too large amount of requests, they will freeze the account and get in touch with the owner of the account to find out what's going on. It is typical policy of nearly all banks. But in this fishy situation, Kenton claimed that the bank did not know. Rubbish. I used to be the member of Bank of America, they have the standard policy to prevent the incidents like that.

Sorry but no cigar. Kenton was probably up for another trick to collect the jars of pity from others in order to get new stuff. He probably did not lose that backpack. In fact, my friend paged me that he saw him wearing the backpack few weeks later. At that time, I did not understand what he meant by that but apparently, my friend had to say something to someone else, he chose someone else in New York instead of someone else in the District. Go figure.

Alex wrote this sentence: Let this true story be an eye-opener for you.

The truth is that nothing of this ever happened. Did you, Alex, check the sources? Verify whether if Kenton was telling the truth? If someone's account was abused as much as $800,000, it is certainly a story to follow up.

Again, the truth is, Alex, you probably fell for one of his lies. Such a gullible fellow. But again, you are just a freshman at Gallaudet -- next time, verify by checking the sources out first before writing an article like this. The article you just did is another garbage done by poor research and judgement. What a nice contribution to the BnB, though.


Happy Birthday, Corey

Last night, I went to The Cock to see Corey who also turned 35 (But he looked like 25!) and he was charming as ever. I had too much drinks. Translation: Dead drunk. Today, bad hangover. But I'm getting over it now.

I had an interesting encounter with a cute guy that looked like Sam of San Francisco. He also had a boyfriend. Immediately, I lost the interest to continue talking because he was taken.

"Why don't you have the guts to win me by challenging my boyfriend?" He teased. I smiled and said, "Nah, I don't do that."

"Do you have a hairy chest?"

I smiled and stared at him, "You have to check it out by yourself."

He did, he wormed his left hand into my shirt and I can see his face squint with delight. I smiled and said, "Happy?"

He nodded vigorously, "One kiss?" I asked him to elaborate what kind of a kiss? Peter asked for a major, wet kiss.

I went at it. He was panting afterwards. Then shook his head and said I was naughty. Whatever. Suddenly, a drunkard behind me fell on the floor and was escorted out of the bar. Peter asked for second one. I obliged.

Another major, wet kiss with some tongues involved. Mmmm! Mmmm!

"One more kiss, please?"

I sighed, "One very last kiss, ok?"

Mmmmm! Mmmmmmmmmmm!

He slipped his card into my pocket. If I can't have Sam of San Francisco, Peter will do. I might have to figure out a way to steal him away.

"Will you be at Big Lug tomorrow night?" Peter asked, my eyes widened and I shrugged as if to say, "Maybe, maybe not."

Let's hope that there is no drama at Big Lug if I plan to show up.


Monday, November 29, 2004

Politics & Economics

The Bush Administration has no business of telling the Ukrainian government that they do not recognize their election. Practice what you preach. 4 years ago, when there were reports of voter irregularities in Florida, the United Nations asked to monitor the election, our government said "fuck off".

And now we meddle in someone's election? Ukrainans have the right to say "fuck off" to us if we meddle in their affairs.

Colin Powell, shut up and sit down!

We cannot preach others how to live if we cannot do the same to ourselves.

The economic reports are coming out that the Black Friday sales aren't great at all. Makes sense to me 'cuz I did not buy a thing as well.

I need to start shopping sooner than can be. I hate X-Mas. I hate the Holidays.

I friggin' absolutely HATE them.

I just read the article where there are cards that is being marketed as "Merry Chrismukkah" -- I thought it was nice. It reminded me of a jewish friend named Lester. He told me that he absolutely loved the idea of Christmas. He loved to decorate the whole she-bang thing all over the place, even if he practices Hannukah but that does not stop him from wrapping the presents under the Christmas tree for 25th.

I thought it was absolutely cool. To mix in the name of good spirits, whatever it is called from ... nice going, Lester. All people needs to follow Lester's positive attitude.


One More Thing About Andrew Sullivan

Last Friday, I also neglected to mention that Andrew Sullivan appeared on 20/20 as well. He made me cringe. He dared to speak for gay people ... for me! He is a gay Republican barebacker who always harped on the pessimism of gay issues and also voted for that Bush.

I am also happy to mention that he looked ... aged than ever. One person commented if the hiv-related dementia has sets in for Andy? Perhaps so. He probably continued to bareback these days and continue to pop these medications that continues to writhe his body as ever. Good riddance.

Now he said that we ought to idolize Pat Tillman for his "heroics" -- please. He got shot by his own buddies. Does that makes him a hero? Yeah, my ass is hero, too.


Is This Rayni?

Last week, LM, RM and I met at Urge Bar, a gay bar in East Village by 2nd Avenue and 2nd Street -- few doors away from the infamous bar called The Hole. It was good to see GM once again. It was amusing to see a Mormon guy (not practicing, though) in a gay bar.

Then we saw a familiar face. Could she be our Rayni of Sioux Falls? One of the pics has a lamp -- which has a fish in the bowl attached to the lamp itself. Very cool. Anyway, is she Rayni?

You decide.


Actually, it was some drag queen, not Rayni. But we all marveled that she could be Rayni.

Cry, Amy, Cry All You Want -- Make A River Out Of My Ass

One word that can describe you the best: Idiocy.

You cannot use Jesse Dirkhising to indicate that he was murdered and sodomized by "same-sex life partners". There are always bad apples in all bowls. Many children were murdered by their Christians, heterosexuals. To top it all, many researches already proved that sex predators are likely to be married men who practiced the Christian beliefs.

When Jesse was murdered, unfortunately, by two gay guys. Christians were quick to call it "sodomized", quick enough to compare it with Matthew Shepard. That comparison cannot be done in any manner.

Homophobia, like anti-semitism and racism, has been perpetuated by Christians and others over the years, they used any means to create an environment hostile for gay people in general. Gay people were murdered savagely, bashed badly and dragged from the back of the cars ... all done by men who grew up in anti-gay households, primarily Christians' homes.

Christians never experienced the "backlash" of slurs at them by others for many years. Payback is a bitch, Amy. Weep if you must. But comparing Jesse with Matthew is absolutely silly. It makes you look dumb. Please try to compare Jesse's situation with many children who were murdered by their parents or foster parents who are straight people. No? You won't? You preferred to compare him with Matthew?

You got a pitiful strategy, Amy, on how to deal with the empowered "homosexuals". Perhaps it is time for you, Christians, to stuff back in the closet and practice your religion in the closet once again?

The truth is that I have tons of heterosexual friends and I love 'em all. So many of 'em, but not you since you prefer to compare this, that and there with this, that and there to justify your means.

So go ahead and feel the backlash on your back, and please weep.


Sunday, November 28, 2004

Satan Is Proud of X-ians

Congratulations, Christians. Be all that you can be, so sayeth Satan.

Har har!


That Orange Coat

Today, I walked down the street. The climate was bit chilly. People were bit friendly today, perhaps because of massive 40% to 80% sales in different stores. Whatever. I am not in mood to smile nor sneer. I'm just stoic.

