Monday, March 22, 2004

My Darkest Fear ...

Last week on Monday or Tuesday, the NY POST or NY DAILY NEWS reported that the cops found two dead bodies in Harlem bathroom after the neighbors became concerned when they saw the mails piling up on the apartment door.

Among the dead bodies are nearly 350-lb mother and a 3-year old boy. The cops said that the mother died of massive heart attack trying to give him a bath and fell on 3-year old boy, either drowned or suffocated him in the process. They were found few days later. Not only that, they had a 25-year old daughter sitting in the living room the whole time because she is autistic.

Honestly, do you think you'd find this in Cincinnati or Little Rock? Only in New York, my dear, only in New York!!

I was correct about the Internet relay service -- I was paged by a couple of friends in DC that the FBI agents are swarming at Gallaudet campus for its bomb threats.

Last Saturday night at XL, I noticed that lots of twinks, 40s-years-old guys who acted like 18 years old, muscular guys, hairy but "shaved and say that they re smooth, really!" guys were wearing black shirts. It turns out to be Black Party -- another circuit party in this town.

I hate Circuit Parties -- they were designed to allow HIV to travel much faster and quicker. Well, these guys probably deserved it, anyway.

I'm out for the day.


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