Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Only in New York, my children, only in New York!

Just found this on Cindy Adams' article in NY POST today:

"Two guys at a bar discussing gay marriage. One says: "You know what the downside to that is?". The other says: "A gay divorce?". Sighs the first: "Worse. Gay mothers-in-law."

Do you truly think you'd find that comment in Phoenix, Chlms?


Fuck Iraqis!

Clitch, your cats are not bitches. They are pussycats. According to the dictionary, it says so. :-)

Iraq is pitiful country. It has no pride -- it has no sense of aspirations to be the best. All it does is to chant that the United States suck, bomb the Americans and now, mutilate the bodies and hang it on the bridge. So barbaric.

People complained that we were too harsh on Iraqis. Well, look at them. They are barbaric. They should cleanse the city of Fallujah and force its barbaric nomads to live somewhere else.

Fuck Iraqis.


Tuesday, March 30, 2004

For Women's Final Four, They Are ...

Connecticut, Louisiana State, Minnesota and Tennessee.

I want Louisiana State to win the National Championship. The Final Four is gonna be in New Orleans.

Right now, the fans from Connecticut is very raucous and asshole on the mailing list -- I'm on 24/7 attack mode. Throwing bricks in every direction. I just hope Louisiana State wins the whole thing just to SHUT the fuck up on UConn!!!

Anyway, when I am at the arena or gymnasium, there are always some guys that I stared and drool. Even if they cheer for some team that I disliked the most -- good-looking conquers everything else, I guess. Check this -- you think this guy is hot? Well, I DO!!!!



Clitch, I like two of your quotes -- but I'd like to adjust something.

Be silly. Be honest. Be bitch. -by Ridor

With the second quote you wrote, I agreed completely -- sometimes I sit and wonder why do I bother to smile in the first place?


Clifford, Relax!

You need to loosen up yourself. This is *my* blog. I will say whatever I want to. What does not kill you shall make you stronger.

Talking about you opening your legs was supposed to be funny, charming and joke by itself. Don't be a prick about it.

Such threats do not kill me, it just makes things look silly on your part. I wanted to make sure that it is not true related to the rumor we talked earlier.

Don't dwell on it.

I created this blog on a purpose to express my thoughts regardless what one thinks. That is the keyword here -- I did not create the blogsite for you. You happen to find my blog through some people who talked about it. Whoopee.

It is nice to know that some people are reading my blogs. It is certainly nice to read others' blogs. But on a serious note, if you are concerned about what others think of you -- take your blog down. Close it down. Lead a private life where nobody knew who you are. Frankly, no one will give a damn about it. Why do you worry about what I wrote? You knew who I am. You knew that some of my comments do not mean that it is necessarily true.

God! Jesus Christ! Satan!


Walmart Sucks

Was reading Litch's comments about the competition at Walmart. I ceased to shop at Walmart primarily because I find them to be a threat to the whole concept of competition and labor rights.

Did you know that Walmart hires only part-time employers to avoid giving them the health and dental insurance?

Did you know that Walmart ruined the environment by building the massive building and parking lot on a land -- it was pointed out that the drains caused the erosions and damage to the environment?

Did you know that Walmart refused to set up a store *inside* the city limits to avoid paying the taxes? They prefer to set it outside of the city limits so that they have the freedom of zoning options.

Did you know that when Walmart crept in a town, it always said that it is bringing economy to the town while it is not ... it destroyed smaller stores that employed FULL-TIME EMPLOYERS WITH HEALTH AND DENTAL INSURANCES? Thus they forced these employers to migrate to Walmart to pick up the part-time positions and rely on our government's medicare and medicaid systems?

And last, yes, the prices at Walmart is incredibly low. It is one of their strategies -- their strategy is to lower the prices as much as can be to drive other competitions out. When the businesses are gone, Walmart will have the right to jack up the prices to their demands, whether if the customers like it or not.

So essentially, Walmart sucks.

For further information on Walmart, check Sprawl-Busters and Anti-Walmart.


Monday, March 29, 2004

I Take It Back, Clifford!

A certain person paged me and said that it was hugely rumored that you made out with that fool.