I walked on 14 Street towards 1st Avenue, I have the world's worst coat. It is bright oversized coat which is orange with one strip of light grey across my upper body. As I lost some weight, the coat became an obstacle and bigger problem to deal with. However, as I was walking down the street -- I saw very good looking guy, I swear, he is very hot. And he wore the same kind of the coat I was wearing. I tried to suppress a smile. He stared at me as we walked approach to each other, he broke into a wide grin and gave me the look, "Stop copycat me!"

I rolled my eyes and shrugged my hands in the air. He broke into a laughter then we stopped walking and he asked me where I bought it? I told him that I bought it in DC (Actually, Pentagon City, Virginia with Manny and Merritt, I think). He said he bought it in Albany. He had a beautiful teeth. About a foot taller than I am. That's OK. I gestured that I have to run along. He bid me farewell and was on his way.


Only in New York, my dear friends, only in New York!


Saturday, November 27, 2004

McKinney & Henderson

Last night, I watched the hour-long of 20/20 Newsmagazine show on ABC-TV, despite the fact that lots of Gay people urged us to boycott by not watching the program at a specific time.

Aaron McKinney & Russell Henderson

When Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson were arrested for the murder of Matthew Shepard, I was mesmerized not with Shepard but with McKinney's ... *drumroll* dumbo ears. It looked so fuckin' cute on him! I also sensed the vulnerability of Aaron McKinney by staring at his eyes. He was scared, confused and bewildered. And probably struggled to deal with the internalized homophobia.

Turns out that I was right when one guy on 20/20 bluntly said that Aaron had a threesome (2 guys and 1 gal) and the reporter asked him how did he know? The guy said, "Because I was in it with Aaron. He was so into it."

Russell, I thought he was cute, too. But judging on his behavior, he is too straight-laced type for any gay guys to bang him down. But McKinney, I always thought to myself, "What a loss for me and others ... "

This is in no way to offend or insult Matthew Shepard. Shepard seemed to be genuine, sweet and caring person. But he was also a pretty boi which does not excite me at all, sexually speaking. In other words, Shepard was a twink. My friends knew that I cringed at that group. Shepard may be unique person.

But ... Aaron McKinney was cute. So was Russell. But it seemed to me that the prison has fed 'em very ... well, after seeing them talking about what happened in Laramie, Wyoming.

Russell ain't cute any longer. Aaron? Hard to say, his feelings seemed to be hardened these days, I reckon.

Here are the updated pics of Russell & Aaron. Your tax fed them very well, no question about it. Feed them with starch to kill 'em? Only time will tell.

Now Fatter Russell and Bigger Aaron


Is This The Part Where I Should Snicker?

Once again, our beloved idiot in White House is proposing $131 million for abstinence programs that does not include the safe sex education. Ten state evaluations showed little change in teens' behavior since the start of abstinence programs.

It is obvious that there are people who promoted the abstinence programs merely wanted the money itself for themselves. Everyone, including Lambykins' horny cat, knew that the abstinence programs do *not* work at all.

Bush needs to get fucked in the ass to see the stars. But I will not volunteer. He's so eww. Anyone volunteer to fuck him?


Top 10 Most Hated College Hoops from SI.com`

Interesting information!

  1. Cincinnati -- what's wrong with you, Beth and Cwome?!
  2. Memphis -- I hate its gym at The Pyramid, it is a place where many great players broke their bones.
  3. UNLV -- Tark is gone but you cannot spell UNLV without saying unlovable, so says the article!
  4. Mizzou -- I cannot stand the bastard, Quin Snyder.
  5. St. John's -- I live in NYC, I don't hate 'em -- I feel sorry for 'em.
  6. Maryland -- What the fuck? Ben Moore, care to defend your Twerps
  7. Arizona -- the perennial loser in the first round of the Big Party.
  8. Southern Cal -- What? They got basketball team?
  9. Florida -- I always thought Billy Donovan was sexy as hell.
  10. Jim Harrick's Next School -- Any school is an idiot to hire this man, period.
Check the link for further information.


Friday, November 26, 2004

Sometimes Men Baffled Me ... !

Today I was evil. Filled myself with delicious food distributed by Sarah and her friends in Hell's Kitchen was magnificent. I said a simple grace that I hope everyone else in the room will get laid eventually.

And I got laid today.

But not without a story, of course. Often, Deaf people stared at me with bewilderment when I touch the taboo issue (i.e. S-E-X), gay men stared at me with plenty of glees and snickers, my friends stared at me with "what else is new with you, you bitch?"

But that is me. When I was a kid, I watched Dr. Ruth on some cable show. Yes, I was mesmerized and learned a lot.

However, I posted a request on a particular website then I got several offers. I courted several offers and chose the suitable one. Went to his home. He was in his early 40s, 5'7, solid and muscular body, bit of salt & pepper hairdo ... everything was nice about him. Cute, laid-back, blah, blah, blah. But I noticed something odd. The portaits were pulled down. You can see the line of dust on the wall when you snatched a portrait off. There were some portraits covered on the shelves. I had a suspicion but I'm horny, so sue me.

Back to the procession of sexual activity, he feasted upon my cock but he sucked roughly. The way I like it. He pulled my hand on his head, he stared at me and insisted me that I play rough with him as well as he goes down on my cock. I obliged.

Shortly, we were down to the main course of the play, putting the condom on my cock for the final showdown. It was fun. When I am done with it and everything, that man was great, simply put. He also was greedy in bed, suffice to say. Acted like my cock was his plaything. Sometimes I liked that, sometimes it annoyed me because he's pulling my stick as if I was not there. That can sting a little, man.

Shortly, he said that I need to get ready and head out because in 30 minutes, "My wife will be home from work."

Oh, great. Another married man on the list. What an accomplishment, considering the fact that I did not bottom for this married man. He was the one who was hungry for my cock.


Here Is The Proof That USA Is Going Down

When a friend forwarded the email to me, I was horrified to learn of Eric Heckman's whereabouts.

This pig (Trust me, he ain't a gentleman to start with!) has no business of trying to attain a law degree. I mean, a developmentally disabled man out of a local group home probably qualified to study for the law degree than Eric.

Of course, my friend forwarded it to me because s/he probably is horrified at the idea of Eric as a lawyer. It proved that the standards in this country just fell down another level.

Horrible, horrible, horrible. Let's hope that Eric gets a brain aneurysm during the studies. We'd be better off having him that way. When he continued to come back for another semester at Gallaudet, the quality of education at Gallaudet slid down much farther than ever. If he ever attained a law degree from another school, it makes us look awful. Eric is the true, classic idiot of modern society.


* * *

DOR approves law school as employment goal

Eric Heckman is deaf, and he wants to be a lawyer. In February 2003, the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) approved Heckman for vocational rehabilitation services. But DOR refused to support Heckman's employment goal because he:
  • Has a bachelor's degree he can use to find employment;
  • Did not score high enough on a DOR career assessment/evaluation; and
  • Had to agree to take the LSAT exam before DOR would write his Individual Plan for Employment (IPE)
DOR wanted lower employment goal

The law school Heckman wanted to attend at that time did not requirean LSAT exam. DOR insisted that Heckman change his employment goal toparalegal or a similar field - to get his foot in the door. Heckman refused, so DOR closed his case.

