Thursday, March 25, 2004

Well, well, well ...

Sometimes I want to do something on some stupid pricks like Chris Tester and Emmanuel Shwan. They annoyed me to no end. But again, the way they acted around the town, it is a matter of time before they get the 'face wasting', if you get the hint. What comes around goes around, sluts.

Daniel Nardicio is very popular figure in this town. It is rare that one gets to chat with him freely and few days later, someone told you that that guy you just talked with is none other than NYC's famous promoter, Daniel Nardicio. He is the one who promoted these crazy events called Triple XXX event and so on. Very hot ... if Mayor Bloomberg knew ...

I saw The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King last Monday night. Such a long movie to cap the end of all. It was bit weird to see huge elephants trampling horses to its death. It is hilarious to see the Orcs being splattered by these debris.

Litch, it is correct name -- Bellevue Hospital. It is one massive hospital for all types. It has a floor reserved for mental ward. So Bellevue Hospital is what I called -- a sprawlin' hospital for all kinds. Interesting sign name from NYCers regarding the Bellevue Hospital -- you know the sign for "crazy"? Substitute it with "B". Simply put, yes, true biz. Yes, true biz.

Anyway, should I go to The Hole tonight? Or home? Hole? Home? Hole ...



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