That fool certainly is bad news. I'm so relieved that you did not do a thing with this despicable animal -- come to think of this, that animal should be slaughtered to preserve the intelligence of the human race or we are finished.

What made me happy is that you served your country well by opening your legs for a soldier. I m proud to know that a brother of mine is Patriotic.

To answer your question about adding your link -- at first, I made a mistake -- your address was bit complicated for my brain when I am at home. If you saw my bedroom -- it is very tiny -- my pen is somewhere -- but now I'm at work -- I will add your link.

Thanks for clarifying the false rumor. I freaked out when I learned that you might make out with that facial wasting fool.



I didn't know you had it in you, Clifford!

I did not know that you had it in you, Clifford. I will not use your last name as per to alleviate the bashing.

What were you thinking on that night? I cannot believe that a brother of mine -- a friend of mine -- would do that to me.

Maybe you are that stupid, nitwit or naive. Maybe you were not aware of what is going on. Maybe your dick was thinking for your brain instead.

I already mentioned last Thursday that two persons, Chris Tester and Emmanuel Shwan annoyed me to no end. They think they are better than anyone else because they look hot, dress better et al. That does not mean a thing, really.

I find it disgusting that a so-called friend of mine would make out with a fool like Chris Tester at Velvet Nation last Saturday night.

Where is the sense of loyalty and support amongst the camaraderie? Chris and Emmanuel were pretty arrogant towards me and I do not appreciate it. I expect my friends to be supportive and loyal to me -- I would have done the same for them.

I guess Clifford has proved it. He is only interested in himself and only for his *needs*, not anyone else's. Well, like I mentioned before, karma will come to people like that. Facial wasting is coming soon for certain persons. And when the day comes, I shall smile.

Well, surprises, surprises -- nothing surprised me any longer.

I'd love to hear your rebuttals on this, Clifford.


Sunday, March 28, 2004

Arrestingly beautiful?!

Sometimes Witch made me snicker when he tried to decorate his sentences with stuff like "arrestingly beautiful". It is so cute. Tea'd? That is a good hint. It is always nice to have words so that we can manipulate to our advantages, like it or not.

I refuse to go to a certain bar that has Underwear Nite on a particular day -- I'm so out of shape that people will look at me with disgust. I dont know what to do. Not only that, I'm so white that I probably will brighten the room in that dark, seedy, sleazy bar, thus ruining others' chances to have sex with each other.

Today, I cooked something. I was impressed with myself. I cooked pasta and mix it with tuna, blue cheese, cheddar cheese and some frozen veggies. It tasted wonderfully. Fantastic. I'm proud of myself. I am becoming a better fag, I guess.

I love collegiate women's basketball. But this year's NCAA Tournament is truly fucked up. Virginia Cavaliers, for the first time in 21 years, failed to get in the NCAA Tournament after suffering its first losing season in 26 years. You know, I love Coach Ryan at Virginia, but last year was the first time that I noticed that something was wrong. Something was amiss. So Coach Ryan was not listening to the fans, something was wrong. And this year, the team just collapsed, much to my amazement. Finished 13-16 for the season.

But look at the NCAA Tournament, few stranger things had transpired -- Tennessee, my personal nemesis, is playing every NCAA Tournament game *away* from Knoxville -- a first in 20 years!!!

The coach at UConn is definitely stupid prick -- he whined that his best player was not picked to be the First Team All-American *unanimously*. That particular player, Diana Taurasi, was chosen on 12-player First Team All-Americans but the coach was upset that it was not "unanimously" voted!!! There are over 300 college teams in Division I and you can multiply 15 players per team -- about 4,500 players. Only 12 players are chosen. And Geno Auriemma is upset that she was not voted unanimously? Oh, what a dumbfuck.

There is one fan who supported Connecticut and he always criticized anyone outside of UConn. He boasted that Stanford is not good as it is -- that its best player, Nicole Powell is not as good as Diana Taurasi. Well, Stanford is advancing to Elite Eight. They already had played three tough teams in Missouri, Oklahoma and Vanderbilt. Up next is either Tennessee or Baylor. If they win it all, I'll be more than happy to attack that fan on that mailing list.

