Friday, November 19, 2004

Me Is No No Like Pimple Inside Any Nostril -- PAINFUL!!

I absolutely hated having a pimple inside one of my nostrils. For almost two days, my nose throbbed and I am trying so hard to get rid of a pimple right up in my nose. It is so painful to touch my nose or hitting my nose. I swear I'd die of brain aneurysm after whacking my nose. Any feedbacks to get rid of the pimple?

Here is the article about the Turkey Attack. Enjoy.

Tonight, I am going to be at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to be part of Kaybee's lecture tour throughout the museum. Guess I'll snicker and bring some pompoms for her. Just to embarrass her and make her roll her eyes repeatedly.

Me go proud is the her yes! Y E S !!

Maybe I should snort some blow into my nose just to kill my pimple in my right nostril.


And Chlms is still massive, huge, big and beautiful.


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