PAI letter reopens case

Heckman called PAI. Dolores Victor, a staff attorney in PAI's Oakland office, investigated. She agreed to help Heckman with both issues -the case closure and the refusal to support his employment goal. After Victor asked for an informal review of the case closure, DOR reopened it.

DOR changes position

But DOR still would not support Heckman's goal of becoming a lawyer, so Victor represented him at an administrative review hearing. At that hearing, Victor persuaded DOR to change its position.

Then she helped Heckman develop and write his IPE. DOR approved Heckman's plan, which includes (1) LSAT preparation and exam fees;(2) Law school admittance and tuition fees; (3) Books and supplies;(4) Transportation; (5) A tutor (if necessary); (6) Assistive technology, including an evaluation for laptop computer equipment;(7) taking the Bar exam twice (if necessary); and (8) the Bar prepcourse.

PASS approved, too

Victor also helped Heckman get his Plan for Achieving Self Support(PASS) approved after Social Security had delayed it for more than a year.

Stand up for your rights

In Heckman's words, "Attorney Dolores and PAI did a fantastic job helping me." He believes that it is important to hope to reach your dream, to stand up for your rights, to open more opportunities for people with disability. "The law is on our side," he says. "The U.S. Constitution gives us the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. We must continue the legacy of Justin Dart, and insist that people with disability not be left out."

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I Am Thankful ...

A brief note to many friends, family members, relatives and enemies -- I'm thankful for y'all.

Some of you are idiots, which made me feel lucky and thankful for that.

Some of you are magnificent, which made me feel inferior and for that, I thank you.

So ... Happy Thanksgiving.


Missed Connection

Last night at Big Lug, it was packed. And they smell.

I talked with the bartender and jokingly asked him if it was a special event for body odors. He widened his eyes and nodded vigorously. He was baffled that lots of bigger men simply smells bad last night. At least, I reserve the right to wrinkle my nose in front of these smelly men.

Go and take an hour of bath! With soap! Or better yet, use PineSol! Ugh.

Last night before I went to the Big Lug, I was surfing the Missed Connection section in craigslist.org -- it was funny. I decided to post a comment to tell Manhattanites to assert themselves in meeting Deaf people. I'm sick of making the first move most of the times. It was bit corny message, to be honest with you, in comparison with thousands of wacky comments by others.

Then I got a response via the e-mail by the name of Mark. Straight. Called himself Hearie. Had a great conversation with him all nite long back and forth on my pager. He lives only three blocks away. He sounds fun and cool to befriend. Perhaps in a short time, I shall meet him in person and loiter.

And yeah, he can sign. Long story but the point is that he is funny to start with. That is a quality that I enjoy out of people -- making wiseass comments about everything else. Just like Beth.

Oh, yeah ... enjoy the picture --care to guess who the cute studmuffin is?


Here Putin In His Deep Thoughts About Bush

Is Bush pathetic or what?

You can see Putin looking down on Bush. Why? Maybe it is because his zipper is down ... or not.

Courtesy of Associated Press


Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Big Lug

I was reading the comments on a particular yahoogroup about something related to the bears scene in New York.

Oh, to some of you who are not familiar with the gay community's subculture system -- there are men who are hairy, regardless of what the appearance can be (some are fat, some are muscular) -- they are often referred as "bears", the men who liked the hairy men are often called "admirers" -- or there are men who are slim ... but has some hair on its bodies are called "cubs".

It sounded silly, though. But it is a subculture norm within the gay community that is often taken seriously by its members. Despite the fact that I am hairy with a soft belly, I seem to be an outcast of the bears or cubs norm. Some were pretty brazen in telling me that I am not "bear" enough. That I am not "cub" enough. I am not "twink" enough.

That does not bother me at all. I am kinda used to it. But yes, at times, it annoyed me silly.

Maybe not many "bears" have experiences with relationships -- let's be serious, not many gay men liked overweight men. I know because I was there all the time. I'm always considered as a "friend", but nothing more than that. But lately, I noticed that it has been changing from a friend to a sexual partner. Perhaps in time, to a relationship but that is not the point here.

When some "bears" broke up with their admirerers or "cubs", they tend to be very angry, bitter or vengeful. When their admirer or cub came to me for a chat, I noticed that his ex stared at me with a look that says, "Don't you dare!" -- maybe I observed things excessively.

But it did not happen once or even twice. It happened more than ten times so far.

Maybe I do not belong to that group.

There is an event at Nowhere Bar which occurs every Tuesday called "Big Lug" -- it is an event for big guys and men who admired them. Sometimes I enjoyed going there. Sometimes I do not because the behavior of bears are making me nervous at times. Imagine 400-lb guy coming on you just because you talked to his ex? It is not sexy trying to pull my hand out of his flabs somehow.

Ahh, yeah, I'm going there tonight.

Wish me luck.


Monday, November 22, 2004

Thanksgiving To Remember By

Dylan IMmed me with a short sentence, "I still remember the weird Thanksgiving where all straight men watched football while fags cooked the dinner in the kitchen."


Few years ago, I hosted the Thanksgiving Dinner in Washington, DC -- it was great but yet so odd to see straight men and women mingling with the queens in a townhouse. And it was fun and great.

I expect to do this again on Thursday at Sarah & Kaybee's Palace.


Few Blogs To Add

HEDOR ARISES: As you may notice -- my sister has joined the blogdom, for reasons unknown to me -- I guess it is just a fad to own a blog.

SAM ROCKS MY BALLS: I also stumbled on very hot profile and weblog of one guy -- Sam -- look at his eyes, stuff like that melts my arrogance. He's mine, I saw him first.

STUFF TO ADD OUT OF RESPECT: Grant added me on his, it is fair that I do the same.

VIRGINIA CAVALIERS I: Way to go, Cavs! Not only beating No. 10 Arizona Wildcats, the Cavaliers also routed them by 18 points. That is the way to build a program.

VIRGINIA CAVALIERS II: Virginia women beat Cleveland State by ten. Not a good sign. Up next is Delaware State at home. Then Richmond. Then Liberty. Then ...

VIRGINIA CAVALIERS III: Virginia football team routed Georgia Tech, 30-10 in Atlanta to improve to 8-2 for the season. Up next is the last game of the season ... at Blacksburg versus the intrastate rival, Virginia Tech. Let's gun for 9-2 and the BCS Bowl -- I fear that we might have to play Louisville Cardinals and Eric LeFors. I noticed that when I say something good about someone else, the Fates often put that person playing against my team, Virginia in the end.

VIRGINIA CAVALIERS IV: Virginia Women BB Coach Ryan announced that five high school All-Americans signed with her team for next year ... including the 6'9 post player out of Sacramento, California. What? A 6'9 post player? Wow. That is tall than Jeff Carlson, for sure.



Where I Go, None Return

MO-TOWN RIOTERS: Honestly, what did you expect out of Detroit? Do you really think the fans would act as peacemakers during the Artest-fans fiasco? This is the same town that ranked in Top 5 as the dangerous city to live. If it happened in Denver or New York, I'll be shocked. But Detroit, I just smiled.