And there is a dude from Phoenix named Barry whose passion is for Duke (which I disliked tremendously), I really liked him very much. I wish he's closer to me so that I can develop some kind of relationship with him -- but all we do online is arguing, making up, arguing, making up, arguing ... And yeah, he's hot dude but he has been working out too much, trying to be a bodybuilder for some contest -- I told him that he has to stay away from sharp things because his body would pop just like a balloon when it lands on a pin. He got annoyed when I said that.

I think I said enough for the day.



Saturday, March 27, 2004

Burn, O Richmond, burn!

Never thought I'd see a day in my lifetime that a portion of my birthplace, Richmond -- its downtown were devastated in a huge fire -- several blocks of row homes and buildings were burnt to the ground. I grew up in the area even my parents lived 20 minutes southeast of Downtown Richmond. How, you might wonder? Well, on weekends, I go to that area because my parents are devoted members of the Richmond Club of the Deaf, Inc. And the club is located in the same area.

It is pretty sad that this particular area had gone up in flames because it was coming back. The area was riddled with problems but it was coming back -- it was fashionable to live in the area and now it's all gone. See the pics at Richmond Times-Dispatch. Such a tragedy.

Last night, I was walking to a bar in Midtown, it was pretty evening. Lots of buildings to cruise. Then I thought of a bowling ball incident. I wondered what it is like to throw a bowling ball from a taller building onto another building below. Like Citigroup building on a row home below -- wondered if the ball will ... just land on the roof of that row home or smash through the roof and floors? Inquiring mind would love to see it happen -- talked with Beth and if it happened to drop on a corporate building on a Sunday where there are no people around -- she said it probably will trigger alarms, sprinklers et al to go off. If it also punctures through the CPU's mainframe -- the damages would go in millions of dollars.

What a vivid imagination I had?

Take care,


Thursday, March 25, 2004

Well, well, well ...

Sometimes I want to do something on some stupid pricks like Chris Tester and Emmanuel Shwan. They annoyed me to no end. But again, the way they acted around the town, it is a matter of time before they get the 'face wasting', if you get the hint. What comes around goes around, sluts.

Daniel Nardicio is very popular figure in this town. It is rare that one gets to chat with him freely and few days later, someone told you that that guy you just talked with is none other than NYC's famous promoter, Daniel Nardicio. He is the one who promoted these crazy events called Triple XXX event and so on. Very hot ... if Mayor Bloomberg knew ...

I saw The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King last Monday night. Such a long movie to cap the end of all. It was bit weird to see huge elephants trampling horses to its death. It is hilarious to see the Orcs being splattered by these debris.

Litch, it is correct name -- Bellevue Hospital. It is one massive hospital for all types. It has a floor reserved for mental ward. So Bellevue Hospital is what I called -- a sprawlin' hospital for all kinds. Interesting sign name from NYCers regarding the Bellevue Hospital -- you know the sign for "crazy"? Substitute it with "B". Simply put, yes, true biz. Yes, true biz.

Anyway, should I go to The Hole tonight? Or home? Hole? Home? Hole ...



Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Want a Bowling Ball?

I forgot to add the link, enjoy one of nutty true stories in NEW YORK CITY!!!



The Price of Fame

The reports out of the District continues to make me smile. I guess, the years of experiencing petty things has accumulated to a point where you became too wise for these craps.

Apparently, someone broke in a fraternity's chapter room at Gallaudet and vandalized the chapter room. Kappa Gamma is pretty much popular at Gallaudet despite the fact that it is not Deaf fraternity, which is odd, to say the least.

Yes, it is true that many of these gentlemen are nice but wields such ego that one has to deflate from day to day.

It did not surprise me at all that someone would ransack their chapter room just to demoralize their pride. I personally do not approve of the vandalism, but I also acknowledge that in order to be on the top and all that, one has to pay the price eventually.

I find it interesting that it was our fraternity who reported the vandalism to the authorities immediately after they saw the damages. Our fraternity is not high on anyone's list, obviously, but we are pretty much dignified people with weird backgrounds.

You know, Lil Joe mentioned that Manhattan would love to have Beth here. Because the city loves people who are very proud of their breasts. Beth already named her breasts. Pride and Joy.

