Friday, March 19, 2004

Tammy Faye Messner

I forgot to mention about her. I just learned that she has an inoperable lung cancer. That really sucks. Mark, Mitch and I met her once before at DC's Gay Pride Festival. We were stucked outside of a fence while she was inside, talking to someone else. Mitch flashed her a ILY sign (whoopee!!!), she stopped talking to that dude and came over to us. I was the VEE as she tried to stick her hands through the fence. What made me VEE more is that Mitch did not reach out to her hand for few seconds, he just stared at her, perhaps did not expect her to come over. I told him to reach out to her. He snapped back to reality and reached out -- Mark was more than happy to touch her hands because he got a chance to rub on Tammy Faye's wedding ring. He probably overdid it as she started to realize that he was rubbing on her ring and she pulled off and said, "I love you guys!".

I snickered and VEE at the whole charade.

I also enjoyed seeing her on tube with the porn star Ron Jeremy and former rapper Vanilla Ice. Very modest but yet so funny.

Just for a kick, check this link. It made you smile and say, "Oh, please!"

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