Saturday, November 06, 2004

Gus' Birthday Bash

The party consists of about 10 men and 3 women. It was nice and mellow party. That is until Jason's little pup threw up something greenish on Jason's right leg. Good thing he wore the jeans.

One girl (Hint: She is the current Miss Deaf New Jersey) rushed to help Jason out with the gooey thing on his right leg. When she helped him out, she resumed to where she stood before during the game -- we played this game where we questioned the birthday boy on everything else, he is not allowed to say "no comment" at all.

When this girl returned to her spot, I smelt something burning. I turned to see a fire on this girl's hairdo. I shrieked.

I screamed and signed violently, "HAIRDO FIRE! HAIRDO FIRE!"

Drama ensued. She rescued her hair. Then she wept. We all comforted her -- the game was totally ruined, thanks to the smell of burning hair in the living room which everyone fled.

That is Gus' Birthday Bash to you!


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