How can you NOT smile at that?

I met a cute guy two nights ago -- actually two of them -- one is from Dublin, Ireland. One is from Toronto, Ontario. Brian is Irish, Paul is Canadian. Brian is cute but just visiting. So screw him. ;-)

As for Paul, he has the looks that I could die for. Very hard to describe but so easy to VEE at him. So easy to make me smile and say, "he's mine, no one can have him." We started to chat right after he saw my blackberry pager, I was reading Sarah's message at that time. He came over and said you got it? So do I.

He got in law school at NYU and is here in town to look for a place to live -- is he using me as an avenue? So far, he didn't talk about the apartments or even shacking. Last night, he paged me and said, "I already learned 5 languages, so learning one more language will not hurt." I shot back, "Only if your brain is big enough to learn one more." He said, "Oh, I'm sure it is like Spanish, right?"

That is so cute, so cute enough to make me roll my eyes. Ahh, men are difficult to understand and hearing men are the worst. Oh, yeah, two nights ago, Paul asked me if I could give him my email address. I declined and said why? He said, "So I can get in touch with you for ... maybe a dinner?" I teased back, "Why? Did you know that I eat hearing men for dessert?" He was bit surprised about it. And asked, "Do you hate hearing men?" I said no, I view them as a group that I cannot live with or without -- no hatred, just leery but in a humorous way. He grinned and got my email address anyway.



Monday, March 22, 2004

My Darkest Fear ...

Last week on Monday or Tuesday, the NY POST or NY DAILY NEWS reported that the cops found two dead bodies in Harlem bathroom after the neighbors became concerned when they saw the mails piling up on the apartment door.

Among the dead bodies are nearly 350-lb mother and a 3-year old boy. The cops said that the mother died of massive heart attack trying to give him a bath and fell on 3-year old boy, either drowned or suffocated him in the process. They were found few days later. Not only that, they had a 25-year old daughter sitting in the living room the whole time because she is autistic.

Honestly, do you think you'd find this in Cincinnati or Little Rock? Only in New York, my dear, only in New York!!

I was correct about the Internet relay service -- I was paged by a couple of friends in DC that the FBI agents are swarming at Gallaudet campus for its bomb threats.

Last Saturday night at XL, I noticed that lots of twinks, 40s-years-old guys who acted like 18 years old, muscular guys, hairy but "shaved and say that they re smooth, really!" guys were wearing black shirts. It turns out to be Black Party -- another circuit party in this town.

I hate Circuit Parties -- they were designed to allow HIV to travel much faster and quicker. Well, these guys probably deserved it, anyway.

I'm out for the day.


Friday, March 19, 2004

Tammy Faye Messner

I forgot to mention about her. I just learned that she has an inoperable lung cancer. That really sucks. Mark, Mitch and I met her once before at DC's Gay Pride Festival. We were stucked outside of a fence while she was inside, talking to someone else. Mitch flashed her a ILY sign (whoopee!!!), she stopped talking to that dude and came over to us. I was the VEE as she tried to stick her hands through the fence. What made me VEE more is that Mitch did not reach out to her hand for few seconds, he just stared at her, perhaps did not expect her to come over. I told him to reach out to her. He snapped back to reality and reached out -- Mark was more than happy to touch her hands because he got a chance to rub on Tammy Faye's wedding ring. He probably overdid it as she started to realize that he was rubbing on her ring and she pulled off and said, "I love you guys!".

I snickered and VEE at the whole charade.

I also enjoyed seeing her on tube with the porn star Ron Jeremy and former rapper Vanilla Ice. Very modest but yet so funny.

Just for a kick, check this link. It made you smile and say, "Oh, please!"

Until then,


Few Tidbits

Read this:

Washington, DC Schools Receive Internet Bomb Threat

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Police searched all schools in Washington, D.C., on Friday after receiving a threat via the Internet that bombs had been placed in five schools.

"There was a general call that five schools have explosive devices in them," police spokesman Officer Quentin Peterson said by telephone. "The threat was received through an Internet relay service."

He said police were searching all schools in the U.S. capital, including private schools, because it was unclear which schools had been targeted.

