Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Happy Birthday, Corey

Last night, I went to The Cock to see Corey who also turned 35 (But he looked like 25!) and he was charming as ever. I had too much drinks. Translation: Dead drunk. Today, bad hangover. But I'm getting over it now.

I had an interesting encounter with a cute guy that looked like Sam of San Francisco. He also had a boyfriend. Immediately, I lost the interest to continue talking because he was taken.

"Why don't you have the guts to win me by challenging my boyfriend?" He teased. I smiled and said, "Nah, I don't do that."

"Do you have a hairy chest?"

I smiled and stared at him, "You have to check it out by yourself."

He did, he wormed his left hand into my shirt and I can see his face squint with delight. I smiled and said, "Happy?"

He nodded vigorously, "One kiss?" I asked him to elaborate what kind of a kiss? Peter asked for a major, wet kiss.

I went at it. He was panting afterwards. Then shook his head and said I was naughty. Whatever. Suddenly, a drunkard behind me fell on the floor and was escorted out of the bar. Peter asked for second one. I obliged.

Another major, wet kiss with some tongues involved. Mmmm! Mmmm!

"One more kiss, please?"

I sighed, "One very last kiss, ok?"

Mmmmm! Mmmmmmmmmmm!

He slipped his card into my pocket. If I can't have Sam of San Francisco, Peter will do. I might have to figure out a way to steal him away.

"Will you be at Big Lug tomorrow night?" Peter asked, my eyes widened and I shrugged as if to say, "Maybe, maybe not."

Let's hope that there is no drama at Big Lug if I plan to show up.


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