Friday, November 05, 2004

SYL to Amy, Brent and Jason

I shall repeat this -- more than 59 million people were retarded to vote for Bush. They unwittingly gave the victories to Christian fundamentalist groups who are capitalizing on this to advance its goals -- its goals to make sure that as long as I am gay, I am not entitled to the equal rights.

The Christian fundamentalist groups may claim that they are nonviolent but they promote violence by disregarding us as human beings first, thus permitting anyone to bash or ambush us, just for fun. Just like the school bully picking on effeminate guys. To them, it is good. It is healthy. That it is normal.

Speaking of normal, what is normal? Who died and allowed you to define normal? For a year and half, I lived in New York and observed different things -- one thing I learned the most valuable lesson of all is that being normal varies from one person to the other. You cannot decide which one is normal, which one is not. To do that makes you condesceding above the rest. To me, that is not normal. Mind your own business, for god's sake.

As Jim David clearly pointed out in his article which many people like Amy, Brent and Jason continued to overlook -- except Elisa, she is religious nut, she knew and advocated this despite the fact that she might have gay friends, but that does not matter to her as long as it benefits her, not anyone else -- our rights will be undermined in the long run.

I agreed with Jim David, it is time to evaluate my friendships with certain persons who voted for a person who supported the anti-gay platform. Amy the liar backstabber who does not know how to quit when you're behind, you are finished. You cannot say that you support the gay issues, you just cannot because you voted for a person who endorsed the Federal Marriage Amendment. It indicated that you supported a person and his party when they smeared gay people in order to scare up the voters and spread the false information, just to win the votes.

I cannot condone anyone to keep their heads in the sand while their party sent out the homophobes to use my feelings as an issue to wedge and divide the country. Shame on you, Amy, Brent and Jason.

And worst of all, Elisa, you professed to be a Christian and yet, turned your cheek or bury your head in the sands and permitted your party to use my love to create a wedge and divide the country -- that is something you should be ashamed of yourself. You are not a Christian as you would like to believe in. Elisa, you are simply just a white trash girl from Florida. Just like Amy.


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