Monday, November 22, 2004

Plenty of fish in the sea -- oh, yeah, right!

When someone told me that I shouldn't worry about being single, and that there are plenty of fish in the open sea. I held on my own, planted a fake smile while I really wanted to roll my eyes. Actually, yes, s/he has a point -- there are plenty of fish in the open sea. But there are many species.

Ever saw a killer whale trying to mate a dolphin? Ever seen the Great White Shark trying to hump a starfish? You get the idea!

Wipe out the species, and I have only one group. Then in a particular group, there are always types -- wipe it out until I find a group that is attractive to me. Voila, you get very few left in the open sea.

So much for the positive comment, 'plenty of fish in the sea' -- it's all rubbish in bad faith.

Speaking of types, it is always interesting to observe the birds interacting. I never saw a smaller bird hanging out with a pigeon. I never saw a pigeon hanging out with a cardinal. I never saw a cardinal hanging out with a sea gull. Why not? Are birds racists? Maybe.

Last Friday at Townhouse Bar, I met Greg and loitered for a little bit. It was fun catching up with the news. Greg proudly mentioned that he passed the state bar examinations in two states: Massachusetts and New York. Congratulations, Greg! Then there was an elder man in his 60s with salt and pepper hair. In a quick look, you'd think he reminisce a little with Sean Connery.

Not bad, right?

Percy is his name, I think. He made it clear that I'm hot and irresistible. Nice, though. I might need some dough sometimes, right? He boldly asked for my email address and a kiss. When a guy boldly asked for something, I am impressed enough with that. So I allowed him to kiss me. It was not bad, really. In fact, he was a good kisser. Probably the years of smoochin' helped to patch his experiences on his resume.


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