WHOSE SHIT IS IT FROM? Few years ago, Chlms told me about the tape which I did not want to view -- it was the pregnancy tape which one of her close friends gave a birth to a boy, I believe. Or maybe a hermaphrodite. But who cares! Chlms exclaimed that when the mother pushed for the baby to come out, she also inadvertently pushed the turds out as well. I'm like, "Really? Gross." She said it as if it was very interesting information. Now the question made me wonder ... will Chlms also push for a turd as well?

ANNOYING BLOGS: My pet peeve of any blog is that people needs to learn how to use the HTML to edit the pictures instead of blowing it up to a point where you have to hunt down the comments somewhere on the particular page. Clean it up, folks.

THE QUOTE: "Where we go, none return." is a quote that I saw in a comic book a long time ago, I thought it was cool quote. Then wrote it down on my chalkboard on my dorm door at Gallaudet when I was sophomore, which I often did when I see the quotes I liked. Someone saw it and got in touch with the Resident Advisor, Coordinator of Residence Education and last, a referral to the Mental Health Department in GUKCC. They thought I was suicidal. Go figure.

NOMINATE FOR ME? Will you guys take the time to nominate for me in 2004 Weblog Awards? Get in that section and nominate for me. Be nice if a person who is Deaf and blogged gets some kind of exposure.

NICK TROTTA SUX: Nick Trotta is the third incident that involved with physical struggle after Artest-Pistons fans and Clemson-South Carolina football players. All slaps, punches, pushes, kicks and whines are not necessary. It makes us look bad. Oops, will I get a visit from the Secret Service after I am done with criticizing President Bush's agent, Nick Trotta? Only time will tell.

GAMBLING IN RED STATES: So much for moral values, the gambling is considered to be a vice among the morals, and yet in red states, there are more casinos allowed and lax in their laws. Most X-ians fail to see the irony in this.

ALEXANDER THE GREAT: It made me smile when Colin Farrell arrived with his Irish buddies at the premiere of the film. He was holding hands with his Irish buddies and blew the "gay kisses" at photographers. God, Colin is hot. I want to fuck him so bad. This is just great. To have a straight guy doing this with a great degree of confidence in himself is plainly sexy, no question about that.

MONKEY POX: Last weekend (Nov. 12 - 14), I was bored. Horny, too. I decided to post something on craigslist.org. I got several responses. Some of it was amusing, some of it was lame -- but one of them freaked me out. It came from someone else I knew who. I did not bother to respond back because I did not want to re-ignite the drama at all. It was just interesting to get his response.

YEAH, THAT BIG SHOCK: Last Friday night, Web paged me incessantly to get out of Townhouse Bar to go to Greenwich Village to meet my female friends (Why, God, do I have so many female friends and no boyfriend?) -- Perlis, Bianca, Web, Kaybee, -K and CMK were there. Along with the shocking appearance of an old friend, whom I thought remained out in the Wild West but apparently relocated back to the Blue State. Seeing her appearance in person was quite a shock for me to absorb -- it was an excellent surprise. Thanks!


Plenty of fish in the sea -- oh, yeah, right!

When someone told me that I shouldn't worry about being single, and that there are plenty of fish in the open sea. I held on my own, planted a fake smile while I really wanted to roll my eyes. Actually, yes, s/he has a point -- there are plenty of fish in the open sea. But there are many species.

Ever saw a killer whale trying to mate a dolphin? Ever seen the Great White Shark trying to hump a starfish? You get the idea!

Wipe out the species, and I have only one group. Then in a particular group, there are always types -- wipe it out until I find a group that is attractive to me. Voila, you get very few left in the open sea.

So much for the positive comment, 'plenty of fish in the sea' -- it's all rubbish in bad faith.

Speaking of types, it is always interesting to observe the birds interacting. I never saw a smaller bird hanging out with a pigeon. I never saw a pigeon hanging out with a cardinal. I never saw a cardinal hanging out with a sea gull. Why not? Are birds racists? Maybe.

Last Friday at Townhouse Bar, I met Greg and loitered for a little bit. It was fun catching up with the news. Greg proudly mentioned that he passed the state bar examinations in two states: Massachusetts and New York. Congratulations, Greg! Then there was an elder man in his 60s with salt and pepper hair. In a quick look, you'd think he reminisce a little with Sean Connery.

Not bad, right?

Percy is his name, I think. He made it clear that I'm hot and irresistible. Nice, though. I might need some dough sometimes, right? He boldly asked for my email address and a kiss. When a guy boldly asked for something, I am impressed enough with that. So I allowed him to kiss me. It was not bad, really. In fact, he was a good kisser. Probably the years of smoochin' helped to patch his experiences on his resume.


Friday, November 19, 2004

Me Is No No Like Pimple Inside Any Nostril -- PAINFUL!!

I absolutely hated having a pimple inside one of my nostrils. For almost two days, my nose throbbed and I am trying so hard to get rid of a pimple right up in my nose. It is so painful to touch my nose or hitting my nose. I swear I'd die of brain aneurysm after whacking my nose. Any feedbacks to get rid of the pimple?

Here is the article about the Turkey Attack. Enjoy.

Tonight, I am going to be at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to be part of Kaybee's lecture tour throughout the museum. Guess I'll snicker and bring some pompoms for her. Just to embarrass her and make her roll her eyes repeatedly.

Me go proud is the her yes! Y E S !!

Maybe I should snort some blow into my nose just to kill my pimple in my right nostril.


And Chlms is still massive, huge, big and beautiful.


Thursday, November 18, 2004

Forgot To Share

I forgot to mention that I also chatted with Chlms on the videophone -- even Gus gasped when he saw her -- she went on to explain that her pregnancy prevented her from wearing the rings and stuff like that. Even her face! I VEE VEE at her tummy. It is BIG!

I mean it, her tummy is MASSIVE HUGE!

Thank God I will not have to pop IT out myself. Thank God that I'm not female. OH, yeah, Chlms also found out that her first infant is gonna be girl.

Congratulations, Chlms -- congratulations, Jonathan. Now I can train her to play for the WNBA. Oh, yeah, and Virginia Cavaliers -- but never Arkansas LadyBacks.


Boy Pussy

Can you imagine Ben M. or Lambykins saying, "I want to fuck your boy pussy and make sure you get pregnant" to another fag?

Sounds and looks weird?

Of course it is. Rest assured, Ben and Lambykins never said that to me or anyone else (I hadn't heard nor knew ... so far).

Was engaged in an erotic conversation with a cute guy who kept on saying that he wanted to fuck my "boy pussy" and to get me "pregnant". I simply smiled and rolled my eyes. I am a guy, for god's sake. Science already proved that I cannot get pregnant but in the erotic sense, one has the right to imagine. The right to let their imaginations go wild in the name of fun and erotic.

It was amusing to hear him saying things like that -- "I want little Davids and Rickys running around with us taking care of 'em," he said to me. Very cute, crazy but so silly. We knew the facts and rules, but we can only imagine.