An FBI (news - web sites) spokeswoman said there had been an Internet threat that bombs would go off at five schools at noon on Friday, but the schools and the area were not specified. She said the FBI was on standby and would assist if needed.

# # #

Read the second paragraph carefully. Yes, it has to be a deaf person. It has to be.

Litch, I knew nobody would come up this week. It seems to me that everyone down there loves to *talk* about going but never get around to do it. Again, it took me two years to plot the return to Manhattan.

The melodrama by Witch can be ... so disturbing, considering the fact that the next article, he seems to be sane. Which is just a form of insanity by itself. ;-)

My mother can be so inane at times. She paged me and asked me if it's snowing here in Manhattan. I looked outside, it's just snowing lightly but no accumulation on the ground. My mother responded, "WEATHERMAN IS LIAR!! HE MUST BE SHOT OR FIRED!!" Whoopee!

About "The Passion of Christ", it is ridiculous to a point where I do not give a fuck about it except not to see it. Some people debated that the film is anti-semitic which I think it is. Why? They indirectly filmed on how barbaric Jews are. They panned the showings on some Jews' noses, coins et al. Did you know that in the past, many Jews are terrified of 'Good Friday' in April because of pogroms associated to that date? My hunch is that some Jews will be attacked by X-ians on that particular day.

Now Mel Gibson is talking about producing a movie called "Channukah" -- perhaps, to atone his sins for being anti-semitic. But again, he is stupid prick. He even commented that even he loves his wife, his wife is still going to Hell because she is a Protestant. Stuff like this made me roll my eyes and grimace to the blue sky above us. Only if the Age of Ridorism is here ...

Where the heck is Merritt?! I had not heard from him in ages. He normally left the snide remarks on my AIM when I dozed off. But these days, I do *not* see him leaving messages at all. How tragic.

Am pondering whether if I should go to Rock Festival in DC? The last time, I was pretty much fucked up but I also noticed the gap between me and the youngsters. So this time, it'd only wide the gap, though. Not a pleasant sight to behold, though.

St. Patrick's Day is big thing in New York City -- lots of Irish pride among the peers ... I think there is not a place in the world that consumed so much alcohol on a day like New York on 17th of March. Except Boston or Dublin, maybe.

Thank God it's Friday ... which means ... *evil grin*.


Thursday, March 18, 2004


A coordinated system of many holograms appeard all over the world as it showed a beautiful woman smiling with a chic, but conservative dress. People all over the world were startled by the sudden presence of a hologram. The hologram woman began to speak:

"Rejoice! Children of the Universe, rejoice!! For the Age of Ridorism is upon us! Your magnificent, beneficial and supreme Emperor has vanquished all countries over the world in order to unify for one goal: Globalization in the name of Ridorism.

From now on, the laws that were made in different places are invalid, therefore abolished by your magnificent supreme Emperor. These terrorists who posed a challenge to the supremacy of Ridorism and lost, shall lose their lives at public executions at a later date, decreed by the Supreme Emperor.

The new laws and decisions shall be made by your Emperor at all times. Your arguments, opinions and beliefs are all invalid. After all, it is not democracy any longer, it is the Age of Ridorism.

To balance the economy and consolidation all countries into one massive country, your Emperor decreed that there shall be one ruling class on this planet. The ruling class is reserved none other than people who are not hearies, chosen by your magnificent Emperor.

For these who are capable of hearing sounds are useful in many areas, so your Emperor also decreed that they are to be enslaved therefore owned by Him and his ruling class. It is also decreed that no hearie has the rights as your magnificent Emperor abolished these backward laws. Anyone who objects or resists the concept of a modern system shall be met with dealt in a swift and painless death.

To compensate for enslavement, each person shall be well-fed, housed and clothed as provided by the ruling class of this planet.

Remember, in this Age of Ridorism, this is the beginning of a new system -- a system where there is no such thing as an individual. Each of you are Ridorian by birth. Any religion is a thing of the past, therefore to practice these ancient beliefs go in the past as well. There shall be no observation of any special dates except for one day. That particular day which is known as the Birth of Ridorism, it shall be the world holiday where every labor of any levels shall be observe with respect by taking a half-day off from working.

