Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Is Sorenson The Next One?

As many Deaf people are getting the cool equipment from Sorenson and/or Sprint to set up the videophone across the nation, I get to do that with my parents recently in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

It was nice to see my parents on the screen.

One thing that threw me off the track was when Dad said, "I met one hearing interpreter whose parents are deaf and lives in DC. She knew who you are. She is pretty and smart. Why don't you have her?"

I stared at Dad, then slowly rolled my eyes ... as if.

I knew the girl. Even if Dad does not remember her name. But I know the girl. Her name is Jen. In fact, Jen told me that she was surprised when Dad asked her if she knew me and she inadvertently nodded. Never mind the ethics, it is OK with me. But the smaller community, the grapevines can be ... like that.

I knew Jen because she is Char's close friend. Jen is also Rayni's sister-in-law. Yes, it is no secret that she is attractive, smart, and gorgeous. Hell, we agreed on a lot of things. But we also agreed that we like penises more than vaginas.

And Dad still do not understand that.

That is OK, though.

But what startled me is that Sorenson or that type may be (or already did) the next wave that surpass the speed of deaf gossips.

Sigh. So be careful with how you say things on that screen. For it may cause a headache in the long run.



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