Wednesday, November 10, 2004

About Time!

I wrote about my 18-years-old wallet which I complained that I was indecisive in choosing the perfect wallet. And one of my birthday wishes were a new wallet, 'nuff said.

Here is the photo of my 18 years old wallet.

Embarrassing, is it? The faded orange used to be bright orange when Dad forced it upon me when I was a teenager. And I got used to it so much that I couldn't decide which one to buy as of now because this wallet is ready to fall apart.

Many friends cannot stand the sight of my wallet. Especially Char. And she took the action. She bought a new wallet for my birthday gift and forced me to use it -- and guess what? I liked it. I knew she'd do that because she always rolled her eyes when I pulled that wallet out.

The wallet is fabulous. It is bit stiff as of now. Takes time to get my ass to crush it and flatten it as destined to do so!

Here is the new wallet.

Thanks, Char.


P.S. Thanks to LM for the digital pics, such a luxury thing!

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