Thursday, November 18, 2004

Turkey Attack! And PBS As Well

Last night, I watched the local news right after watching CSI: NY ... there was the breaking news that a driver was critically injured in a bizarre situation that involved the turkey. Actually, a frozen turkey.

In Long Island, five teenagers stole a credit card and bought 20-lb frozen turkey and they tossed the frozen turkey onto a moving car and struck the driver. Luckily, the passenger intervened and halted the car and sought for help. The local news also mentioned that the frozen turkey was found in the back seat. Must they mention that as well? It also said that the steering wheel was also obliterated.

Bizarre, indeed.

Two days ago, I watched the program on PBS called Made in America. It talked about the value of immigration's impact on this country. He went on to examine three interesting persons from Russia, Italy and England. Then the program explored the life of Ida Rosenthal, an immigrant from the Tsarist Russia who arrived in 1904. Ida went on to design a bra which revolutionize the way women used the garments. It was fascinating show. She totally dominated the bra businesses, even during the Great Depression. I also learned that the bra is an abbreviated form of brassiere. Very cool.

Speaking of PBS, I checked the biography of Ken Burns. He produced a lot of excellent documentaries. I interned at PBS and helped out with one of his works' by working with the design team to develop the contents for a particular website. I never met Ken but always wondered what he looked like. Now I just saw his picture. He is cute! Ken, you have my email address on your right side. Shoot me an email!

I worked on this particular website. I noticed that they added some images and contents. Guess that is the way it is for the Internet. Speaking of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, I love this marble monument by Adelaide Johnson. She made it in 1920 and you may find it in the United States Capitol. Many monuments has the statue of full body but not these women? Why?

Nobody really knew why but I have a theory. From my perspective, the marble monument appears to be unfinished art. It may reflect the fact that Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott never got to vote, thus their struggles for the right to vote was not finished. It was incomplete of their life-long work. So the marble monument may reflect that unfinished business. Eh? Another one is to smokescreen this by avoiding the bottom half because Stanton has massive hips, which is not a good thing to sculpt, I guess.

Also, you may notice that Anthony and Stanton stood a bit away from Mott, it could be the symbolic because two ladies had some political and social differences with Mott and distanced from her as well.

Again, it is just my theory.



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