Saturday, November 06, 2004

The City of Brotherly Love

After work on Friday evening, I decided I wanted to get away from Manhattan and hang out with few friends somewhere outside of New York. I thought of Jason and Gus -- Gus is having a birthday bash on Saturday nite, so I got in touch with Gus and Jason.

Got the nod, it was the last minute thing so I hurried almost everything to catch the 10:34 PM train to Trenton where Jason picked me up.

Then we were reunited with Liz. A hearing but yet fabulous and cool gal in downtown Philadelphia by South Street. It was so good to see her again and loitered for few hours. Then it was off to a suburban town called Norristown, just northwest of Philadelphia.

Upon arriving, the town is quiet at 3 AM. Unlike New York, 3 AM is dead. Drove Jason's car to Gus' place. It was a cinch to find Gus' home, after the years of visits.

Went to sleep downstairs in a cozy bedroom while Jason and Gus creaked one of their own upstairs.

Sometimes it is a good life. Good enough to forget the bitter disappointments. I think I am blessed to have good friends in life -- so many, true friends that did not disappoint me. But again, I want to emphasize that Amy is not a true friend. She is just a fiend with no "r" in it.


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