Monday, November 15, 2004

Liberalism vs. Conservatism

Just read the local gay papers about Larry Kramer. Kramer is a controversial figure in both worlds -- gay and straight. He literally forced the nation to wake up to the AIDS pandemic. He also was instrument in founding the GMHC in New York -- Gay Men's Health Clinic -- after seeing the problems that gay men has encountered with HIV/AIDS discrimination.

Anyway, Larry presented a honest, blistering and damning lecture to the audience about Crystal Meth, Barebacking, Liberalism, Conservatism, Gay Community and of course, the recent election.

Larry told people who barebacked with crystal meth to "grow up". To stop "murdering each other." He also acknowledged that the conservatives scored a major victory in the recent elections. You can read his comments on this article.

Gary Hart wrote an article which he mentioned that liberalism has gotten the bad rap by conservatives. Liberalism is, by any means, not anti-religion. LIberalism was created to expose the hypocrisy and judgementalism in the government.

Conservatism was created when the hippies began to abandon the concept of 'Nuclear Family traditional values' in 1960s by a lawyer in Richmond. The conservatives simply never existed until after 1960s when they felt threatened that their "so-called" traditional values are being exposed and criticized. That's how they mobilized to "defend" their actions.

So liberalism is good, conservatism is bullshit. Apparently, over the times, Conservatives managed to influence the voters that if one challenged the government, s/he is a damned liberal. As if the word itself is dirty. It is bullshit, perpetuated by the Conservatives' pessimism. It is cool to be Liberal. In fact, it is better to be Liberal than to be one of the backward folks who insisted to live with outdated traditional values.

I got an email from a friend of mine whom gave me the link to the article. I was impressed with this. So to use the moral values as a justification to vote is ludicrious.

So essentially, liberalism rocks. Conservatism is just negative thing to deal with. A prick, to be honest.


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