Saturday, March 27, 2004

Burn, O Richmond, burn!

Never thought I'd see a day in my lifetime that a portion of my birthplace, Richmond -- its downtown were devastated in a huge fire -- several blocks of row homes and buildings were burnt to the ground. I grew up in the area even my parents lived 20 minutes southeast of Downtown Richmond. How, you might wonder? Well, on weekends, I go to that area because my parents are devoted members of the Richmond Club of the Deaf, Inc. And the club is located in the same area.

It is pretty sad that this particular area had gone up in flames because it was coming back. The area was riddled with problems but it was coming back -- it was fashionable to live in the area and now it's all gone. See the pics at Richmond Times-Dispatch. Such a tragedy.

Last night, I was walking to a bar in Midtown, it was pretty evening. Lots of buildings to cruise. Then I thought of a bowling ball incident. I wondered what it is like to throw a bowling ball from a taller building onto another building below. Like Citigroup building on a row home below -- wondered if the ball will ... just land on the roof of that row home or smash through the roof and floors? Inquiring mind would love to see it happen -- talked with Beth and if it happened to drop on a corporate building on a Sunday where there are no people around -- she said it probably will trigger alarms, sprinklers et al to go off. If it also punctures through the CPU's mainframe -- the damages would go in millions of dollars.

What a vivid imagination I had?

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