Sunday, November 28, 2004

That Orange Coat

Today, I walked down the street. The climate was bit chilly. People were bit friendly today, perhaps because of massive 40% to 80% sales in different stores. Whatever. I am not in mood to smile nor sneer. I'm just stoic.

I walked on 14 Street towards 1st Avenue, I have the world's worst coat. It is bright oversized coat which is orange with one strip of light grey across my upper body. As I lost some weight, the coat became an obstacle and bigger problem to deal with. However, as I was walking down the street -- I saw very good looking guy, I swear, he is very hot. And he wore the same kind of the coat I was wearing. I tried to suppress a smile. He stared at me as we walked approach to each other, he broke into a wide grin and gave me the look, "Stop copycat me!"

I rolled my eyes and shrugged my hands in the air. He broke into a laughter then we stopped walking and he asked me where I bought it? I told him that I bought it in DC (Actually, Pentagon City, Virginia with Manny and Merritt, I think). He said he bought it in Albany. He had a beautiful teeth. About a foot taller than I am. That's OK. I gestured that I have to run along. He bid me farewell and was on his way.


Only in New York, my dear friends, only in New York!


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