Thursday, November 11, 2004

Republicans No More

Republicans may have won the election and terrorize the Americans with its rampant of sickening evangelical x-ians running amok, deciding the policies based on the Bible.

But the moderate Republicans warned that the moderate of Republican party has been pushed aside and the whole party is now aligned with the evangelical Christians. I agreed with Arthur Finkelstein.

It is going to be worse than ever.

I read the local papers where a gay man committed in a relationship of many years. He called his mother who is currently a resident of some town in Florida to find out about her preferred candidacy. The mother mentioned that she chose Bush over Kerry, the gay son responded: "Mother, you shall have these little Christian kids taking care of you in Florida because I won't be there for you." He cuts her out of his life, permanently. I admired his tenacity. It is something that people needs this -- to get the shock of their lifetime. That their condescending vote for the preference of tax cuts over individual rights are simply inhumane.

Conservatives and Republicans need to see that the evangelical x-ians are not the answer to the society's ills. It is not. If they are the answer, then tell me why did Bill Graham fuck a prostitute in Louisiana and begged the viewers to forgive him? Even a liberal will not beg for it! We have the stature not to beg, unlike Graham.

Now with another article from which mentioned that many people do not feel comfortable considering the United States as home. Some Conservatives, Republicans and evangelica x-ians probably will gloat and tell us to get out of this country if we do not feel comfortable. But the problem is that they do *not* see that this country is also our home. It is my country, too. You shall not decide for me in terms of rights.

Suffice to say, the situation will get worse to a point where the Republicans will regret for embracing the lunatic fringement of the right wing groups.


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