I do not advocate the barebacking, but I advocated the erotic conversations. It is a good way to release your stress. Just to say silly things with someone online.

I loved that stuff sometimes. It is all in your heads, really. There is a bar called Beauty Bar, which is two doors away from my apartment. That bar is, ironically, for heterosexuals. The place used to be a beauty shop before it was converted into a bar -- but the chairs, equpiments and all that stuff remained there -- very cool. There is a wooden board that sits on the counter right above the mirror, it reads:

Sex Relieves Tension

Very true.


Turkey Attack! And PBS As Well

Last night, I watched the local news right after watching CSI: NY ... there was the breaking news that a driver was critically injured in a bizarre situation that involved the turkey. Actually, a frozen turkey.

In Long Island, five teenagers stole a credit card and bought 20-lb frozen turkey and they tossed the frozen turkey onto a moving car and struck the driver. Luckily, the passenger intervened and halted the car and sought for help. The local news also mentioned that the frozen turkey was found in the back seat. Must they mention that as well? It also said that the steering wheel was also obliterated.

Bizarre, indeed.

Two days ago, I watched the program on PBS called Made in America. It talked about the value of immigration's impact on this country. He went on to examine three interesting persons from Russia, Italy and England. Then the program explored the life of Ida Rosenthal, an immigrant from the Tsarist Russia who arrived in 1904. Ida went on to design a bra which revolutionize the way women used the garments. It was fascinating show. She totally dominated the bra businesses, even during the Great Depression. I also learned that the bra is an abbreviated form of brassiere. Very cool.

Speaking of PBS, I checked the biography of Ken Burns. He produced a lot of excellent documentaries. I interned at PBS and helped out with one of his works' by working with the design team to develop the contents for a particular website. I never met Ken but always wondered what he looked like. Now I just saw his picture. He is cute! Ken, you have my email address on your right side. Shoot me an email!

I worked on this particular website. I noticed that they added some images and contents. Guess that is the way it is for the Internet. Speaking of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, I love this marble monument by Adelaide Johnson. She made it in 1920 and you may find it in the United States Capitol. Many monuments has the statue of full body but not these women? Why?

Nobody really knew why but I have a theory. From my perspective, the marble monument appears to be unfinished art. It may reflect the fact that Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott never got to vote, thus their struggles for the right to vote was not finished. It was incomplete of their life-long work. So the marble monument may reflect that unfinished business. Eh? Another one is to smokescreen this by avoiding the bottom half because Stanton has massive hips, which is not a good thing to sculpt, I guess.

Also, you may notice that Anthony and Stanton stood a bit away from Mott, it could be the symbolic because two ladies had some political and social differences with Mott and distanced from her as well.

Again, it is just my theory.



Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Virginia Sports

It frustrated me that Virginia Cavaliers football team seemed to be unable to beat any teams from Florida. Even Virginia hosted Miami Hurricanes at Charlottesville, they were unable to beat Miami! UVa routed North Carolina Tar Heels by 34 points and Miami lost to UNC. Virginia trashed Clemson, but lost to Florida State who also submitted a loss to Clemson!

It is mind-boggling and baffling.

On another note, Virginia Cavaliers women's basketball team opened the season with a dismal start. They lost to Arizona State then barely beats Maine. By losing to Arizona State, they missed the chance to beat No. 1 Louisiana State. By losing to Arizona State, it proved that the team is vulnerable to shitty season.

Oh, well.


Few "Oohs!" at Republicans

One sentence: Practice what you preach.

It was reported that the Republicans National Committee National Field Director Daniel Gurley was exposed for having a gay.com profile that advocated the unsafe sex, known as barebacking.

Check the blogACTIVE.com for his hypocrisy . How can he support the Party's platform and yet, participate in this barebacking activities?

It was said that when blogACTIVE.com exposed Gurley's gay.com profile, the gay.com had to shut itself down after they were overwhelmed by Capitol Hill Staffers, trying to delete the profiles that they created in soliciting for sex.

There was a rumor on the 'net about the picture of Dick Cheney's dick. That his cock is well-hung. After seeing the picture, it is no wonder that he had several heart attacks. His blood went south, trying to maintain the erection -- probably using viagra too much.

Courtesy of PatriotBoy.Blogspot.com

First, Gitmo Bay. Second, Abu Ghraib. Third, Fallujah Mosque. I saw the segment on PBS yesterday. The wounded guy did not seem to provoke anything. But it does not matter. The Marine yelled some obscenities then shot him dead. The Marines said that it was a "split second" decision to defend themselves because many insurgents had booby-trapped themselves with bombs.

I can take that. But ... the fights in Iraq is very delicate and sensitive to the cooperation of Islam-Christianity in stopping the insurgents. Yelling obscenities do not help at all. Don't the Marines learn to *shut* the fuck up?


Monday, November 15, 2004

One of My Favorite Pictures

Living in New York has a luxury of seeing so many cultures, all in one place. New York is also home to the world's largest jewish population, even more than Israel, I believe.

I got an opportunity to observe a jewish folklore dancing not a long time ago. It is gorgeous thing to observe but not to interfere. It was said that the original form of jewish folklore dances were eradicated, thanks to the Holocaust.

Anyway, this is one of my favorite pictures of all time.



Liberalism vs. Conservatism

Just read the local gay papers about Larry Kramer. Kramer is a controversial figure in both worlds -- gay and straight. He literally forced the nation to wake up to the AIDS pandemic. He also was instrument in founding the GMHC in New York -- Gay Men's Health Clinic -- after seeing the problems that gay men has encountered with HIV/AIDS discrimination.

Anyway, Larry presented a honest, blistering and damning lecture to the audience about Crystal Meth, Barebacking, Liberalism, Conservatism, Gay Community and of course, the recent election.

Larry told people who barebacked with crystal meth to "grow up". To stop "murdering each other." He also acknowledged that the conservatives scored a major victory in the recent elections. You can read his comments on this article.

Gary Hart wrote an article which he mentioned that liberalism has gotten the bad rap by conservatives. Liberalism is, by any means, not anti-religion. LIberalism was created to expose the hypocrisy and judgementalism in the government.

Conservatism was created when the hippies began to abandon the concept of 'Nuclear Family traditional values' in 1960s by a lawyer in Richmond. The conservatives simply never existed until after 1960s when they felt threatened that their "so-called" traditional values are being exposed and criticized. That's how they mobilized to "defend" their actions.

So liberalism is good, conservatism is bullshit. Apparently, over the times, Conservatives managed to influence the voters that if one challenged the government, s/he is a damned liberal. As if the word itself is dirty. It is bullshit, perpetuated by the Conservatives' pessimism. It is cool to be Liberal. In fact, it is better to be Liberal than to be one of the backward folks who insisted to live with outdated traditional values.

I got an email from a friend of mine whom gave me the link to the article. I was impressed with this. So to use the moral values as a justification to vote is ludicrious.

So essentially, liberalism rocks. Conservatism is just negative thing to deal with. A prick, to be honest.


Friday, November 12, 2004

Flying Ice ... or Flying Shit?

