Sunday, March 07, 2004

Larry Gonick Rocks

It is not often that I complimented a hearing person. But Larry Gonick rocks. His works on "The Cartoon History of the Universe I, II and III" are awesome.

If I was to teach World Civilization at Gallaudet or at a deaf school, this is the book I would require the students to read. It is funny, informative and interesting. How often do you get to learn that a certain persons would behead their heads off in order to rally their soldiers before the battle started? Well, it *did* happen in China. Stuff like that could make students see that religion plays a pivotal role in wars.

Last week at work was so hectic and dramatic. I hope this week will be much better.

I think I'll ring that guy down the street for a quickie or something.

I went out last Friday to a movie with Boris, Joe, Web and Sarah. The French film, that is. You know how French folks are. They eat people, snails and dont shave their armpits or legs. And in this film, you get to see a brother fucking a sister. What else is new with French?

After that, we went to Deaf Professional Happy Hour -- nothing exciting except that I saw a familiar face from college. It was nice time to chat a little then went home. I stayed home on Saturday and Sunday. I was good boy. Really, I was.



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