Rejoice! Children of the universe, rej -- "

# # #

Well, I woke up from a nap. Oh, god, I wish it'd be like that. *sigh*



Wednesday, March 17, 2004


Last night, it snowed heavily in the region, created a lot of wet, slushy shit around the city. But did it stop me from going to see the Broadway play called "Wicked"? No.

The musical play, "Wicked" is based on the novel by Gregory Maguire. The play is directed by Joe Mantello.

When I entered the Gershwin Theatre, I was impressed with the build-up approach to the theatre, everywhere I see is green. Lights, walls -- you can feel the hype about Green. The novel talked about the most misunderstood character of all, the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz. It is certainly good place to VEE VEE and VEE.

Before the play started, Joe Santini and I went to the bar to get a cup of wine to pep ourselves up for the play. When we entered the theatre, I is the VEE at the stage -- it must cost nearly a million dollar to do the works.

As you know, I am dramatic person when I want (or have to). I will cause a scene if things do not look good. They provide interpreters in front of the stage, but I sit at J25, that is pretty far away from the interpreter's position. And what's even worse was that the first 3 or 4 rows was reserved for hearing ASL students, then 4th or 5th row to 15th row are for Deaf people!

My group was pissed off about this seating arrangement. My friend, Kate objected. Then the lady came over with an interpreter, Christina Turnzo-Mosleh. I told the lady in charge that it is not right that deaf people sits behind hearing people and having a difficult time seeing the interpreter (I used the term, "STRAIN OUR EYES FAR DOWN THERE!"). The lady said, "I'm sorry, but there is nothing I can do at this time."

Her fatal mistake, my dear friends. As many of my close friends already knew the Truth, that line sets me off. I chortled, "That line is so insensitive." I stared at the interpreter, she stared at me whether if she should say that, I told her, "Say it to her, do it." She interpreted. She stared at me with a gasp.

Then I cracked a line, "I guess if I have a hard time seeing the interpreter from here, I will make sure that I stand up during the performance for a better view, regardless if there are people behind me who feels I was blocking their view because I paid the ticket to see and understand the play."

Christina Trunzo-Mosleh stared at me then interpreted. Joe could not believe what I said. I was tough, wicked bitch. I stared at the lady. The lady could not believe that I made such a threat, "No, no, come with me." She scrambled to transfer me and Joe down to third row and we had a great view of interpreters and the close-up of the stage.

So ... it works, my children. With a direct threat, people caved in. However, you know that I'm picky with plays. The opening minutes must, in my view, win the audience or it flops, case closed. Just an A or F, no betweens.

"Wicked" is termed as the "Best Musical of the Year" by many local papers in New York -- sure enough, the opening minutes of the play were absolutely stunning and explosive as the citizens of Oz ran around and sung, "GOOD NEWS! WICKED IS DEAD! WICKED IS LIAR! THE UGLY WITCH IS DEAD! NO ONE MOURNS THE WICKED!"

I was the VEE, VEE and VEE!!! I was sitting three rows away from three interpreters -- one cute guy named Alan Champion, he signed the song with a passion and inadvertently pointed at me as the wicked when he said, "THERE WICKED IS DEAD, THERE WICKED LIAR, THERE WICKED IS UGLY GREEN!" -- I turned to Joe and said, "Yeah, I am Wicked."

Idina Menzel performed as Elphaba, or the WICKED. She was absolutely GREAT. So did Laura Bell Bundy as Galinda or later known as Glinda. I need to molest Norbert Leo Butz. He is so hot.

I was mesmerized with the play. The conclusion of the play also ended with a bang. Overall, Wicked is exhilarating, feel-good and cool. It guarantees to make you smile when you emerged from the theatre.

In fact, I told Alan Champion that I was wounded that he called me the Wicked. He said he noticed later in the play that he kept on pointing at me and realized it. And grinned, profusely apologizing. Told him that I like being called that, though. I can relate to Elphaba! As Web later said, "Why must he apologize? You are wicked!"

When we came out of the theatre, we saw an amusing billboard right before exiting the building, it reads: "You Are Now Leaving Oz. Here You Enter Reality. Please Drive (Or Fly!) Carefully."

