Thursday, March 18, 2004


A coordinated system of many holograms appeard all over the world as it showed a beautiful woman smiling with a chic, but conservative dress. People all over the world were startled by the sudden presence of a hologram. The hologram woman began to speak:

"Rejoice! Children of the Universe, rejoice!! For the Age of Ridorism is upon us! Your magnificent, beneficial and supreme Emperor has vanquished all countries over the world in order to unify for one goal: Globalization in the name of Ridorism.

From now on, the laws that were made in different places are invalid, therefore abolished by your magnificent supreme Emperor. These terrorists who posed a challenge to the supremacy of Ridorism and lost, shall lose their lives at public executions at a later date, decreed by the Supreme Emperor.

The new laws and decisions shall be made by your Emperor at all times. Your arguments, opinions and beliefs are all invalid. After all, it is not democracy any longer, it is the Age of Ridorism.

To balance the economy and consolidation all countries into one massive country, your Emperor decreed that there shall be one ruling class on this planet. The ruling class is reserved none other than people who are not hearies, chosen by your magnificent Emperor.

For these who are capable of hearing sounds are useful in many areas, so your Emperor also decreed that they are to be enslaved therefore owned by Him and his ruling class. It is also decreed that no hearie has the rights as your magnificent Emperor abolished these backward laws. Anyone who objects or resists the concept of a modern system shall be met with dealt in a swift and painless death.

To compensate for enslavement, each person shall be well-fed, housed and clothed as provided by the ruling class of this planet.

Remember, in this Age of Ridorism, this is the beginning of a new system -- a system where there is no such thing as an individual. Each of you are Ridorian by birth. Any religion is a thing of the past, therefore to practice these ancient beliefs go in the past as well. There shall be no observation of any special dates except for one day. That particular day which is known as the Birth of Ridorism, it shall be the world holiday where every labor of any levels shall be observe with respect by taking a half-day off from working.

Rejoice! Children of the universe, rej -- "

# # #

Well, I woke up from a nap. Oh, god, I wish it'd be like that. *sigh*



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