Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Amy, Amy, Amy -- Get A Life!

A friend IMmed me today to warn me of someone to plot a prank on me. Sure enough, Amy Kurz announced on her xanga that she is plotting a prank on me. Amy, Amy, Amy -- get a life.

I copied this message that she has on her Xanga site:

"To all other conservative & Republicans...
I did something truly wickedly harmless, yet hilarious prank towards Ridor, a.k.a. Ristard, Retard, Ricky etc...
Stay tuned!
I shall reveal what I've done in no time (perhaps ~2 months)."

Just quit when you are way behind me. You have nothing on me. You have nothing to shock me, or pull anything on me. What you are doing is childish. You are nobody but a tool of bondage, stucked under Jeff's butt all the time.

Let it be known that in college, you told me that you claimed that several well-known modelling agencies wanted to take pictures of you and Emily because you guys are pretty. I smiled but in secrecy, I snickered because you are that fuckin' ugly cow. You'd crack a fuckin' camera.

But that was then, this is now ... I thought you grew up a little. But apparently, you did not. Plotting a prank on me is merely stupid and waste of your time. Go and make use of your time in doing the invisible manuscript that you always claimed to work on.

Enough said, GET A LIFE!


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