Tuesday, November 09, 2004

What VRI?

Two nights ago, Mom said that she used the VRI at the local hospital which Dad underwent some physical check-up.

VRI? I asked Mom.

She said, "You know, Video Relay Interpreting! That VRI."

I asked her to explain how it worked. She explained that the doctor hooked up the connection with the VRI facility in Raleigh, North Carolina and got an interpreter on the TV monitor for Mom and Dad to follow through. The doctor spoke to the interpreter via the voice box, the interpreter then talked to Mom and Dad in the hospital.

It is weird to know that you're talking to a doctor in the same room via an interpreter about 125 miles away. Very cool, though. Mom said she liked it. She said that it is nice to follow what's going on with her doctor.

Nice, but it is long overdue that should have happened ... years ago if you ask me.


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