Thursday, November 11, 2004

Clean Day

It was busy day at work as everyone of us organized the "Clean Day" to organize, screen and clean the office from the top to the bottom, and from the left to the right. It was absolutely riveting and exhausting day for me.

Not only that, the staff also held a surprise Birthday party for four of us. I got a gift certificate to Chapstick Boy's former workplace. Nice, nice, nice. Donna stunned me with a cool apron that she made -- along with my full name on the apron. I rolled my eyes as there is a picture of wallet on the apron. Evidently, the office workers are celebrating the death of my 18 years old wallet and the birth of a new black wallet. Ahh. Thanks! I really did not expect this at all. I thought it was just a casual lunch but sure enough, they pulled the carpet under me and I flipped out.

Thanks for everything! Now, should I take the digital pic of my newly apron that Donna made for the world to see? It is absolutely cool and stunning piece of work! She does not have to do that, though. But she did. That was really cool.


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