Sunday, November 07, 2004

Vardon Family

My friends and I watched the Extreme Home Makeover -- it was great. Stefan is cute. Lance is adorable. The whole family simply deserved a brand-new home. It was nice of Marlee Matlin to drop in and do something for Stefan.

Two thumbs up for Ty. Ty is hot. If he was loose, I'd hunt him down. And feast upon him, his body and soul. That boy is pure and sweet.

You know, towards the end of the show, Gus, Jason, Marby, Val and I shed a tear -- then Gus pointed it at us that we were sobbing, then laughter ensued -- to a point where Jason wept.

It was so hilarious. Then Gus' mother passed out the box of kleenex, that was overboard as we roared out with heavy laughter.

It was such a fun moment.

Stefan Vardon, you rock.


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