Found this on the website:

According to the cnn.com, the family arrived home only to find a chunk of ice sitting on the daughter's bed.

Not sure if it was the flying shit from the airplane or something out of the skies.

Remember: The sky could kill you without an explanation.


One insignificant death, one significant death

Only in New York -- it was reported that a kind guy decided to give the local homeless bum a sandwich, then the next day, the same kind guy felt bad for that particular bum who seemed to be hungry. So he gave him $5 for food. The bum was offended and shot the kind guy dead. Ahh, just another insignificant death in New York.

In Knoxville, Tenn -- my cousin reported on her blog that a deaf student died in an deadly van accident which 5 other deaf students were injured as well. Maria Wooten is deaf, athlete student at Tennessee School for the Deaf. I was relieved that my cousin (Mary's daughter, Tori) was not part of the accident.

On another related subject, go to this particular website where you can view the funeral of Maria Wooten, there was a guy named Jamie Hensley. He's cute and my gaydar nearly broke itself when it went off uncontrollably after detecting Jamie. Umm. How awful am I, checking out guys at the funeral service?


Fun To Talk About People, Right?

Two days ago on 13 Street walking towards home from the GLBT Center around 11 PM. It was such a brisky evening. I saw a caucasian male in a fancy suit, looked very conservative with a sharp buzzcut hairdo. His eyes darted on the the sidewalk then to me back and forth in a rapid manner. It was obvious that he was scoping me out to make sure that I'm not "one of them".

Of course, I was not sure what he had in his mind as we walked towards each other. Soon enough, he passed me by with no problem. I turned to look at him. What startled me was that he pulled his spray paint can and sprayed on the abandoned building. I was stunned. This was not a liberal, thug, bum or even a punk. This was not a hispanic or black dude. This was a fuckin' guy who could pass as an employee at some taller building in Manhattan! Of course, always in New York. You cannot predict anything. This is the town where you can expect a female to rape a male. Or even a cat biting a dog. Or a rat chasing after a cat.

I just read the article that two cops in Miami used a stun gun consists of 50,000 volts to knock out a 6 years old boy who attempted to slice himself with a piece of glass. Wait a minute -- 50,000?! C'mon. Be serious. You'd be electrocuted by this little plug at your home up to 110 volts. But that amount of volts are absurd.

Scott Peterson was found guilty. Mark paged me that the prisoners where Scott will be assigned is going to be lucky guys. I smirked. Scott, enjoy the moments in the prison. Oh, you just dropped the soap over there.

I read another article on Outsports.com where a lacrosse player came out of the closet at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire -- the same school where I mentioned that I enjoyed visiting. I believe I saw him at the DGALA function at Dartmouth College with Chris and Shane.

Speaking of Shane, the charming guy over there in Ithaca who recently posed his picture which he apologized for failing the world to stop Bush from winning the re-election. I was bit baffled but now I finally understood. So I'm doing the same thing. Enjoy the pic -- and be sure to visit the galleries, by tapping on the link right below the picture! Absolutely amazing collection that will keep you looking at it for ... hours.

Sorry Everybody

I just read an article sent to me from a Kenfuckian about its deaf school. I once mentioned that it seemed to me that Kenfucky School for the Deaf seemed to roll out a lot of faggots from day one. No need to mention the names but trust me, the names outnumbered many deaf schools across the nation. I guess, the Kenfucky school knew how to train boys ... tad well. However, the article talked about the plans to "shrink" the KSD campus from 166-acres to 50-acres as a part of accomodating the "fiscal reality" for the school. The enrollment went from 450 to 141 in 28 years' span. Oh, well. C'est la vie.

Oh, yeah, that retard girl who claims to be 100% Jesus Freak (says a lot about her sanity) on Xanga claimed that a gally student made a death threat on her. I noticed that she was talking about me who shot her an email to let her know that I find her Xanga despicable, pitiful and ridiculous. That if she got shot, she'd deserve it. Actually, the world would be better place without her in terms of her warped but yet so misinformed thoughts.

She also thought I am also a Gallaudet student. Go figure. Says a lot about her current educational background. I love the irrational minds, they're funny to observe but not interfere. Oh, yeah, that wild4surfing prick. People like her made me cringe from time to time. Such a self-righteous pig. EchoJCharlie is pathetic as well.

Speaking of Gallaudet student, I just learned that a student fucked a professor at Gallaudet, not a long time ago. How interesting, though.

Have a good weekend -- it is raining as of now, but I also learned that Manhattan possibly will have an inch of snow by tomorrow morning. I'm heading off to Hell's Kitchen for my birthday dinner with S.



A Picture Is Worth Something, I Think

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Republicans No More

Republicans may have won the election and terrorize the Americans with its rampant of sickening evangelical x-ians running amok, deciding the policies based on the Bible.

But the moderate Republicans warned that the moderate of Republican party has been pushed aside and the whole party is now aligned with the evangelical Christians. I agreed with Arthur Finkelstein.

It is going to be worse than ever.

I read the local papers where a gay man committed in a relationship of many years. He called his mother who is currently a resident of some town in Florida to find out about her preferred candidacy. The mother mentioned that she chose Bush over Kerry, the gay son responded: "Mother, you shall have these little Christian kids taking care of you in Florida because I won't be there for you." He cuts her out of his life, permanently. I admired his tenacity. It is something that people needs this -- to get the shock of their lifetime. That their condescending vote for the preference of tax cuts over individual rights are simply inhumane.

Conservatives and Republicans need to see that the evangelical x-ians are not the answer to the society's ills. It is not. If they are the answer, then tell me why did Bill Graham fuck a prostitute in Louisiana and begged the viewers to forgive him? Even a liberal will not beg for it! We have the stature not to beg, unlike Graham.

Now with another article from abcnews.com which mentioned that many people do not feel comfortable considering the United States as home. Some Conservatives, Republicans and evangelica x-ians probably will gloat and tell us to get out of this country if we do not feel comfortable. But the problem is that they do *not* see that this country is also our home. It is my country, too. You shall not decide for me in terms of rights.

Suffice to say, the situation will get worse to a point where the Republicans will regret for embracing the lunatic fringement of the right wing groups.


What The Fuck Is Going On?

A friend from the District alerted me and told me some funny gossips out of the District and he also mentioned that yesterday (Wednesday the 10th of November) at 2 PM, he and his friend witnessed a bizarre situation that unfolded before his eyes as he scrambled to get his digital camera and snapped two exclusive pictures of the mysterious man.

The traffic on Florida Avenue NE was slowed down as lots of motorists were baffled to see this man walking from the front gate of Gallaudet campus onto 8th Street & Florida Avenue NE. The man walked past 7th Street NE, then crossed to M Street NE towards 6th Street, a block away from HESS Gas Station. My friend raced around to snap the pictures on 6 Street and M Street NE.

I quickly asked my dearest friend whether if he's deaf or not. He said he is certain that he is not Deaf. It is likely that he is a crack addict prancing around the neighborhood for some bizarre reasons unknown to us all.

Here are the exclusive pictures:

Now, what the fuck is going on?


