Saturday, November 27, 2004

Top 10 Most Hated College Hoops from`

Interesting information!

  1. Cincinnati -- what's wrong with you, Beth and Cwome?!
  2. Memphis -- I hate its gym at The Pyramid, it is a place where many great players broke their bones.
  3. UNLV -- Tark is gone but you cannot spell UNLV without saying unlovable, so says the article!
  4. Mizzou -- I cannot stand the bastard, Quin Snyder.
  5. St. John's -- I live in NYC, I don't hate 'em -- I feel sorry for 'em.
  6. Maryland -- What the fuck? Ben Moore, care to defend your Twerps
  7. Arizona -- the perennial loser in the first round of the Big Party.
  8. Southern Cal -- What? They got basketball team?
  9. Florida -- I always thought Billy Donovan was sexy as hell.
  10. Jim Harrick's Next School -- Any school is an idiot to hire this man, period.
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