Friday, March 19, 2004

Few Tidbits

Read this:

Washington, DC Schools Receive Internet Bomb Threat

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Police searched all schools in Washington, D.C., on Friday after receiving a threat via the Internet that bombs had been placed in five schools.

"There was a general call that five schools have explosive devices in them," police spokesman Officer Quentin Peterson said by telephone. "The threat was received through an Internet relay service."

He said police were searching all schools in the U.S. capital, including private schools, because it was unclear which schools had been targeted.

An FBI (news - web sites) spokeswoman said there had been an Internet threat that bombs would go off at five schools at noon on Friday, but the schools and the area were not specified. She said the FBI was on standby and would assist if needed.

# # #

Read the second paragraph carefully. Yes, it has to be a deaf person. It has to be.

Litch, I knew nobody would come up this week. It seems to me that everyone down there loves to *talk* about going but never get around to do it. Again, it took me two years to plot the return to Manhattan.

The melodrama by Witch can be ... so disturbing, considering the fact that the next article, he seems to be sane. Which is just a form of insanity by itself. ;-)

My mother can be so inane at times. She paged me and asked me if it's snowing here in Manhattan. I looked outside, it's just snowing lightly but no accumulation on the ground. My mother responded, "WEATHERMAN IS LIAR!! HE MUST BE SHOT OR FIRED!!" Whoopee!

About "The Passion of Christ", it is ridiculous to a point where I do not give a fuck about it except not to see it. Some people debated that the film is anti-semitic which I think it is. Why? They indirectly filmed on how barbaric Jews are. They panned the showings on some Jews' noses, coins et al. Did you know that in the past, many Jews are terrified of 'Good Friday' in April because of pogroms associated to that date? My hunch is that some Jews will be attacked by X-ians on that particular day.

Now Mel Gibson is talking about producing a movie called "Channukah" -- perhaps, to atone his sins for being anti-semitic. But again, he is stupid prick. He even commented that even he loves his wife, his wife is still going to Hell because she is a Protestant. Stuff like this made me roll my eyes and grimace to the blue sky above us. Only if the Age of Ridorism is here ...

Where the heck is Merritt?! I had not heard from him in ages. He normally left the snide remarks on my AIM when I dozed off. But these days, I do *not* see him leaving messages at all. How tragic.

Am pondering whether if I should go to Rock Festival in DC? The last time, I was pretty much fucked up but I also noticed the gap between me and the youngsters. So this time, it'd only wide the gap, though. Not a pleasant sight to behold, though.

St. Patrick's Day is big thing in New York City -- lots of Irish pride among the peers ... I think there is not a place in the world that consumed so much alcohol on a day like New York on 17th of March. Except Boston or Dublin, maybe.

Thank God it's Friday ... which means ... *evil grin*.


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