What can you do but to smile?

Let's be wicked today! After all, she is green and today is St. Patrick's Day! Let's be WICKED!




Friday, March 12, 2004

911 Days

You probably heard about the commuter train explosions yesterday in Madrid, Spain. Many people were alarmed that it happened *exactly* 2 1/2 years after the 9/11 Horrors. Not only that, it also occured on 3/11. Not only that, between these dates (9/11/01 and 3/11/04), it rings up 911 days.

Oh, lord. In 300 years, someone would say that it's prophetic.

You know, after reading Larry Gonick's books, one thing that hasn't changed since the beginning of everything ... violence. And maybe prostitution. But actually, the world is always based on conquest after conquest after conquest after conquest ...

Back then, we were able to fight face-to-face with some interesting innovations that shock the people from time to time. Today, like Web said, the violence itself became impersonal. We just can fire a rocket for miles and kill 300 people. We can just toss a grenade and blow the city bus. We can just make bombs and leave it in bags or suitcases and let it explode and kill some in the process.

Come to think of this, we are going through a phase of impersonality. We do not know real enemy until it explodes in our faces. Back then, we could chase Genghis Khan or Hitler down to its core. But with Osama bin Laden, everything becomes murky and difficult to do so.

You see, I use the transit system in New York. One of the world's biggest transit system. It will *not* surprise me that a disaster like Madrid could happen here anyday. In fact, I expect it. If it does happen, shit happens. It's OK with me. I'll just die or maim somehow then move on.

To make you smile for what is worth about the history of violence, I just learned something interesting. In Constantinople before the Turks overwhelmed and changed it to Istanbul during the Dark Ages (the period where the Bubonic Plague decimated 3/4 of Europeans), the Mongols struggled to conquer Constantinople and during the wars, they lack the manpower to bury the dead bodies. To throw the Plague in, more dead bodies lying around. The Mongols decided to flung the dead bodies over the heavy & tall wall that divided the Mongols and Constantinople by using the machine that throws the rocks over -- they replaced the rocks with infected dead bodies. In Constantinople, people had to look up in the sky to see if people are flying down on them!

Even with the horrors, you have to admit that you got to snicker a little about that. I do.



Thursday, March 11, 2004

Todd Bertuzzi Is A Dickhead

In JSA #51, Mordru growled and jumped at Dr. Fate right after Dr. Fate called him a coward. Mordru grabbed Dr. Fate's neck and shouted, "Coward?! I fear nothing, and you are nothing!!" Sure enough, Mordru tried to strangle and absorb Dr. Fate. Nevertheless, Mordru failed to do so, according to the story but if it was up to me, I'd allow Mordru to crush Dr. Fate and conquer everything that the United States fought for.

I'd love to see Mordru kicking Todd Bertuzzi!

who is he? He is a professional hockey player from Vancouver Cancucks who pulled a sucker punch from behind on an opposing player. And tackled him to the ground -- broke his neck and bashed his face.

The next day, Todd brought his wife to the press conference and were reportedly to choke three times as he apologized for hurting Steve Moore. "I did not mean to do it," Todd sobbed. I was like, "Wait a sec, you pulled a sucker punch and tackle on this guy on a purpose to *hurt* him and you did not mean this?"

That was a major turn-off. He is only sorry because he lost his pay for the remainder of the season. It was clever of him to bring his wife to the press conference to "paint" himself as an average person. Oh, god.

somebody please kick that GW Bush in the ass? GW Bush complained that President Clinton was using White House for his "friends" to sleep over. Republicans reacted incessantly for weeks. Now Bush did it 270 times with different people and where are the Republicans? Hiding and acting like it's OK for the Republicans to have that but not the Democrats. GW Bush is one stupid fella. There is no way in Heavens or Hell that I will call him as the President of my country.

Beth is coming to Gotham City tomorrow evening -- then we will drag her throughout the island and by time she is done with the city, her vision of what the world should be will be shattered.

Web helped me out by highlighted my hairdo -- in few days, I will make sure to cut the hairdo to look like Dan Dickau, a hottie from Portland Trailblazers BUT too bad, he's a Christian. Not a good sign.

