Monday, November 29, 2004

Cry, Amy, Cry All You Want -- Make A River Out Of My Ass

One word that can describe you the best: Idiocy.

You cannot use Jesse Dirkhising to indicate that he was murdered and sodomized by "same-sex life partners". There are always bad apples in all bowls. Many children were murdered by their Christians, heterosexuals. To top it all, many researches already proved that sex predators are likely to be married men who practiced the Christian beliefs.

When Jesse was murdered, unfortunately, by two gay guys. Christians were quick to call it "sodomized", quick enough to compare it with Matthew Shepard. That comparison cannot be done in any manner.

Homophobia, like anti-semitism and racism, has been perpetuated by Christians and others over the years, they used any means to create an environment hostile for gay people in general. Gay people were murdered savagely, bashed badly and dragged from the back of the cars ... all done by men who grew up in anti-gay households, primarily Christians' homes.

Christians never experienced the "backlash" of slurs at them by others for many years. Payback is a bitch, Amy. Weep if you must. But comparing Jesse with Matthew is absolutely silly. It makes you look dumb. Please try to compare Jesse's situation with many children who were murdered by their parents or foster parents who are straight people. No? You won't? You preferred to compare him with Matthew?

You got a pitiful strategy, Amy, on how to deal with the empowered "homosexuals". Perhaps it is time for you, Christians, to stuff back in the closet and practice your religion in the closet once again?

The truth is that I have tons of heterosexual friends and I love 'em all. So many of 'em, but not you since you prefer to compare this, that and there with this, that and there to justify your means.

So go ahead and feel the backlash on your back, and please weep.


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