Clean Day

It was busy day at work as everyone of us organized the "Clean Day" to organize, screen and clean the office from the top to the bottom, and from the left to the right. It was absolutely riveting and exhausting day for me.

Not only that, the staff also held a surprise Birthday party for four of us. I got a gift certificate to Chapstick Boy's former workplace. Nice, nice, nice. Donna stunned me with a cool apron that she made -- along with my full name on the apron. I rolled my eyes as there is a picture of wallet on the apron. Evidently, the office workers are celebrating the death of my 18 years old wallet and the birth of a new black wallet. Ahh. Thanks! I really did not expect this at all. I thought it was just a casual lunch but sure enough, they pulled the carpet under me and I flipped out.

Thanks for everything! Now, should I take the digital pic of my newly apron that Donna made for the world to see? It is absolutely cool and stunning piece of work! She does not have to do that, though. But she did. That was really cool.


Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Amy, Amy, Amy -- Get A Life!

A friend IMmed me today to warn me of someone to plot a prank on me. Sure enough, Amy Kurz announced on her xanga that she is plotting a prank on me. Amy, Amy, Amy -- get a life.

I copied this message that she has on her Xanga site:

"To all other conservative & Republicans...
I did something truly wickedly harmless, yet hilarious prank towards Ridor, a.k.a. Ristard, Retard, Ricky etc...
Stay tuned!
I shall reveal what I've done in no time (perhaps ~2 months)."

Just quit when you are way behind me. You have nothing on me. You have nothing to shock me, or pull anything on me. What you are doing is childish. You are nobody but a tool of bondage, stucked under Jeff's butt all the time.

Let it be known that in college, you told me that you claimed that several well-known modelling agencies wanted to take pictures of you and Emily because you guys are pretty. I smiled but in secrecy, I snickered because you are that fuckin' ugly cow. You'd crack a fuckin' camera.

But that was then, this is now ... I thought you grew up a little. But apparently, you did not. Plotting a prank on me is merely stupid and waste of your time. Go and make use of your time in doing the invisible manuscript that you always claimed to work on.

Enough said, GET A LIFE!


Why Me?

I like Desperate Housewives, it is very interesting show. But something is going on. You can tell that there is something going on. That is good way to tune you in for the next episode and the next ... *sigh*

And yeah, I caved in and did this quiz. It didn't surprise me at all.

Here is the result --

Congratulations! You are Gabrielle Solis, the
ex-model with everything she's every wanted a
rich husband, a big house and John, the
17-year-old gardener.

Which Desperate Housewife are you?
brought to you by Quizilla


About Time!

I wrote about my 18-years-old wallet which I complained that I was indecisive in choosing the perfect wallet. And one of my birthday wishes were a new wallet, 'nuff said.

Here is the photo of my 18 years old wallet.

Embarrassing, is it? The faded orange used to be bright orange when Dad forced it upon me when I was a teenager. And I got used to it so much that I couldn't decide which one to buy as of now because this wallet is ready to fall apart.

Many friends cannot stand the sight of my wallet. Especially Char. And she took the action. She bought a new wallet for my birthday gift and forced me to use it -- and guess what? I liked it. I knew she'd do that because she always rolled her eyes when I pulled that wallet out.

The wallet is fabulous. It is bit stiff as of now. Takes time to get my ass to crush it and flatten it as destined to do so!

Here is the new wallet.

Thanks, Char.


P.S. Thanks to LM for the digital pics, such a luxury thing!

Is Sorenson The Next One?

As many Deaf people are getting the cool equipment from Sorenson and/or Sprint to set up the videophone across the nation, I get to do that with my parents recently in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

It was nice to see my parents on the screen.

One thing that threw me off the track was when Dad said, "I met one hearing interpreter whose parents are deaf and lives in DC. She knew who you are. She is pretty and smart. Why don't you have her?"

I stared at Dad, then slowly rolled my eyes ... as if.

I knew the girl. Even if Dad does not remember her name. But I know the girl. Her name is Jen. In fact, Jen told me that she was surprised when Dad asked her if she knew me and she inadvertently nodded. Never mind the ethics, it is OK with me. But the smaller community, the grapevines can be ... like that.

I knew Jen because she is Char's close friend. Jen is also Rayni's sister-in-law. Yes, it is no secret that she is attractive, smart, and gorgeous. Hell, we agreed on a lot of things. But we also agreed that we like penises more than vaginas.

And Dad still do not understand that.

That is OK, though.

But what startled me is that Sorenson or that type may be (or already did) the next wave that surpass the speed of deaf gossips.

Sigh. So be careful with how you say things on that screen. For it may cause a headache in the long run.



Falwell Is Ugly

Jerry Falwell has been ugly all his life. He had no choice but to embrace his evangelical belief to be somebody instead of being nobody. Honest to God, who wants to look at him?! He is awful. He looks bloated. I know him for many years, I lived in Virginia -- every Sunday morning is a morning of Terror for me. I had to endure the television broadcast of his rantings at Thomas Road Baptist Church every Sunday morning.

He siphoned money off from the poor and and built himself an empire of his own -- his church, his university, his mansion, his ugly children and his gullible wife and friends.

He tried to sue Larry Flynt who made fun of Jerry in his adult magazine -- if Jerry sued him, that means what? Jerry had to read the magazine to know why he sued Larry in the first place. That means what? Jerry probably subscribed the adult magazines, much to my chagrin!

Anyway, he popped back in the media once again, saying that he'll set up an army of "evangelical traditionalists" pertaining to morals and values, by using the evangelical voters to battle women rights, gays and minorities.

I guess Jerry wanted to go back to 1950s where women are silent when men can rape, abuse and molest women and children and nothing was being done to protect women and children back then.

That, to me, is their concept of traditional and moral values.

I say, let's move on and change the values for everyone, not theirs.

Get with the program.


Cold Is Sexy

Time to confess something. I love the cold. Not that blistering cold like the Arctic climate. Just cold enough to make you put a sweatshirt, sweater or a coat on. I love it 'cuz you get to hug someone to keep warm. Just to feel the cold stiff on my ears. And to feel it un-stiff when you step inside the building is exhilarating.

So essentially, cold is sexy.

Speaking of sexy, I'm baffled that among the Top News Stories was an article about Tennis player Serena Williams saying that Maria Shaparova is sexy. That is all. And the media made it a big deal. So what? It is silly.

And honestly, what do you think of this: Lusting for Jesus -- I personally think it's nuts.

Oh, I am amused when I stumbled on a comment by Amy Kurz who wrote that I'm "an out of control guy". I'll take that as a compliment. Amy, I rather to be like that than to be your friend.


Tuesday, November 09, 2004

What VRI?

Two nights ago, Mom said that she used the VRI at the local hospital which Dad underwent some physical check-up.

VRI? I asked Mom.

She said, "You know, Video Relay Interpreting! That VRI."

I asked her to explain how it worked. She explained that the doctor hooked up the connection with the VRI facility in Raleigh, North Carolina and got an interpreter on the TV monitor for Mom and Dad to follow through. The doctor spoke to the interpreter via the voice box, the interpreter then talked to Mom and Dad in the hospital.

