Friday, November 12, 2004

Fun To Talk About People, Right?

Two days ago on 13 Street walking towards home from the GLBT Center around 11 PM. It was such a brisky evening. I saw a caucasian male in a fancy suit, looked very conservative with a sharp buzzcut hairdo. His eyes darted on the the sidewalk then to me back and forth in a rapid manner. It was obvious that he was scoping me out to make sure that I'm not "one of them".

Of course, I was not sure what he had in his mind as we walked towards each other. Soon enough, he passed me by with no problem. I turned to look at him. What startled me was that he pulled his spray paint can and sprayed on the abandoned building. I was stunned. This was not a liberal, thug, bum or even a punk. This was not a hispanic or black dude. This was a fuckin' guy who could pass as an employee at some taller building in Manhattan! Of course, always in New York. You cannot predict anything. This is the town where you can expect a female to rape a male. Or even a cat biting a dog. Or a rat chasing after a cat.

I just read the article that two cops in Miami used a stun gun consists of 50,000 volts to knock out a 6 years old boy who attempted to slice himself with a piece of glass. Wait a minute -- 50,000?! C'mon. Be serious. You'd be electrocuted by this little plug at your home up to 110 volts. But that amount of volts are absurd.

Scott Peterson was found guilty. Mark paged me that the prisoners where Scott will be assigned is going to be lucky guys. I smirked. Scott, enjoy the moments in the prison. Oh, you just dropped the soap over there.

I read another article on where a lacrosse player came out of the closet at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire -- the same school where I mentioned that I enjoyed visiting. I believe I saw him at the DGALA function at Dartmouth College with Chris and Shane.

Speaking of Shane, the charming guy over there in Ithaca who recently posed his picture which he apologized for failing the world to stop Bush from winning the re-election. I was bit baffled but now I finally understood. So I'm doing the same thing. Enjoy the pic -- and be sure to visit the galleries, by tapping on the link right below the picture! Absolutely amazing collection that will keep you looking at it for ... hours.

Sorry Everybody

I just read an article sent to me from a Kenfuckian about its deaf school. I once mentioned that it seemed to me that Kenfucky School for the Deaf seemed to roll out a lot of faggots from day one. No need to mention the names but trust me, the names outnumbered many deaf schools across the nation. I guess, the Kenfucky school knew how to train boys ... tad well. However, the article talked about the plans to "shrink" the KSD campus from 166-acres to 50-acres as a part of accomodating the "fiscal reality" for the school. The enrollment went from 450 to 141 in 28 years' span. Oh, well. C'est la vie.

Oh, yeah, that retard girl who claims to be 100% Jesus Freak (says a lot about her sanity) on Xanga claimed that a gally student made a death threat on her. I noticed that she was talking about me who shot her an email to let her know that I find her Xanga despicable, pitiful and ridiculous. That if she got shot, she'd deserve it. Actually, the world would be better place without her in terms of her warped but yet so misinformed thoughts.

She also thought I am also a Gallaudet student. Go figure. Says a lot about her current educational background. I love the irrational minds, they're funny to observe but not interfere. Oh, yeah, that wild4surfing prick. People like her made me cringe from time to time. Such a self-righteous pig. EchoJCharlie is pathetic as well.

Speaking of Gallaudet student, I just learned that a student fucked a professor at Gallaudet, not a long time ago. How interesting, though.

Have a good weekend -- it is raining as of now, but I also learned that Manhattan possibly will have an inch of snow by tomorrow morning. I'm heading off to Hell's Kitchen for my birthday dinner with S.



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