Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Few "Oohs!" at Republicans

One sentence: Practice what you preach.

It was reported that the Republicans National Committee National Field Director Daniel Gurley was exposed for having a profile that advocated the unsafe sex, known as barebacking.

Check the for his hypocrisy . How can he support the Party's platform and yet, participate in this barebacking activities?

It was said that when exposed Gurley's profile, the had to shut itself down after they were overwhelmed by Capitol Hill Staffers, trying to delete the profiles that they created in soliciting for sex.

There was a rumor on the 'net about the picture of Dick Cheney's dick. That his cock is well-hung. After seeing the picture, it is no wonder that he had several heart attacks. His blood went south, trying to maintain the erection -- probably using viagra too much.

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First, Gitmo Bay. Second, Abu Ghraib. Third, Fallujah Mosque. I saw the segment on PBS yesterday. The wounded guy did not seem to provoke anything. But it does not matter. The Marine yelled some obscenities then shot him dead. The Marines said that it was a "split second" decision to defend themselves because many insurgents had booby-trapped themselves with bombs.

I can take that. But ... the fights in Iraq is very delicate and sensitive to the cooperation of Islam-Christianity in stopping the insurgents. Yelling obscenities do not help at all. Don't the Marines learn to *shut* the fuck up?


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