Thursday, November 04, 2004

New York Smart, Heartland Dumb

It is not easy to work today. Considering the election turmoil that made me sick to my stomach. It is even worse to know that some of so-called friends went to vote for Bush, just because it's about taxes, morals or terrorism.

You will not solve terrorism by force. Get educated, please. Solve poverty and grant the equal rights to the masses will make terrorism disappear.

One person was right, New York is an island off the coast of Europe, separated from the rest of the country except for the District and the Northeast. New York, along with the District, Philadelphia, New Jersey and New England are filled with many educated persons who can tell that the administration was not telling the truth.

Many people in the Bible Belt, Midwest and the Mountain states are filled with gullible people who lived in isolated towns, villages and cities that often fell for any ideology that comes through the town. But here, people has street smarts, they knew who was telling bullshit or not. I guess that was what separated the most.

The Republicans and the administration fanned the flame that scared people related to the "gay agenda", "terrorism" et al. It is all rubbish.

New York was attacked, not the Heartland. And New Yorkers voted for Kerry -- that says something, does it? Even the citizens of New York knew Bush was lying. And the Americans who claimed to stand up for New York, abandoned New York on November 2.

When I went to a small town in Virginia, I was bit set back by its behavior. New York may be fast-pacing, behavior may be snobbish at times and so on. But what I saw in that town is surreal. Its people reacted to everything as if it was true all the time. They will say, "Gay sex is sinful because the bible says so." No rational explanation. No nothing. They believe anything that comes their way. They believe that rapture will happen tomorrow. They believe that to kill Osama bin Laden will stop the threat of terrorism. They believe that their government did nothing wrong with many countries. That we are always innocent. That everyone blamed us for screw-ups. They believe that Islam is evil and that it needs to be destroyed.

These stuff are what you called: Their traditions, beliefs and customs. These things lacked rationality.

When I visited a town in Vermont, I don't see that. I see the enlightened town with full of educated and informed people.

Bush succeeded in getting the people to vote for him using the scare tactics. The whole thing is simply sickening to deal with.

I will *not* be surprised to find out that a town somewhere outside of New York will be bombed. Perhaps, by that, people will realize that stopping terrorism by force will *not* solve anything. Nor using the gay agenda as a scare tactic.


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