It is weird to know that you're talking to a doctor in the same room via an interpreter about 125 miles away. Very cool, though. Mom said she liked it. She said that it is nice to follow what's going on with her doctor.

Nice, but it is long overdue that should have happened ... years ago if you ask me.


Monday, November 08, 2004

Even in 1896, Hearies Pull Dirty Tricks On Deafies

I read the book called "They Did What!?" by Bob Fenster. On page 4 did not surprise me at all. I expected it from a hearing person of any background or any generation. Read this:

"Kid McCoy became the welterweight champ in 1896. Earlier in his career, he had shown what it took to survive in the ring when he fought a boxer who was completely deaf.

By the third round, McCoy had figured out that his opponent couldn't hear the bell. So he stepped back and motioned to the other fighter that the bell had rung to end the round (it hadn't).

As the other boxer dropped his hands and turned to his corner, McCoy jumped in and knocked him out."

How nice is that? Typical hearie.


Only One Day Left To Be 30

By tomorrow, my 30th year of existence will come to an end. Then I shall enter the 31st year of existence. From day one, my life is nothing but interesting. No, I will not trade my dick for anyone else's. Judging on some guys' pleasure and orgasm, I think my dick did a good job. I'd like to get rid of my beer belly. One guy said that he loved it because it is softer than most guys who has one. Ugh.

I talked with my parents online last night for few minutes, via Sorenson Video Relay Service (SVRS). SVRS is absolutely cool. Dad lost 40 pounds! Mom lost 26 pounds! I told Mom last June that if she refused to lose some pounds, she may as well as expect her children to pool some money to purchase the piano-sized coffin for her to sleep in. I guess she got the message. That is great, I'm glad they are getting it altogether and do something about it. It is odd to see Mom talking about which food she needs to eat and not to eat. But that is great, though.

On other hand, I decided to list the Top 5 Hottest Bloggers enough to make my head spin. That person does not have to have a good looking guy but his charming skills has to play a huge role in this.

1. Shane of Happily Stuck in Ithaca -- Shane is simply the perfect gentleman.
2. Billy of Wet Dreaming -- Very sexy, very naughty boy at times but you cannot hate him.
3. Jason of JasonLamberton -- Very fierce, stubborn; a trait I always had weak legs for.
4. Aarie of HushStorm -- Just goofy at times made me roll my eyes and smile a little.
5. That Mysterious Guy of CertainDisaster -- I wanted to see what his eyes looked like, he declined. That, by itself, is mysterious enough to be charming!



Sunday, November 07, 2004

Vardon Family

My friends and I watched the Extreme Home Makeover -- it was great. Stefan is cute. Lance is adorable. The whole family simply deserved a brand-new home. It was nice of Marlee Matlin to drop in and do something for Stefan.

Two thumbs up for Ty. Ty is hot. If he was loose, I'd hunt him down. And feast upon him, his body and soul. That boy is pure and sweet.

You know, towards the end of the show, Gus, Jason, Marby, Val and I shed a tear -- then Gus pointed it at us that we were sobbing, then laughter ensued -- to a point where Jason wept.

It was so hilarious. Then Gus' mother passed out the box of kleenex, that was overboard as we roared out with heavy laughter.

It was such a fun moment.

Stefan Vardon, you rock.


See? I Rest My Case

Check the link out! It proved that people who voted for Bush are dumber than a doorknob!


So Much for Unity

That fool Bush pleaded the voters to unite and work for his 'mandate'. I yawned and rolled my eyes.

Now with the reports coming out:

Montana State Considers To Chop Gay Benefits

More Pressures On Florida To Ban Same Sex Marriage

Karl Rove: Bush To Push For FMA

We should note in our American History books that Karl Rove was the responsible one that fractured this country in half -- and used sexual orientation as a wedge to destroy what America stood and believed in equality. Thanks, Karl.

It is easy to notice that Karl Rove lacked a heart nor a compassion.

Jason Lamberton, care to defend your party's antics so far?


Stolen from Shane, Wuv Him

This is the way it should be -- considering the divide that the Republicans did in this country -- let's secede from Jesusland and join Canada.


Saturday, November 06, 2004

Gus' Birthday Bash

The party consists of about 10 men and 3 women. It was nice and mellow party. That is until Jason's little pup threw up something greenish on Jason's right leg. Good thing he wore the jeans.

One girl (Hint: She is the current Miss Deaf New Jersey) rushed to help Jason out with the gooey thing on his right leg. When she helped him out, she resumed to where she stood before during the game -- we played this game where we questioned the birthday boy on everything else, he is not allowed to say "no comment" at all.

When this girl returned to her spot, I smelt something burning. I turned to see a fire on this girl's hairdo. I shrieked.

I screamed and signed violently, "HAIRDO FIRE! HAIRDO FIRE!"

Drama ensued. She rescued her hair. Then she wept. We all comforted her -- the game was totally ruined, thanks to the smell of burning hair in the living room which everyone fled.

That is Gus' Birthday Bash to you!


Gay Marriage Nixed, What Next?

The State Board of Education in Texas just announced that they omitted the words like "gay", "partners", "contraceptives" or "unmarried couples" in the textbooks -- this forced the national publications that manufactured the textbooks to alter the wordings.

Gay marriage nixed by the religious nuts, now with this?! One official from Texas said that they nixed because they felt that gay people are suicidal, into drugs and unsafe sex. They do not see that suicide, drug abuse and depression were caused by the same people who oppressed against gays in the closet! Think about it! Oops, the religious nuts cannot think clearly. They follow the book. This right, this wrong. This right, this wrong. They cannot think on their own. They are just puppets.

And we have to deal and suffer for this bullshit. Now, the Bush Administration announced that they bring Dr. Hager, who is religious nuts and against the contraceptives in preventing unwanted pregnancies to run the FDA Board.

How great is this?

More X-ian nuts on the loose. They are dangerous than Osama bin Laden.

Thanks a lot, Bush supporters.

The City of Brotherly Love

After work on Friday evening, I decided I wanted to get away from Manhattan and hang out with few friends somewhere outside of New York. I thought of Jason and Gus -- Gus is having a birthday bash on Saturday nite, so I got in touch with Gus and Jason.

Got the nod, it was the last minute thing so I hurried almost everything to catch the 10:34 PM train to Trenton where Jason picked me up.

Then we were reunited with Liz. A hearing but yet fabulous and cool gal in downtown Philadelphia by South Street. It was so good to see her again and loitered for few hours. Then it was off to a suburban town called Norristown, just northwest of Philadelphia.

Upon arriving, the town is quiet at 3 AM. Unlike New York, 3 AM is dead. Drove Jason's car to Gus' place. It was a cinch to find Gus' home, after the years of visits.

Went to sleep downstairs in a cozy bedroom while Jason and Gus creaked one of their own upstairs.

Sometimes it is a good life. Good enough to forget the bitter disappointments. I think I am blessed to have good friends in life -- so many, true friends that did not disappoint me. But again, I want to emphasize that Amy is not a true friend. She is just a fiend with no "r" in it.