Ahh, The Simpsons is coming on -- I gotta watch it! It is a great "family values" that many Christians should emulate from. They are articulate, smart and funny. Now, the question is: What state is Springfield located in?!



Sunday, March 07, 2004

Larry Gonick Rocks

It is not often that I complimented a hearing person. But Larry Gonick rocks. His works on "The Cartoon History of the Universe I, II and III" are awesome.

If I was to teach World Civilization at Gallaudet or at a deaf school, this is the book I would require the students to read. It is funny, informative and interesting. How often do you get to learn that a certain persons would behead their heads off in order to rally their soldiers before the battle started? Well, it *did* happen in China. Stuff like that could make students see that religion plays a pivotal role in wars.

Last week at work was so hectic and dramatic. I hope this week will be much better.

I think I'll ring that guy down the street for a quickie or something.

I went out last Friday to a movie with Boris, Joe, Web and Sarah. The French film, that is. You know how French folks are. They eat people, snails and dont shave their armpits or legs. And in this film, you get to see a brother fucking a sister. What else is new with French?

After that, we went to Deaf Professional Happy Hour -- nothing exciting except that I saw a familiar face from college. It was nice time to chat a little then went home. I stayed home on Saturday and Sunday. I was good boy. Really, I was.



Monday, March 01, 2004

Just An Ordinary Weekend

Chlms paged me last week that my actions transcended the meaning of shock value and my actions elevated myself separate from the term. Well, well, well ... truer words were never spoken, my dear!

Last Saturday night, I was IMmed by a straight guy who has a dilemma. His girlfriend pestered him to have a threesome (again), but this time it is 2-guys, 1-gal arrangement. He was scared, nervous and unsure. He wanted to experience to see if he could maintain an erection and enjoy the romp with a guy. And he discovered that I am in the area, it is to save time and bullshit. I was skeptical but he proved it to me nevertheless. He came over. He was such a charming fella with a nice wood. He was worried that he couldn't have an erection. But after 5 minutes of massage, he sported an angry boner that demands the full attention of mine.

It was fun. He said, "No kisses, no romantic stuff, just teach me." I complied but he abolished these rules as he pulled me to make out and grind him out. It was fun. Now he can do the threesome to fulfill his girlfirend's fantasies.

On Sunday night, I was off the track for two hours on the subway because a deranged man caused a series of explosions on the subway rails that paralyzed A, C, E, F, D and G trains (I use F, A, C often). That deranged man was caught as soon as he emerged out of these tunnels but I had to scramble to get another train to Manhattan to meet Mikey and Walter.

We met at SBNY, and had a boring time. So we decided to take advantage of open bar at The Park sponsored by Jon McGovern's infamous "Gay Pimp" stuff. Little did I know that Corey, my dah-lin' DJ at The Hole and The Cock is a friend of Jon. The Park is gorgeous place but I was sitting by a door that doesn't shut properly -- so when someone opens the door, it goes open and I'm freezing my ass off. Mikey and I had to close, close, close and close the fucking door. Then people come in and out and in and out and in and out. We decided to throw limes and ices at them if they did not close. At one point, Mikey threw the whole cup of mixed drink at someone but too bad, his aim is awful. ;-)

Later, I watched the Oscars and Jon was sitting not far from me and I cracked a line that the winners of Oscars should bang their trophies on whatmacallit in front of the audience to see if it's real trophy. Jon broke into laughter. Nice fella.

Boom! The door upstairs opened, Corey had to work. Of course, I get free drinks as always. Gotta love Corey. Guess who was next to me and chatted briefly with me, Mikey and Walter? His name is none other than Boy George.

Oh, lord. Hold yourselves! I also have to say something else ... he is not thin. He is ... what I'd say: BIG guy. He was nice but bit dorky.

Shortly, Mikey, Walter and I had an argument with one guy who made fun of Walter and I wrote him a note to scold him but he did not read the note -- instead he put the note into the candle and it ignited a small fire. Then Mikey, in one of his drunken behaviors, snatched this man's alcoholic drink and poured it on this small fire. It exploded into a huge one on the bar as we left the man to scramble and try to douse the fire.

The moral of the story is ... fuck with us, you pay for your sins.